Friday, July 1, 2011

Crazy, busy week 07/01/11

Well it is definitely time for an email!  Sorry it has taken me for ever!  Its been the Busiest week Ive ever had in the office! We started the week off with a staff meeting that consists of me, Elder Winegar, Elder Naylor, Elder Senyange, and the Assistants and the Herbert's and the Probst's.  We went over a lot of things and later that night President trained the Assistants and me on the Mission President side of IMOS.  It was so cool!  We saw how to work the transfer board and all of that it was way cool! 
Earlier this week we had our last zone conference and it was so good!  I mean not my last conference but With president Probst.  It was so cool!  We got some pretty Great insights from him.  He basically went over all the things he goes over in his final interviews with departing Elders.  It was great!  They are awesome!  They have taught me so much that I doubt I could have learned from anyone else.  I'm gonna miss them.  They left on Thursday and they came to the office to say their final goodbyes.  It was sad but the Wood's are great!  We had another staff meeting with the Wood's yesterday.  They are very different from the Probst's but I think everything will stay the same.  The Wood's served in Jo burg for a year as office staff in the Area Presidency offices and they loved it.  He knows a lot about the scriptures which is cool.  I have a lot to learn! 
Man it is so hard to read some of these baptismal records hahaha.  We never get one that is right!  Its such a hassle!!  The end of the month is always busy!  We have to send our reports in so all baptisms have to be in and its just a pain. 
We are teaching a guy named Moses.  We had an amazing lesson with him the other day!  When we got there he had like 5 friends over and it was pretty intimidating but when we started teaching they were all silent!  Then they started asking question after question!! BAM, 5 new investigators!  They are all awesome!!!!!  "Will you all be baptized by someone holding the authority from God"  > " Its obvious YES" haha we were soooo excited! 
That sucks that Katee had to leave her area.  I hate leaving but you always love your next area just as much. I hope shes doing okay.  Calee sends me a picture of Brayden every day it's cool to be able to see him a little.  Ive gotten some great letters and I promise I will write back!  Laura I'm not sure where to send yours I'm just going to send it where it came from and hope it gets there!
A guy just came in to pick up a box.  I signed the paper and then took the box haha he said in his African voice "hey can I have my box...please" hahaha okay fine so my life is boring but its busy so can't complain!  I hope every one had a great week, because this email sucks  will send a picture.


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