Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July 07/04/11

I figured I would do this first!  It's been a long week.  I know this is only about 4 days since my last email but I need to get back in the habit of emailing on Mondays!  This one will also be short but I will have a good one next week.  President and Sister Wood are great!  I was a little worried about the transition.  I HATE change, but they are great.  They are much different from the Probst's but I don't think anything will change around here.  He did tell me I would be leaving the office if everything works out ok.  He really wants us in an area full time.  It will be sad to leave the office but I am also excited to go out in an area.!  I just love to stay busy in the office!  Hopefully I go to a busy area!  If not I will make it busy. 
Before President Probst left in our Zone Conference we counted how many times we prayed every day.  It can be up to 30 times!  IN ONE DAY!  I had never thought about that.  With all the lessons and morning and evening prayers.  Then he talked about how that is how we have built a strong relationship with our Heavenly Father.  I just thought that was pretty  cool to think about.  He told us that ever morning when we wake up at 6:30 we are praying with the army of God which I also never thought about. 
On Sunday we had a double DA.  That is ALWAYS a painful experience!  We ate a late lunch at the Mendus!  They are awesome!  They are a young couple with one little kid named Tando and another on the way.  They make great food.  We had some pork dish.  It was great!  Then we went to the Austens, like we do every Sunday for an earlier dinner.  It again was painful.  The food is great but it was A LOT!
Elder Naylor and I found a way good frozen yogurt place. I mean its no TCBY but is close enough.  We have had it almost every night! 
We are still teaching Mosses and his friends.  The last lesson was way awkward.  I don't know why though it just had a lot of silence in it.  Not the good spiritual silence it was just the awkward silence.  We tried to talk but it was just one of the weirdest lessons I've had.  So hopefully next lesson will be better.  Eureka is doing fine.  He wasn't at church yesterday though but we will see him later today. 
We are going to the Birchards tonight for a 4th of July FHE.  There an awesome American couple in the ward.  This is my favorite holiday and its nothing big today obviously:( but i think they have sparklers so I'm going to get some!  I can't believe fire works are legal in Utah now!!!  I'm so jealous.  Oh well I will see them in a couple of years!  Well, I'm doing great and I am working on letters!  Sorry I am taking for ever!  Thanks for everything and HAPPY 4th!!!

Love Elder Balmforth

Table Mountain in Cape Town, picture taken on the way into the mission office.

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