Monday, July 18, 2011

Peace out Office! 07/18/11

Hello family!
Well its my last week in the office!  I was the first person President Wood has ever given transfer news too.  I was shocked though!  He asked me to be a trainer!!  I'm pretty nervous!  But I'm excited!  I am being white washed (we will both be new in the area) so I'm a little stressed about that too but I think it will be a blast and I will hopefully stay busy enough to stay sain!  I'm going to a huge town ship called Khayelitsha. President is just adding two new missionaries to the area.  Its not too far from the office and I will live just down the street from where I live now.  My new companion will be Elder Zarbock from Draper Utah.  He is still in the MTC.  I'm nervous!  I haven't been teaching that much in the office so I'm sure he will be training me, but that's okay I need it! 
The big thing happening in the office now is all our Visas to Namibia have been declined!  I don't think they have ever been declined before.  After Tuesday we will only have 3 missionaries in Nam!  They just won't give us visas it sad.  So we have been fasting and praying for that.
Its been such a crazy week we haven't seen many investigators.  We saw Eureka and he even came to church!  We taught him about sacrifice and it really hit him because he walked a far distance to be at church! I have seen alot of sacrifice since I have been here. 
It will be sad to leave the office and sad to see the Herbert's leave next week but change is happening SO much and I'm really getting used to it.  I'm sure next week when there are Way more interesting things happening my email will be longer!  Thanks for everything.  I'm way blessed to have so many people supporting me in whatever way you are.  Thanks for everything. 

Love ya,


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  1. Elder Balmforth,
    This is Julie Zarbock--Elder Sam Zarbock's mom! I was given this blog address by Elder Twitchell's mom just a couple of hours ago. I'm so excited that you will be my son's trainer! He is such an awesome guy but I am a little biased. He's been in Cape Town not even 24 hours yet as I am writing this. Tell him hi for me and to send better/longer emails home from now on!! We're excited to get to know you better through Sam. As I looked at your pictures, I realize that we met Elder Naylor's friend who works at the zoo in Salt Lake by coincidence. Small world! Good luck in your new area--We love you both and we pray for you always!!