Monday, December 19, 2011


This week has been pretty good.  We had two really good baptisms on Saturday.  Siphokazi and Lydia, it was great to see them get baptized they were really happy.  Siphokazi had to go down 4 times.  Her dress would not go under the water!  So her son Pakamissa the one I mentioned last time was a little freaked out. So then on Sunday he wouldn't go to primary because he was afraid of water hahahahaha it was sad but really funny!  Things in Kwano are going good.  We have some great investigators and we are starting to work with some good less actives.
We were teaching Lydia about enduring to the end.  Her friend is a member and was with us in the lesson. We talked about if she had a good job offer and they asked her to work Sundays what would she do.  So after some silence she said. "I couldn't take it...I have to take the sacrament" and her friend said YOUUUU which is like WHAT!!!!!!!   Lydia quickly said "don't say YOUUU, The Lord WILL provide" LESSON OVER!!!!  She understands! hahaha it is amazing not to see people be baptized but to see them truly have a desire to follow their Heavenly Father and the Savior and be converted.  The Lord really does provide when we show our faith.   I instantly thought of Grandma Harward, she always says that.
Thank you for all the letters and packages. Every time I get a letter some one says"who's that one from" and of course I have the usual from Grandma, Oma, and mom and dad.  I love to say oh my neighbor or friend. People are amazed at all of you for the support you give me and Katee!  Thank you. Marilyn, I got your card, thank you! Grandma thank you for the 1st 7 days of Christmas its cool.  I'm excited for the rest!
BUT I wont be sending any post till mid January when its a little more reliable. Sorry but things don't seem to make their destination in December.
I am so thankful for the Savior and for Christmas when we can make a larger effort to remember him.  Not just by going to church and maybe thinking about him but by remembering him in all we Do, all we THINK and in all we SAY.  Its hard but so worth it.  I love you all.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Miracles!!! 12/12/11

Okay I have a lot to say as well!  Its been a crazy week but a fun one.  We had our zone Christmas party and that was a lot of fun.   President and Sister Wood are really cool and it was a fun day.  We watched 17 miracle's about the Willy Martin Hand Cart Company and it was really good and helped me realize how much the early saints sacrificed for the truth.  I would like to say my faith is that strong but I think it still needs some nourishing.
This Saturday (the 17th) we should have 2 baptisms.  One of them is Lydia.  I was stoked to teach a "Lydia", I figured Lydia (my cousin) would be excited.  African Lydia is really cool! (so is little Lydia) but anyways the elders had just begun teaching her the week before I came and she is really really prepared!  She has a really strong testimony and is going to do great!  The other baptism is Siphokazi who is also very prepared!  She has the coolest kid, he is six years old and has downs syndrome.  He has such a special spirit and  is the coolest kid.  Siphokazi reminds me of my mom.  Her kid is ALWAYS clean and just a good kid, but he does some funny things.  The other day I was teaching and he was sitting by her feet and when I was mid sentence I look down and he was flipping me off.!   I laughed so hard haha and his mom smacked him and it was naughty but funny.  He doesn't understand that it was bad or what it means hahaha his name is Pakamissa.  I love them they are awesome!   We are also teaching the Mdingani sisters who are 16 and 15. They are really smart and VERY prepared.  They are going to seminary too.  But they have no support structure.  So we have been praying for them to find a support structure and the other day they said that their dad wanted to come to church and take the lessons!!!!!!! MIRACLE!  We were stoked.  I even have more great things to say but no time!  So everything here is going great and it is amazing to see all the miracles happen every day.  Sometimes there easy to miss but its good to pay attention so we can be more thankful to the Lord.  I love the people of South Africa.  They are so humble and grateful for all they have.  It has helped me realize how lucky I am and how grateful I am for all that I have.  I am so blessed.  Thanks for the letter Allison.  I am working on letters for everyone else.  I hope everyone has a great week and Katee and Kelsee HAPPY late BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! love ya

Monday, December 5, 2011


Hello family and friends!
This week has been really good!  We are teaching a lot of great people who are really prepared.  We are teaching two sisters, Sikelwe and Mthikazi who won't stop smiling.  I laugh at random times in lessons because their just always happy!   As they learn more about the gospel and all it has to offer they even get happier.  Its contagious.  They are really cool.  They will hopefully be baptized in January. 
We have really been working on the relationship with members.  Its not the best.  They are all great people. We decided to volunteer to teach some lessons on member missionary work.  Yesterday we taught relief society.  It went really well I talked about fear of rejection and told them I am still scared to be rejected.  I talked about how much the Savior was rejected and how he took it because it was the will of his Father to preach the gospel.  We told them they are disciples of Jesus Christ and when they were baptized they took upon them his name.   I regret not sharing the gopel more when I was home.  There are so many things we could do.  But the lesson went well and we got some DAs (dinner appointments. hahahahaha) but that's not why we went, but it is a  nice perk.  We are having zone conference this Thursday and a Christmas party.  So that will be cool.  The weather here has been pretty nice so far.  Not to hot.  I have been rained on though, but I'm not complaining it was pretty fun!  Anyways thank you all for the letters.  I just put a bunch in the post and hope you get them.  Have a great week.
Love ya,

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gone 11/28/11

Hello every one!
So I got transferred.  I HATE change but so far its going alright.  Elder Critchfield got a visa to Namibia and so he was also moved.  He was a really good comp but my new comp is pretty cool.  His name is Elder Mooki and he is from Joburg.  I am in a small town ship near Port Elizabeth, called Kwanobule.  It's a small ward. and I'm walking hahahahahaha I think its funny.  So far its going well.  It has not been too hot in fact yesterday it poured rain I was soaked all day.  Ha I don't have a rain coat.  But its fun to talk to alot more people. Church on Sunday was wierd.  I REALLY miss my last area and the people there but I'm sure I will like theses ones just as much.  I hope they are all doing good there.  Saying goodbye is never fun but I'm glad I was able to serve there.  Elder Fozard is one of my Zone leaders so that has been alot of fun.  We live with two other elders so that is pretty fun.  We have some good investigators and got some more on Sunday. I love to see how the Lord prepares people!  We met a family who asks THE BEST questions.  And the restoration answers them all!.  I KNOW that Jesus Christ DID restore his church back to the earth. I am so thankful that we have it. and that we have the same authority.  Grandma I got your package!!!!  It is great and we won't start till the 13th it will be nice and thank you for all the work that you put into it and I'm sure Jodi had something to do with it so thank you both I love you!  And I'm glad my Elder Mooki will have something for Christmas.  He doesn't have much.  I have had no time for writing letters!  I am SOOOOO behind and I'm really sorry!


Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello everyone,
I procrastinated this email and I'm running low on time!  This week has been crazy!  We were supposed to have a baptism but it just didn't work out.  He said he didn't feel like he was giving it his all and he postponed until December 4th.   I wonder if I will be here?  Transfers are on Wednesday and I have no idea what will be happening!  Part of me wants to stay because I LOVE the people in this area we have great investigators and members!   I have seven recent converts who are the BEST!  But I will do whatever and be happy about it!   I hope Katee can finish where she is because she would meet Elder Leach, that would be crazy!  I can't believe grandma and Jodi got robbed!  Man people are dumb!  GET A JOB!
So we saw this less active return missionary the other day.  It was to be honest very frustrating!  He was the nicest guy but man he is so far away!  I don't understand how you could deny what you felt.  He served for two years and then nothing!   Man he is a nice guy but I don't even know where to begin.  It was irritating! Plus his live in girlfriend started sharpening a HUGE knife after locking the door and I was freaking out! Turns out she was just making us dinner.  See how nice they were.   I am going to get them to church they are an amazing family!
We had a really good fireside that the Mitchell's  put on in their branch and we helped.  It was on the plan of salvation.  It was a sweet activity I was running the spirit paradise which was really cool!   I wore all white and greeted people as they came in.  We showed a really cool video of someone entering the spirit paradise and it was so cool!  The spirit was really strong and I thought alot about grandpa.  I am so thankful for the plan of salvation.  Its a huge comfort!  Just like Katee, I have gained a huge testimony on eternal families and I am soooooo thankful for the temple and the sealling power we have on the earth today!  Thank you for all that you do!


Monday, November 14, 2011


OKAY this is my weekly email. HELLO> I have had a great week and wish I had time to tell you more!  I will get some letters out this week. Sorry I have no more time but everything is going good and I will have a long email next week.
Love Colton

Colton did not have time to email because mom had insomnia and was awake when he emailed, so I got to chat with him for a little bit.  So he did not have time to send out a mass email.  He is doing so good.  He loves his area.  It is a really sketchy area and not real safe, but he loves the people.  Transfers are next week and he has mixed emotions, he loves his companion, Elder Critchfield, they really click.  They are having success in the area and another baptism this coming Sunday.  As a mom, I want to thank all those who write and pray and give support in any way.  We are so appreciative as a family and we have been so blessed to have two wonderful missionaries serving. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

I can't think of anything. 11/07/11

Well this is going to be a really short one, so sorry!  Katee, I got your package thank you sooooooo much its amazing how much you know me!  That stuff was perfect!  I will keep the ring with me, hopefully no one steals it haha.  Courtney and Healey Family, thank you for the GREAT birthday package it was awesome. Thank you so much!
Its been a crazy week.  When I say crazy, I mean a little slow.  So there's not a lot to report!  Our area is doing great and we should have another baptism in a couple weeks and then a few more in December if I'm here.  We have FHE tonight with the Mwyapopo family they rock.  They also fed us last night.  This is a lame email. hmmmm.......THE WEATHER its the same.  Some days warm some hot, its not quite summer yet ,which stresses me out because we all know how much I flippen love the African heat.  But look on the bright side usually more people are out and we have more missionary opportunity's so I am excited for that!
Neliswa and Michael were both confirmed yesterday and they are both really happy!  I am pretty bummed because our two favorite fellow shippers are going to Eastern Cape to go to the "BUSH" its an African tradition they do to become men.  Ummm, I'm not going to explain it.  Anyways they will be gone until January but they don't leave for a couple of weeks so that is good.
The work is going great.  We were able to teach Penny a recent convert about missionary life and she thinks she might want to go on a mission.  It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have been in.  You could tell the spirit was there as we testified of missionary work.  My mission is great and I'm having a blast.  Oma and Mer, thanks for the birthday card and I promise I'm trying to write back to every one!  Have a great week.


Monday, October 31, 2011

             Baptisms Thando, Michael, and Neliswa
       Daphne Bobotyana and her baptized family!

 Elder Critchfield, Asanda, Elder Balmforth, Penny, John, Maxizole, Musa

Happy Liver Amaguina 10/31/11

Well I had a really good birthday!  It was basically just another day with a good district meeting and then Elder Critchfield bought me a Chicken liver amaguina for lunch in the town ship!  I love them and there only SIX rand! hahaha  Then in the evening we had an appointment with Penny and they surprised me with a cake.  And some other people came over, it was really nice.  Second surprise birthday party in a row! haha just in very different continents.  I thought alot about last year with the Halloween surprise birthday party and I thought about how the heck Liz could pressure me into dressing up like a hippy and taking me blindfolded to who knows where hahaha.  I have the best friends in America and AFRICA!  We also had baptisms on Sunday which was really good!  We worked really hard with them and it was exciting to see them get baptized!  Neliswa and Michael both bore their testimonies after and it was powerful!
So we were going through the potentials in our area book and we came across a lady who made an appointment three years ago, when the Elders went to her flat she wasn't home.  They never went back.  So we went to her house and we saw her out side and I said, "hello are you Nontombi", and she said yes.  So I said " missed our appointment three years ago! what happened??" Hahaha, dang it was funny!  She said apologetically "I'm so sorry, Ive been waiting for you" so we taught her about the restoration and it was an amazing lesson she loved it and when we left we set another appointment and she said "I will be here this time" it was a really cool experience to see how the Lord prepares people and how important it is to keep record. Nontombi is excited to be baptized on 4 December!  Being a missionary is GREAT>
I'm really sorry I'm so behind on the letters!  I'm working on it and I will pound some more out today!  Thank you to those who always write, letters are cool!  Thanks s much for all your love and support!


Monday, October 24, 2011


Alright well everything is pretty good.  We are really working on finding new investigators and its a little slow but its going good.Elder Critchfield is way cool!  We are tearing it up and having a blast.  We will have two baptisms on Sunday and I'm really excited!  They are both really cool people.  The first is Nelliswa she is really cool!  We found her when she was doing some night prayer thing with her church about 6 weeks ago and she decided to listen.  She loves the Book of Mormon she is already in Alma!!!!  She has a sweet testimony of the restored gospel and she is just really cool!  Then there is Michael.  He is 11 years old and is the brother of a recently activated member who is planning to serve a mission soon!  Michael is really cool and sooooooo smart and also wants to prepair for a mission!  Baptisms are cool!
Man we had this one investigator and she bought this anti Mormon book!!!!!!! (she spent 147R on it) why cant people just realize they need to ask God and not people!  She wouldn't even pray about it she said that she doesn't need to pray she can just meditate?????  I felt sick all night!  How can people be so confused? Its really sad.  I have a HUGE testimony of personal revelation and know that if we build a relationship with our Heavenly Father through prayer we can always receive revelation on our own lives and what we need to do!
I herd Katee was in Elder Leach's home ward, that's way cool I'm excited for her.  Well I'm really working on letters, its SOOOO hard to find time but I'm trying.  Laura thanks for the birthday card it was great!  Janelle thanks for the wedding announcement.  Sorry i wont be able to make it hhahaha.  And Calee thank you for the birthday package it was great, pictures are my favorite!  Grandma and Jodi thank you for the birthday money, man I get spoiled.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISHON AND BRENNA!!!!!!  I hope you have a great day!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!!!  Your the best and I miss you like crazy!  I hope you have a great week!

Love ya,

Monday, October 17, 2011


Well this will be short because both of my loving parents stayed up super late to email me.  I guess someone said I got transfered?.....false I am still in Khayelitsha and I'm SOOOOOOOOO happy I stayed.  Our area is on fire and we worked hard to get it there.  My new companion is Elder Critchfield.  He is from Utah.  He was also trained by Elder Leach and he is GREAT!!!!  I think we will get along really well!  I'm so excited for this transfer!  This week has been SO hectic.  The Zone leaders used us on transfer day to run people all around Cape Town and so we only went to our area in the evening and then we had training on Friday and that was soooo good.  We listened to a talk by Elder Bednar on becoming a PMG missionary and it was powerful!  There is so much I have to work on.  Its a little overwhelming but I'm excited to get started!
We should have two more baptisms in two weeks!  We had 4 investigators at General Conference and they LOVED it!  It was the best feeling in the world to see the Lords investigators taking NOTES while they listened to the Prophets and apostles.  One investigator named Simpewe texted us and told us thank you for inviting him, he loved it.  We replied its where Heavenly Father wanted him.  I know that as we follow the amazing council given to us by our prophets and apostles we will be able to stay on the straight and narrow path.  I'm way jealous, Katee is going to the temple!!!!!  I miss the temple sooo much.  I feel the spirit the strongest when I teach about the temple!  I'm happy for her.  Kelsee, I can't believe you got a dog, he will tear up your house! hahaha suckers but I'm sure you are enjoying it. But come February I hope Kelsee and Calee are prego! hahaha I'm sure they don't want that haha.  Well, things here are great its really starting to warm up and we have had a few HOT days but not to bad.  I love South Africa.  These people are GREAT! I'm writing letters today and will get them off soon!  I cannot believe I have been here almost 1 year!!!  Time FLYS and I only have one year left I have alot to do!

Love ya,

Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello All,
It's been a great week!  Tania was confirmed and it was great!  She is soooo amazing.  She took a driving test today and yesterday she asked for a blessing!  Her faith is so strong!!!!!  She just called us and said she passed!  It was great.  Our recent converts are so amazing!  I hope we have more soon!  We are teaching an amazing girl named Neliswa!  We found her while teaching a friend of hers.  The friend didn't want us to come back but she said we could come visit her but she wouldn't be baptized.  So we did and two months later she is ready for baptism!  She has a powerful testimony of the restored gospel and has an unshakable faith.  Leaving her former church was not easy but she said she know that the Authority had been restored and she knew she needed to follow the Savior!   She bore her testimony to us when Bishop Nyoni came to her house, it was great!  Man she rocks!  She will be baptized on the 30th!  Transfers are this week and we find out tomorrow.   I have a huge testimony of revelation and that is a huge comfort to me.   I HATE CHANGE!!!  Good or bad I HATE it!   But I know the lord knows best and it just takes a few weeks to get comfortable. We will watch conference this Saturday and Sunday and I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!  I have herd really great things and can't wait.  I remember when I was little Oma made me watch it at the condo in Snowbird and I wasn't a huge fan but I'm so thankful for that now and wished I would have listened to it!  Today we are going to green market square.  Finally not a lame p day!  So that's why I'm rushed.  Sorry for this short email but I do know that this Gospel is TRUE!  I know that Joseph saw what he said he saw and I cant deny it.  I'm so thankful for a loving Father in Heaven and the many blessing he gives us like the restoration, a living prophet, our families and more.  I love my amazing family!  I have the best parents and sisters in the world (even the two who forgot to email this week ;) haha. and grandparent's!!!!!  Thank you all for the letters!  I am writing soon!  I have the best, supportive family and friends your all the best! thanks again!

Monday, October 3, 2011


I was NOT mugged this week, thank you very much!  I'm glad you all got a kick outta that!  Well life is dang good!  Tania was baptized yesterday!!!!!!  It has been a long bumpy road but finally she made it!!!  She is amazing!  We were sooooo excited!  Then we will have more at the end of October!  I hope I'm still here! She was so nervous I guess she has a fear of water!!!!  After all she has been through she has a fear of WATER hahahahah?  I talked her into getting in the font and then stood at the top of the steps.  The spirit was so strong and I am really happy for her to finally be baptized!  Her desire was so strong and she worked really hard to get here.  Out of all my investigators she has been through the most!  She's so cool!!!!!  You end up loving all the people you teach and just seeing them that much closer to there Heavenly Father is the best!!!  I'm so excited about the new temples being built in Africa!  They really need them!  I hope there will be one in Cape Town soon!!!!  Sealing families together forever has been my main goal since before I got here and I'm sooooo excited there is another temple in South Africa!!!!!  Their goal should always be getting to the temple!  But the week has been really good.  Today we had flat inspections and ours was the cleanest!!!!!!  They even took us out to lunch!  The Smith's are amazing!  Thank you mom for teaching me how to be clean!  I've had a lot of dirty companions and they haven't liked my ocd cleanliness.  But Elder Zarbock is pretty clean so that's good.  The only bad side was we were going to go to green market square for p day but now there is no time but I told Eelder Zarbock he is the senior comp today haha but he decided to go next week.  I feel so bad he hasn't done anything fun for p day since he has been here except table mountain.  But we are limited with how many Kilometers we can drive and we go over a TON ever week so I just limited how much we drive.  I hate getting rebuked for using to many Ks!  But we will go next week. Well the week has been great.  Mission is great!  I'm doing Great!  I have gotten lots of letters and I got mom and dads birthday package WAY early!  So thank you!  I'm writing a ton of letters so they will be out soon! Llove ya!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Crazy Africans! 09/26/11

Molo Family,
Well I bet Friday night at roughly 11:50am you didn't think hmm I bet Colton (Elder Balmforth) is getting MUGGED right now??  Oh, but I WAS.  Fetchin guy.  I was on exchanges in the other elders area and didn't have my car.  So we were walking down the street in the safe part of our area and I looked back to see a guy running after us...........great......I knew what was coming.  I was just hoping he wasn't gonna beat me up or shank me.  I'm sure you all think at this point I was freaking out and possibly started booking it in a funny motion.  But I was actually pretty calm.  So when he finally gets to us he says "hey give me your phone" so we hand over the cheap little phone, no big deal,  then he says and "where is your phone" and I say we share that phone (this was when I thought I might die) but instead he said, "well ugh give me your ring............................................" you, you, you want my ring?  So I sadly slide my ChooseTheRight ring off my warm bony finger and handed it over!!!!  Then........he left....running!!!  So yeah, I was sad he stole my ring but I had my nice pack on my back with my camera and scriptures and my wallet in my pocket, (but I didn't have my cards, which was smart) so I consider myself blessed!!!!!   I'm so thankful I have my scriptures and pictures still!  But Katee, I'm sorry the whole ctr ring deal thing is off for the time being.  It had sentimental value because my dad bought it for me and the deal with Katee.  ANYWAYS, then yesterday some guy hit our car with his and drove off while we were in a lesson! Hahhahha, oh my week.  But it wasn't a bad week!!!  It was actually very successful.  We had 4 very solid investigators at church on sunday and I'm really excited for them.  We have a baptism this coming Sunday and we will have more at the end of the month.  We also found a great family and have been sharing more with them.  I love the spirit of missionary work!  Its the best!
CALEE, I did not forget your birthday I just forgot to type it!!!!!!  I love you and hope you had a great day! And Tiff and Kathy happy birthday to you too!  I guess the newlyweds are too busy for me seems I didn't have an email from Mrs. Woods???  Sorry this is short and a little boring but thanks for the letters.  I love you all and have a great week.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Get this beam out of my Eye 09/19/11

Hello All,
Well its been a pretty good week!  We had zone conference with Elder Renlund and his wife.  That was really good.  I love zone conferences I get a ton of great in sights!  I also LOVE the Wood's.  They are so great!  I have had the two best presidents and there wives.  They are both very different from the Probst's but they are GREAT!  Sister Wood spoke at stake conference and she is so funny and so is president but they are able to teach you SOOOO much as they speak.   I LOVE it!  It hasn't been the most productive week in the area which is pretty sad and it gets really discouraging but I know that our efforts will eventually pay off and we have lessons to learn.  I have been studying so much in the scriptures and trying to memorize where things are!  My testimony of scriptures has grown sooooo much!  I love them!  I learn so much from them and enjoy it!!!!!  Which is a new factor.  I was studying in different places about humility and how the savior was very humble (obviously) and I realized I'm not very humble in a lot of different ways so it has been fun to try and correct myself, its not easy mostly because of pride haha but I'm working on it.  Our Zone conference was about companion relationships.  The whole time I almost just felt guilty!  I have an amazing companion.  All of them have been great.  I have never looked at myself.  When it says in 3 Nephi (I can't remember exactly where) we try to pull the sliver out of a mans eye but we our selves have a beam in our eye.  So first pull the beam out of our eye so we can see clear.!!!  How did I always miss that????  When you live with some one 24/7 you can always find little frustration nothing major just some pet peeves, and I always think why do they,,? or why would they...? but I never think what could I.....? or should I be better at.....? it was a great lesson to learn and I'm so thankful for that conference and my great companion.  They also told some pretty rough companion fighting stories and I have been blessed to have good companions for the most part haha.  I'm really working on being more Christ like but its really hard.  Sorry I didn't mean to make this a testimony or anything its just the biggest thing that I have learned this week.  Haha, anyways the church is true and I would be lost with out it!  I got some letters this week from Amanda, Brooke, Jodi and Terry!  So thank you and I will write back really fast.  Love you all and have a Great week.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are You Alive? 09/12/11

Hello Family and Friends,
Oh Katee's emails just make me so dang mad!!!!!!! TOMATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  African tomatoes are not good!  I want some home grown tomatoes!!!!  UGH oh well I won't be such a baby!  I'm glad Katee was able to get some!  Also I hope every one is getting my letters?  Not that I'm not getting any letters(which I'm not) but I just want to make sure you are all getting them.  I have honestly written to EVERYONE some even twice within the last 3 weeks?  So I guess we will see.  But mom is our zip code 84129?  And is that Brooke's  too?  Also Jodi I didn't forget about your birthday I'm sorry!  I can't remember if i put it on the email or not last week, but I hope you had a good day.  But happy birthday!  Also Grandma and Calee!!  Calee will you be 26?  Ya OLD fart! mmmmm I just had some tooth paste on lip and it tasted good.  Well you can tell life on p day is  pretty boring!  We use A LOT of Kilometers in our area so we don't do ANYTHING on P day.  So my week was so weird.  We were supposed to have two baptisms on Sunday but only 1 went through!  Raymond was baptized and it was great!  He was SOOO excited!  His wife was here from Tanzania.  So it was a good day.  We also had another investigator who is amazing but they had a little incident this week and made it prolong the baptism.  I'll tell you the short version of the story.  We went to their house and I knocked on there door.  No answer?  Again.  No answer?  So one more time and the little kids finally answered.  So we walk in and the house is a wreck.  So my mind automatically goes to the worst.  I ask the kids where their mom is and they say, "sleeping".  So Ii go upstairs while Elder Zarbock and our fellowshipper stay with the kids and I see our investigator laying on the bed.  I am finally able to get her to wake up and I ask what happened.  I finally find out that she overdosed on some medications.  Man, it was a little scary but we really care alot about our investigator and that's what was scary.  So I call an ambulance (not an easy task) and they say they will be a half an hour!!!!!!  What!  Never mind.  So the Bishop came and helped us to the hospital.  Our investigator is doing better now and we are working with her and just doing some stuff that President Wwood suggested.  I have learned a lot about the importance of this life.  Its a sacred mission in its self.  Its hard but we need to fulfill Gods plan in faith.  We love our investigator and we know they can do anything to over come this.  So this threw off our week a little.  But it has been a great week.  I love baptisms.  They help motivate you.  And we will have more on the 2nd!  I've had a cold this week ha, I hate being sick!  But its not too bad.  Its been a great week!  I can't believe Katee is almost half way done!  That's crazy!  I have still been thinking a lot about my grandma and my mom and aunts Ii hope your all okay.  I love you all.   Well I'm glad you had a great week.  Thanks for the letters!  Laura I hope you had your mail forwarded to your new address haha but I got your new address now.  Its crazy how much we relate in your letters.  We are a lot alike,  its a good thing for me haha well I love you all have a great week.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello Family and Friends,
This will be way short because I had stuff to do for mom. So sorry. FIRST, Brooke and Deann happy birthday on the 1st and 4th and Jodi, happy birthday on the 7th. I'm really bad with birthdays but I'm trying to be better. So yes Elder Andriamanenten left Wednesday, its way sad I miss the kid he was great! Hopefully we will serve together again! But I still have Elder Zarbock and he is great. We were supposed to have three baptisms on the 11th but two fell through but its okay I'm sure it will happen soon!  And then hopefully Raymond will still be baptized!  I'm so excited for that!  He is amazing!  Everyone thinks he is a member. We have an investigator named Ellen and she is sooooo nice.  She makes dog clothes for a living and she made our dogs clothes.  Man she is so nice!  I bet Gus will just eat them but hey it's worth a try I guess.  We have never put clothes on him before but I guess we can try!  She is really good at what she does. It's been a really good week one full of blessings!  I'm excited for the wedding  I can't remember if its Thursday or Friday haha oh well.  I hope it all goes well.  Then my parents will be empty nesters!  Crazy!!!!! I hope every one keeps an eye on them until June when Katee gets home!  So things are going good.  There is not alot to say.  I could really use some tapes.  I was almost done recording and dads second hand tape fell apart!!!!  I was so mad haha but its okay. There is not alot to say! We have FHE with Tania and Malcom tonight and that will be great!  Tania is doing so good and should be baptized very very soon!  Well I love you all and I'm so thankful for everyone.  I hope every one is doing okay I have been thinking about my mom and grandma and my aunts alot!  I know its still probably pretty hard but it will be okay your in my prayers and I love you all.  Also thanks for the letters.  I haven't gotten any this week but I'm sure its just the slow post. Mer and Oma I got you letters last week and they were great thank you. Well have fun at the wedding. Take lots of pictures and send them. Love ya, Colton

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello 08/29/11

Hello Family and Friends,
Well this will be pretty short sorry!  This week has been pretty good!  In church on Sunday in our very small rented out chapel we walked in and I thought whats with all the white people???  So the whole stake leadership was there and Elder Hill from the seventy.  They announced that Khayletsha is now a WARD!!!!!! Its soooo cool to see the growth of the church.  They have big plans to split the Cape Town Stake.  Its great to be here while all this is happening!  We have been teaching a lot and have some great investigators!  We will hopefully have 4 baptisms on 11 September, but we will see.  We are not allowed to mention names of people in our emails anymore probably because blogs cause yours hahahaha.  We are helping one of our investigators quit smoking and it was so funny in church she leaned over and said......Elder Balmforth, and I said yeah?  She said I have one smoke left in the car and I want to smoke it......will you take it away?  Haha and so I took it.  She is doing so well!  All of our investigators are mistaken as strong members in church haha the lord really does prepare people!  Its amazing.  I know that he has blessed us with finding these people who he has prepared.  I keep praying for Katee to find some and I hope she does!  I know grandpa is with her a lot.  And I'm happy about that.
This week is transfer week!  I HATE change so dang bad.  I know we will both stay but I think Elder Antriamanantena will leave which is way sad I love the kid!  But it will be nice to just have two again.  I'm so excited for Kelsee to go to the temple.  Kelsee, don't let the stress of everything take away from the sacredness of your experience.  Every one just leave her alone and let her have a good experience haha.  It is the best thing aver!  I can't believe that after you go to the temple our whole family will have gone through!  I think that is awesome and I cant wait to come home and go to the temple wit my family!!!!!!!  Its been a great week and we have another great week ahead.
Love ya!

Monday, August 22, 2011

OH MAN................08/22/11

Dear Family,
What a week!  It's so up and down.  I feel so guilty for feeling bad about my family and the funeral and everything!  Missionaries loose there parents or a sibling or Grandparents and they are fine.  I mean I;m fine its just hard to be away when this is going on, but I'm glad I am where I am.  We hiked Table Mountain today and it was GREAT!!!!!  I loved it.  I will probably be sooooooo sore tomorrow but it was well worth it!  I will send pictures home soon.  Well, I hope everything went well!  Katee's email was sad I'm so glad I just got a phone call to save me from the embarrassment of crying in front of my mission president.hahahaha.
Our area is still on fire!  We have some great investigators!  We are having FHE with the Brook family and our investigator Tania!  I'm excited!  Oh and I have ANOTHER companion..........yeah he is waiting to go to Namibia,  his name is Elder Andriamanentena,  yeah say that 10 times fast.  I can haha.  He's GREAT!  We love him.  Wen they told me I as worried about training with a three sum but its really fun and he is a great missionary.  H is probably the funniest person I have ever met, without driving me CRAZY!  So Elder Zarbock and I like him.  We have an amazing investigator I think I have mentioned him.  His name is Raymond, he is AWESOME!  He is so excited for baptism and so are we.  He should be baptized on the 11th.  He participated in priesthood and everyone thought he was a member.  I taught the plan of salvation to him the day after I found out about Grandpa and it was the best lesson I have ever taught.  I know Grandpa is with me and watching over me.  I am doing good, so please don't worry about me.  Thanks for all the love and support.  I love all of you.  Have a great week.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Hard Week 08/15/11

Well what a week.  I will start with Friday and then go back from there.  Friday night after coming home we planned and we made dinner.  While I was eating President Wood phoned and told me Grandpa Harward had passed away.  It was really hard.  I mostly thought about my mom and my grandma and my aunts and if they were okay!  I wasn't able to phone then until the next afternoon.  So I didn't get a lot of sleep.  I called my grandma first and talked to her and Jodi.  I feel better I know that they are doing okay!  Those two are so strong.  They took care of grandpa so well better than anyone I have ever seen.  They were so determined to keep Grandpa at home and make him comfortable.  I know that my mom and sisters are so grateful for that.  I know that they both have a special place lined up for them in the next life.  It was hard to talk to them but it really helped.  Then I called my mom and dad and talked to the family for a little bit.  It was nice to talk to them and let it all out.  I ha vent talked about it since then so it was a good time to talk about it.  I know that my grandpa has started his next mission.  I know that he has been with me.  It was comforting to feel him here.  I will never forget my grandpa he always did a lot for us.  I think we always forgot that he did so much because grandma was always the one who picked everything out and wrapped it way to perfectly or she was the one who slaved every Sunday to make us dinner but grandpa worked really hard with grandma to support our Christmas and birthdays and Sunday dinners and all the other stuff.  I went and bought some  Werthers Originals and had food with lots of ketchup and I drank milk that i don't like here haha.  Anyways it will be hard not to be there but know that I love you all and your in my thoughts and prayers.  Especially grandma and mom and my aunts and cousins I love you all and miss you.
This week has been great.  I haven't hit any kids.  We have taught A LOT!!!!  Its been so nice.  Our area is dangerous but very fruitful and mom read (proverbs 1:33)  I'm fine.  Neliswa has read all the way to 2 Nephi 3!!!!!!  She rocks.  We just need her to come to church but she knows its true!!!  We have also been teaching the Muhemedi Family!  They also rock!!!!!  The mom Ellen still doesn't want to be baptized but we are helping her.  And Jack (the dad) and the two older kids (Maryann>haha and Guedlay) will be baptized 11 September.  Ha good day right?  We had a lot in church on Sunday and the members are really getting excited to work with us.  The Khayletsha branch will soon be a Ward!  They already submitted the papers so that's exciting!!!
I was writing my conversion story for Sister Wood because she asked for it and I thought a lot about what my story was.  I have a lot!  I decided that when I knew for sure is when I worked at Legacy and was able to be with a couple of people near there death.  I watched them as they would reach for something in the air and ask questions like "who are they or where did they come from"  I know that what they saw were spirits.  They saw into the spirit world.  The spirit was so strong in those rooms I then gained a huge testimony of the Plan of Salvation and how it is taught in the Book of Mormon.  I know there is more out there and I know that my grandpa is teaching those lost spirits in prison.  I know the Book of Mormon IS the word of god.  I feel it every time I read it.  I know that God calls a living day prophet for us to be led and guided in these last days!  I know that my family will be together for ever.  I hope I can help other families go to the temple and be sealed forever.  I love you all.  I got some letters and Courtney's tape and I am writing you all back.  Thanks for everything.  I appreciate the love and support of all of you.


Monday, August 8, 2011

We Meet Again!! 08/08/11

YOU NASTY FLEAS, I thought I was done with them! This time they don't bite they just jump around me. They bite Elder Zarbock and Elder Larabee who we live with so at least I'm immune.
I have about 15 minuets too write this! First, I have written over 30 letters, so in three weeks time they will hit America.  Sorry I'm so bad. Grandma thanks for the heat pad I put it on my sore writing hand hahaha! Also I can now listen to any church music so any suggestions can go to mom!  This week was really weird! Usually the weekdays are SO busy and the weekends are soooooo slow because every one is drunk or high.  People are just not home.  This week our week was so slow and our weekend was sooooo successful.  I think the Lord wanted to test us during the week and I'm glad we stayed strong because the weekend was GREAT!  Let me start with Wednesday.  It was a rough day!  There are soooooooo many kids in the streets and the parents are in the homes.  When I say kids I mean all ages even toddlers who can barley walk.  Any ways,  we were driving down the street I was going soooooo slow like always in a town ship and there was a bunch of kids in the street, so I stopped and waited for them to move to the side.  So, when they did I started to go and a little kid ran so fast in front of me and .....I hit him.   I was so dang scared!  At first I just saw him go under and I slammed on my brakes and then I saw him come up and I was relieved and then he was crying and I got out and picked him up and walked him home.  Luckily I just ran over his foot and it was swollen with some bruising but nothing to intense.  I felt sooooooooo bad even though it wasn't my fault and the parents were very nice and only got made at the boy and not me they actually apologized to me so that made me feel better.  I just called President Wood and everything was fine but yo it scared me soooooooo bad!
Anyways on a good note we found some great people and our teaching pool is really growing!  We found two amazing families and we had 8 people in church yesterday!  I was so happy!  Our prayers are really being answered!  I just wish I could help people commit and keep there commitments.  We are teaching a girl named Neliswa.  She is GREAT.  She has read all the way to 1 Nephi 12 in less then a week and her understanding is really good!  She came to church but then her friend took her to another church across the street!!!!!!!!  Dang him haha.  Well I am doing good and the work in our area is really taking off.  I'm so stoked for all of them to be baptized soon!  Thank you for everything.  Em and Tyler, Lucy is a cute baby! Congrats.  Brooke thanks for the picture.  You are the best!  I hope you all have a great week


Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello Family,
So its been a great week.  I have learned ALOT!  We have had some great investigators!  I think its funny Katee is teaching people that don't speak English..............welcome to Africa.  haha A TON of people don't understand English here.  But its something you learn to deal with or avoid. We have really got our area rolling!  The members have been helping a LOT!  Our area is HUGE and there is a lot of work to do!  Last night was CrAzY though!  We went to cross roads(part of our area) and this place has the highest murder record in SA or at least that's what we hear,  hahaha its okay mom.  Its probably a rumor.  So we stop at where we think our investigators house is and we get out of the car and walk around (in the dark) but we couldn't find his house so I unlocked the car and looked at the teaching record for the street name and got it and locked the doors and walked off.  Then I felt in my pocket.......nothing!!  NO KEY!!!!  So I'm walking around Cross Roads in the dark with my new companion and I thought we were GONERS!  haha   Just kidding I didn't really but I was a little worried.  Luckily there was a crazy less active family up the street so we walked there and when I walked in I said hello and told them what happened.  Immediately they all hopped up and grabbed some kind of......thing.. and said well lets go get in!  I just said no no no its okay they are bringing me a spare. hahaha  They acted like they had broke in to cars there whole life. hahaha   They are awesome and they love us so we waited there until they brought a key.  I'm not going to be in Cross Roads at night anymore! hahaha  I felt soooo stupid!  But when the Assistants brought me the key I looked at it and said this is the wrong one hahahaha so we went all the way back and to make matters worse they had to pick up the Woods from the airport and they didn't have time to drop us off first!  HI president, I'm a retard!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha  Oh but hey I haven't done that for awhile and the car wasn't running this time dad.  So we went back and to our relief the tires were still on the car.
We have been so guided this whole week.  I have really felt my prayers be answered in a ton of ways.  Thank you all for the letters and believe it or not I am writing.  Michele, THANK YOU for the invitation.  It was a day late or I could have been there, sorry.  I love you all!  Have a great week.


Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

This is going to be shorter then last week!  I'm doing really good.  At first training and being in a new area, knowing NOTHING and Training was so stressful but it is all good now!  Elder Zarbock is great and is a GREAT missionary!  We are working hard but its a little slow in the new area.  But soon it will pick up.  This time of the year is what they call Protest season.  At least that's what I hear.  And when they protest they ripped the town ship apart trying to get the governments attention.  Seriously they tore up the streets burned down shops and houses and threw boulders in the road and lit tons of tires on fire!  They also were throwing huge rocks at the cars but my driving skills rock and I dodged them all hahaha just kidding they didn't throw any at me but I saw tons of cars get pegged!
We already had a baptism.  We only taught him a tiny bit but he is still ours.  He is a 15 year old kid and he is awesome!  He is really shy but man he has a strong testimony of the gospel.  He bore his testimony at the baptism which was HUGE for him!  He is so shy and he did awesome.  It was the most humble testimony ever we were all just short of tears.  That kid rocks!  We already have some solid investigators and they will progress great!  We have an investigator who is struggling with smoking.  She wont stop!  But we set up some goals for her and she said she would eat sour worms instead of smoking so we got her tons of sour worms!  I know she can do it!  We taught her about fasting and we plan to do that with her!  She's awesome!  We also decided to go meet some members to try to get referrals.  We just randomly picked some on the list and when we showed up the first 3 families were less active and had lots of needs, funny how the Lord just puts you where your needed.  I love my new area its HUGE!!!!!!!!  I'm soooo thankful we have a car!  But walking would still be great!  The week has been a little slow and I just hope Elder Zarbock doesn't get discouraged!  It will pick up very soon the area is golden!
I'M SOOOOO HAPPY FOR JANELLE!!! (if she said not to tell me then don't tell her i know hahaha) and I'm glad that Calee is feeling better and everything went okay!  I want Pictures of Lucy!  And Oma I was wondering why you haven't written me and I just got two older letters in the post and one recent one haha so I will get back to you and every one else for that matter.  Have a good week love ya!

Elder Balmforth

Monday, July 18, 2011

Peace out Office! 07/18/11

Hello family!
Well its my last week in the office!  I was the first person President Wood has ever given transfer news too.  I was shocked though!  He asked me to be a trainer!!  I'm pretty nervous!  But I'm excited!  I am being white washed (we will both be new in the area) so I'm a little stressed about that too but I think it will be a blast and I will hopefully stay busy enough to stay sain!  I'm going to a huge town ship called Khayelitsha. President is just adding two new missionaries to the area.  Its not too far from the office and I will live just down the street from where I live now.  My new companion will be Elder Zarbock from Draper Utah.  He is still in the MTC.  I'm nervous!  I haven't been teaching that much in the office so I'm sure he will be training me, but that's okay I need it! 
The big thing happening in the office now is all our Visas to Namibia have been declined!  I don't think they have ever been declined before.  After Tuesday we will only have 3 missionaries in Nam!  They just won't give us visas it sad.  So we have been fasting and praying for that.
Its been such a crazy week we haven't seen many investigators.  We saw Eureka and he even came to church!  We taught him about sacrifice and it really hit him because he walked a far distance to be at church! I have seen alot of sacrifice since I have been here. 
It will be sad to leave the office and sad to see the Herbert's leave next week but change is happening SO much and I'm really getting used to it.  I'm sure next week when there are Way more interesting things happening my email will be longer!  Thanks for everything.  I'm way blessed to have so many people supporting me in whatever way you are.  Thanks for everything. 

Love ya,


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pictures from Elder Balmforth 07/16/11

Colton in the office after the Probst's left, they had a lot of shredding to do.

Cape Town streets
Hugging Sister Probst before they left.  He loved the Probst's.
The office Elders, the Herbert's and the Probst's.

Elder Naylor and Elder Balmforth

More shredding

Monday, July 11, 2011

How many missionaries does it take to break into the Mission Home? 07/11/11

Hello All,
First all, Happy Birthday to the greatest Dad ever.  I hope you have a great day!  Its been a pretty slow week which is actually pretty nice!  Yesterday we picked up the Woods and the Assistants from the airport. They were exhausted they did a mission tour in a week.  So when we got to the mission home (not the office mom I know you get those confused) we pulled up opened the gate and the garage and we all just stood there expecting someone would pull out keys to open the doors.  Well non of us had keys!  So we ran and grabbed the spare from the Herbert's and brought the keys back.  We use skeleton keys here like the old fashion ones, so President went to open the door and the other key was on the other side! haha  So we still couldn't get in.  Then I heard the alarm go off so I ran around back and Elder Larrabee and Sister Wood set the alarms off in the the back yard because there are sensors hahahaha it was so funny but who knew there were sensors in the back yard?  So while we went to Gugulethu to get the main door keys from the maid the Wood's took a walk.  We finally got them in haha, it was a fun experience!
We started the week off with a 4th of July party!  Obviously they don't celebrate it here,but we were invited to the Birchards an American couple and they had a nice party with some of the ward members. It was fun. they had sparklers.  My mom hates those!
Our investigator are doing pretty well, not a whole lot of progression.  However we saw Moses who wasn't really understanding the restoration at all so after teaching it twice in different ways we decided to show him the video.  He got it!  He was really touched and now that he understands that he sees the importance of the Book of Mormon and praying about all the things we teach!  Its like it came all together!  So hopefully progression will come from that!
I still cant get the Muslim lady of my mind.  The one who was ex communicated from the church and converted for some reason.  I just really want to go visit but she knows way more doctrine then I do!  All we could do is bear testimony that is if we could get a word in.  I have been praying about that a lot.  I don't know what to do yet! 
Well this week should be busy we will hopefully do transfer travel!  I can't believe its that time again!!  It will be cool to see the changes.  There are already so many just with travel!  I am glad that you got to meet the Probst there AWESOME!  I can't wait to see them again!  The Woods are also Great and I'm excited to get to know them more, they will be Great here!!!  I'm still working on writing all my letters I just haven't had a lot of time, but I am working on it today.  Have a great week.  I love you all.

Love Elder Balmforth

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July 07/04/11

I figured I would do this first!  It's been a long week.  I know this is only about 4 days since my last email but I need to get back in the habit of emailing on Mondays!  This one will also be short but I will have a good one next week.  President and Sister Wood are great!  I was a little worried about the transition.  I HATE change, but they are great.  They are much different from the Probst's but I don't think anything will change around here.  He did tell me I would be leaving the office if everything works out ok.  He really wants us in an area full time.  It will be sad to leave the office but I am also excited to go out in an area.!  I just love to stay busy in the office!  Hopefully I go to a busy area!  If not I will make it busy. 
Before President Probst left in our Zone Conference we counted how many times we prayed every day.  It can be up to 30 times!  IN ONE DAY!  I had never thought about that.  With all the lessons and morning and evening prayers.  Then he talked about how that is how we have built a strong relationship with our Heavenly Father.  I just thought that was pretty  cool to think about.  He told us that ever morning when we wake up at 6:30 we are praying with the army of God which I also never thought about. 
On Sunday we had a double DA.  That is ALWAYS a painful experience!  We ate a late lunch at the Mendus!  They are awesome!  They are a young couple with one little kid named Tando and another on the way.  They make great food.  We had some pork dish.  It was great!  Then we went to the Austens, like we do every Sunday for an earlier dinner.  It again was painful.  The food is great but it was A LOT!
Elder Naylor and I found a way good frozen yogurt place. I mean its no TCBY but is close enough.  We have had it almost every night! 
We are still teaching Mosses and his friends.  The last lesson was way awkward.  I don't know why though it just had a lot of silence in it.  Not the good spiritual silence it was just the awkward silence.  We tried to talk but it was just one of the weirdest lessons I've had.  So hopefully next lesson will be better.  Eureka is doing fine.  He wasn't at church yesterday though but we will see him later today. 
We are going to the Birchards tonight for a 4th of July FHE.  There an awesome American couple in the ward.  This is my favorite holiday and its nothing big today obviously:( but i think they have sparklers so I'm going to get some!  I can't believe fire works are legal in Utah now!!!  I'm so jealous.  Oh well I will see them in a couple of years!  Well, I'm doing great and I am working on letters!  Sorry I am taking for ever!  Thanks for everything and HAPPY 4th!!!

Love Elder Balmforth

Table Mountain in Cape Town, picture taken on the way into the mission office.

Friday, July 1, 2011

 Sister Probst took this picture showing how hard they work in the office.
The last Zone Conference for President and Sister Probst.

Crazy, busy week 07/01/11

Well it is definitely time for an email!  Sorry it has taken me for ever!  Its been the Busiest week Ive ever had in the office! We started the week off with a staff meeting that consists of me, Elder Winegar, Elder Naylor, Elder Senyange, and the Assistants and the Herbert's and the Probst's.  We went over a lot of things and later that night President trained the Assistants and me on the Mission President side of IMOS.  It was so cool!  We saw how to work the transfer board and all of that it was way cool! 
Earlier this week we had our last zone conference and it was so good!  I mean not my last conference but With president Probst.  It was so cool!  We got some pretty Great insights from him.  He basically went over all the things he goes over in his final interviews with departing Elders.  It was great!  They are awesome!  They have taught me so much that I doubt I could have learned from anyone else.  I'm gonna miss them.  They left on Thursday and they came to the office to say their final goodbyes.  It was sad but the Wood's are great!  We had another staff meeting with the Wood's yesterday.  They are very different from the Probst's but I think everything will stay the same.  The Wood's served in Jo burg for a year as office staff in the Area Presidency offices and they loved it.  He knows a lot about the scriptures which is cool.  I have a lot to learn! 
Man it is so hard to read some of these baptismal records hahaha.  We never get one that is right!  Its such a hassle!!  The end of the month is always busy!  We have to send our reports in so all baptisms have to be in and its just a pain. 
We are teaching a guy named Moses.  We had an amazing lesson with him the other day!  When we got there he had like 5 friends over and it was pretty intimidating but when we started teaching they were all silent!  Then they started asking question after question!! BAM, 5 new investigators!  They are all awesome!!!!!  "Will you all be baptized by someone holding the authority from God"  > " Its obvious YES" haha we were soooo excited! 
That sucks that Katee had to leave her area.  I hate leaving but you always love your next area just as much. I hope shes doing okay.  Calee sends me a picture of Brayden every day it's cool to be able to see him a little.  Ive gotten some great letters and I promise I will write back!  Laura I'm not sure where to send yours I'm just going to send it where it came from and hope it gets there!
A guy just came in to pick up a box.  I signed the paper and then took the box haha he said in his African voice "hey can I have my box...please" hahaha okay fine so my life is boring but its busy so can't complain!  I hope every one had a great week, because this email sucks  will send a picture.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This email came from Sister Probst on 06/20/11

I just thought I would post this nice email that came from Sister Probst, she is Colton's mission president's wife.  Colton is really going to miss them when they leave in a few weeks.  As a mom it is nice to hear great things about your kids.  I love being a missionary mom!

Dear Brother and Sister Balmforth:
I just wanted to send a note and tell you how thankful we are for Elder Balmforth.  We have been so impressed with how efficient he is and he is so willing to do whatever asked with such a great attitude.  I don't think there is anything he can't do or is not willing to do and he does it as soon as he is asked.  I think he could take care of the entire office by himself.  We won't ask him to do that but he surely is a blessing to us.  He is also a blessing in his area.  He will play such a vital role as we transition with a new mission president and will be a great blessing to him as well as President Wood learns the mission.  Thank you for raising such a fine son.
Love, Sister Probst

A couple of pictures for Father's Day

 This shows Elder Balmforth, he is not used to nice washers, but this is the mission home and he put way too much soap in and there were bubbles everywhere.
Elder Balmforth and Elder Naylor getting caught in the rain.


I don't have a lot to say this week so it will be short.  I want to tell this story because its funny and sad. Remember how that Muslim Lady came into the church that one Sunday well.....I called her and I set an appointment.  We met with her and she automatically began to tell us everything.  She was born catholic but found out that was wrong when she learned how to talk. (sorry Oma if it makes you feel better she is very confused but I won't add my input) anyways.  So then she got married had five kids, 3 girls 2 boys and then she got divorced.  Then the missionaries came and taught her and her family.  They were all baptized.  Kids, Parents, Brothers Sisters...the whole lot.  So she is very very active!  She held a stake calling and everything. So she begins one day to pray for a husband, well a few months later she found out that wasn't working.  So she was more specific.  She prayed that when she met the man she was supposed to marry the Lord would have him say anything about God.  So she is at the shop one day and a man walks up and says.  "What do you think about the almighty god"?  I for one would be a little creeped out but now I realized I do the same thing every day?  Anyways so the sparks go off the foot comes up whatever. Well the man is MUSLIM!  So she gets into it.  Then she gets an "invitation" to meet with the Stake Pres and others. and she is Exed.  I feel bad for her because she was heart broken and offended.  Anyways so she still goes to the LDS church for a while but then she marries this Muslim man and moves to the good ole SA and becomes a staunch Muslim. Her kids who are all return missionaries, haven't had much communication with her.  They have all moved to the States most in Utah.  So she then continued saying she read the Book of Mormon and knows that it is scripture but questions how it was translated?  I don't get it but she does.  So she then told us that she wants us to never stop looking for the truth.  If I could have gotten a word in Ii would have said I HAVE IT!  And you can't search for something you KNOW you have!  But I love Muslims.  They are very kind and loving people.  I know that might sound weird but its true.  At least the ones who are true to there faith and not crazy.  But they are wonderful people.  There are a TON here.  We are not allowed to teach them with out permission but neither of us could get a word in so I think were okay! 

The office is going good its sad to see President and Sister Probst in their last few days here.  Getting all ready for the Woods.  But I'm glad I had some time with them.  The Wood's will be Great!  Its a random HOT day here today?  Its been cool all the other days?
We have Zone Conference this week and rumor is Sister Probst gives us a hug. Hahahaha not that that means anything we just don't hug her.  It will be their last Zone Conference and I'm excited because it should be really good. 

Anyways (I say that a lot in this email) Cal thanks for all the pictures of Brayden they make my day!  And Grandma, Grandpa and Jodi I got the Package!  It was GREAT thank you!  It came at the perfect time...I'm out of money and now I will live off of muffin mix :) Thanks again for everything.  I love you all!

Elder Balmforth

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Less Active Adventures 06/14/2011

OKAY, wow last week was NUTS!!!!  It was just crazy.  Transfers are so hectic but its over now and we don't have to worry about that for awhile. Someone mentioned Taylorsville Dayzz in their email and oh man I LOVE this time of year!  The 4th of July is my favorite holiday I will miss watching fireworks with my family! It will be the first time in..................................Ever that I haven't been there!  Oh well you won't have to take as many blankets.  So now I have a new companion he is from Centerville, Utah.  His name is Elder Naylor.  He is pretty cool.  I am supposed to train him in the office but its so hard.  I don't know what to have him do?  The thing is I just don't want to give him everything because then I will get bored hahaha.  I know I'm selfish, but he is doing great and picking up everything way fast!  Faster than I did!  He only has to be told once!  I had to be told like 50 times haha.  Since we have been in the office a lot lately we have only been getting out when it is dark, so we have been visiting some less active members.  We just have a list and like Katee we get peep holed a lot too.  Seriously do people think we can't see and hear them haha.  Oh well, we just think its funny.  Anyways one lady on this list is named Christine Long.  When we went to her door (electric Gate) a man came out and so we asked for Sister Long and he said hold on so we waited and then she came out and to our surprise she was American from Nebraska but she was raised in Idaho.  So we went in and got to know her a little, shared a spiritual though and left her with a prayer.  Her kids are all still in the states and she married this SA man a couple of years ago.  It seams like a LONG story but there is something fishy about it and I can't wait to find out more.  She seams very nice and I'm excited to get to know her. The bishops wife visits her and she gave us some details but only what she knew.  I love less active work.  I feel like a detective. haha. 
So the other day as we were trying to find some less actives with the GPS we were about to this address when we pulled around the corner and Pumla (the GPS) says "arriving at destination on left" so we both look to the left and all we see is a huge lot where a house used to be.  I said " well that explains why they are Not coming to church hahahaha" so we laughed and moved on it was kinda a sketchy area anyways. 
I am working on everybody's letters I promise they are almost done!  I really appreciate the letters I get! Thank you every one for all you do. 

Love Colton

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello Family and Friends,
Okay sorry a day late but its still worth it.......right?  So it has been on crazy week!!!!  Transfer week!  I had no idea the office elders were so involved!!!  But I do all the travel!  So its been hectic.  In our mission we don't all get to meet up and have transfer news.  We all get phone calls and two days later everyone flies or buses to there new area!  So transfer day is tomorrow and my new companion is in Belville just the area next to ours, so he has come in twice in the last 7 days to get post and then to pick up the new car!!  Man, it is hard for me to keep a secret but he should know this morning so that's good!  I just moved two beds into the senior couple flat that I will be living in!  ITS SOOOOOOOO NICE!!!  It reminds me of my grandmas house!  Its a huge flat!  And we have a TV needless to say that wont get too much use.
So the office is full of change right now.  Tomorrow we go from 3 elders to four.  Elder Winegar will get a new companion and I will get a new companion.  My new companion is Elder Naylor from Utah.  He seems a lot more quiet then my last three companions and THAT'S NOT A COMPLAINT. (at this very moment Elder Winegar was crawling on the ground acting like a lion trying to scare me.)  Now you see what I have dealt with for six weeks.....oh but wait......theres two of them hahahaha.  Elder Marler leaves for Kwano to be a Zone Leader tomorrow.  Its been a little hard because I don't think my office job takes 6 weeks to train someone on so he continues to train me on things I have done 100 times without him and I do them now.  I know he is just trying to help.  I have just realized I am not humble enough for a 6 week training course.  I have said in my head so many times "I KNOW"!!!!! hahahaha he is a great Elder and if it wasn't for him I would be messed over.
Then on the 28th President and Sister Wood will be here!!!  I have already begun booking some of their travel for when they arrive.  Pretty cool!  President Probst does his own travel I just get him a car, but he says I will probably do President Woods.
Today I get to meet all the new missionaries I'm excited.  So we had a GREAT SOLID baptism lined up for Sunday, his name is Filio.  When he told us he wanted to be baptised on the 12th we were so excited!  Mostly because he told us hahaha and we told him that now that he had made a decision to follow The Savior in a HUGE way that he would be tested!  Obviously the adversary wouldn't want him to be baptised. so he was tested and BAM he texted me saying he cant do it!  Ugh his testimony was soooo strong he felt the spirit I don't know what went wrong!!!
Well, its now two days later,  it should be a good day I'm all moved in to the new apartment and I will get my new companion today. I will also get to see Elder Leach which I'm pretty stoked for!  I haven't seen him since I left Paarl 6 and a half months ago.
We just prank called elder Winegars office and we had him going for like 10 minuets and we made fun of him ha ha, but then he just called mine and had me for a few minuets: ( its not so funny when it happens to you hahaha.  Well we have had a few good lessons and have a few baptismal dates.  Its really hard to have the university as a huge part of your area because they leave for the break and its hard to help them progress. But that's okay were trying to focus on families. That is really what the gospel is about and I'm so thankful that i have an Eternal family.  I think, Like Katee that is something I have built my testimony on.  I love you all and thanks for all you do!  Have a great week.