Monday, November 22, 2010

E-mail 11-22-2010

Hey momma and dad!! can you send some jelly bellys asap???? please there is a family that feeds us all the time they are the La Vitas there so amazing there son is on mission in england! and there daughter served in utah! they are the best they already reserved us for christmas hahaha and anyways they love jelly bellys and they said if i get any then i can share but if you cant then its fine! so okay answer to number 1 i am always eating my cheeks are huge dont tell anyone! the members stuff us full! they LOVE the missionaries they would take a bullet for us! #2 I love Elder Leach hes great and so obediant! wich is the best! his family is in the Tacoma Washington mission! so you can talk with his mom on that email mom thing! #3 i cant skype for xmas we just found out.  #4 im doing good mom dont worry about me! there are hard days but im figuring it out and making the best of the situation. #5 no your letters are not getting here hahaha i have gotten only ONE hand written one from courteny and a few dear elder from my amazing grandma harward and then one from you and kels and laura but those JUST came and i dont mean to complain but please keep writing once a week it  is not that hard!!! #6 oh i just answered that hehe #9 no i cant accsess my own acount well i could but im not allowed so i wont! but no im good! im well taken care of just put your trust in the lord he is ALWAYS with me i know that and if your close to him then your close to me! cheesy moment of the week! also just call me colton i really miss that name hahaha Every now and then Elder neilson will call me that but other then that thats all i hear of it! so im going on exchanges tonight and tomorrow with elder nielson! hes far to excited hahaha his companion is very intimidating so hes excited hahaha it should be good though! i hope katee is okay i know its going to be hard for us all, yes even me! how do you think i will feel KNOWING my family is not okay and katee is suffering in the mtc and there is nothing i can do! its going to be hard and i just dont know sometimes i just want to tell her not to go she doesnt have to but i have already experianced so much that i would never ever take back or give up! the people will love her so much! i just hate that she has to be in the MTC its a hard place! i mean i loved it but thats probably the worst of the mission right there! oh man i just worry! well on a good note we have 11 people commited to baptism!!!!! were on a role! but not every area will be this fruitful I have been blessed to have known and met these amazing people!! and i confirmed someone on sunday! her name is moureen shes so flippin awsome! it was a nice experiance. i can tell im going to love this it will just come more and more everyday.  well this is an amzing thing here i love Paarl and im doing well. i love you all
                      Elder Balmforth

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Colton's E-mail 11-15-2010

HEllo again!
wow so much to say!!!! 1st of all i hope you all have my correct address because i am only allowed to email family so im so sorry! mom and dad just send whatever for christmas! but lots of sour candy!!! they dont have that here but the choclate is much better here! and my comps mom sent me some presents already so maybe something for him haha awkward! well i am in a place called Paarl its very close to cape town. my companion is elder Leach he is fom washington, his home actually covers your mission katee! atleast he thinks! hes great! we also have a car!!!!! which is nice but scary to drive! he also wants to steal a black baby hahahah we are just kidding but the kids here are freaking way cute! unless they touch your hair with there nasty hands! my apartment is preatty nice very small..... but livable! its way dirty though so i'm crackin down and we are cleaning today! i cant live in that mess haha i am my mothers child! my mission president is amazing! i'm going to be sad to see him go! so keep an eye out in the ensign i hear they say who the new presidents are! calee i can't wait to hear what the fetus is (even though i know its a boy) with blonde hair actually! i had a weird dream about him but hes cool. i was sad to leave the MTC i HATE change and realized transfers will suck! but this sunday is going to be stake confrence and the other zone will be there so ill get to see a couple friends like elder cowey!!!!! so we are a 4 man district! the other Elders and Maja, who is cool hes the DL and very strict which is good! and Elder Nielson from Washington also! hes way cool very funny and we get along really great! we also had a baptism yesterday which was nice! her name is Moreen and she is so nice! but its a struggle to find people i get so frustrated when people just won't listen! its not easy! Especially when your out working all day and nothing productive happens!!!!(any advice or comfort on that matter)? well its amazing how much my testimony has grown! I love this gospel which helps when time gets crappy! oh crao is a swear word here comparable to the shhesh word! well i loved hearing about clara, kelsee! i miss her alot and brenna and emery! always remember you do have computer time and it wouldnt kill to send some pictures!!!! which reminds me i forgot my camera hahaha! mom dont send those jeans! i can get some here. also just remember to always be checking my account! and tell deann i love her and thank her for her letter she sent for the plane ride!!!! also to everyone thank you for the letters you sent with my mom for the plane! i didnt read them on the plane because i didnt feel up to it but after 3 weeks i finally finished them hahaha so thank you! also my address it South Africa cape town mission PO box 181 observitory 7935 Republic of South Africa. mom you can use dear elder but just writing them takes just as fast and its weird but i would like to see some familiar hand writing! okay about the flippin food! i teach people in nasty shacks that smell like urine!!! they always offer you food or drink and its sooooooo hard for me to do that because i dont want to get germs and DIE!!!! but i have been dong it and i've learned a few tricks! but its just gross to wash you hands at a home in the same water in a bowl they have been using for a week! and then eat off the dirty plates with your dirty hands!!!!!! I MISS MY CLEAN HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! however there are many clean homes here as well like the lavitas! they fed us yesterday and it was amzing and there house is clean! i love the lavitas! well the branch hear in paarl is small but the members are sooooo humble and sooo welcoming! the missionaries are saints around here! so in Paarl they speak Afrikanz which is kinda like German or Dutch and im learning but very slow! its really frustration not understanding! i have no idea why they didnt teach this in the MTC! also Xhosa is a big one but not in Paarl. Xhosa is the clicky language that alot of missionaries know! well i miss you all back home i will try to write i just have very little time! please keep the missionaries in your prayers i love you all and thanks for your support!
                                  Love Elder Balmforth!
PS we have two sets of Senior missionaries in our area. one of them asked me how many Elder Balmforths there had been? i said two others and he said well never forget the examples you have so thanks Dad and Big G i will never forget the amazing examples you are to me!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Letter written on October 30th by Elder Balmforth

Okay, I guess I will write you have probably gotten like 3 or 4 emails since, but I better write anyways.  Well it's getting better here all the time.  The elders are all really friendly and I have made friends that will last a lifetime.  My patriarical blessing is really coming into play everyday.  Thanks to everyone who wrote me a letter.  They have helped me so much.  Even though they were all very tough to read.  Kelsee, 1st letter, yah, you win.  You are amazing and thanks for all you do!  Keep working hard.  I know  you have been.  Calee, keep getting fat and thanks for the birthday letter.  Katee there is so much to say to you.  I will email you before you leave.  I love you.  Davey, thanks for your letter it may be in the top 5.  Take good care of my sister, like you always do!  Mer, you are probably the best person I know next to Christ!  You are an amazing example and Big G, thanks for your advice, thanks for all you do for me.  Grandma and everyone else, thank you so much for all the love and support and letters, I really love you and appreciate you. 

I miss you tons, I hope your doing good and staying busy, hey, try and make some friends and have fun.  I love you.  Liz, your a G and I love and miss you!  BE GOOD:)
Cam, I hope you broke up with Erica, now that I'm in Africa I can say what I want.  She's BAD NEWS.  But I miss you and love you, I hope you are doing good, hate me if you want, but I'm in Africa.
I could go on and on with people I have so much love and support from, sorry I can't list you all.  Marissa and Janelle, you guys have been such a big help to me and I appreciate your example that you have been to me. 

I will try and write back to everyone who sends me letters.  The mail is really slow, it takes forever, so everyone, keep writing.  Email is limited to my family, but I love letters. 

So here in the MTC we wake up at 6:30am and get ready then breakfast at 7 am, study at 7:30am until 9am, then we have class from 9-12:30.  Then lunch, then class from 1:30 to 5pm.  Then dinner, then class again from 6-9pm, then planning, then bed.  Basically, eat, sleep, study and you know what else, blah, blah blah.

Well I love you guys so much.  Time is seriously going to fly.  I can't wait till December 25th so I can hear your voice.  I am trying to finish a tape to send you but it's hard to get some alone time to talk to myself.  Well rough times are ahead for us all.  I know if you just get down on your knees your best friend will be there.  I can feel my Savior right next to me.  I love feeling such a constant companionship with my Father in Heaven and Savior and Holy Ghost.  The scriptures have answered so many questions for me and I love to study them.  Well by now I've probably been in the field a couple weeks, crazy,  right now we are watching general conference for the Africans who didn't see it but it's cool, I love conference. 

Mom, I just want you to know how much I love you.  You are so amazing.  You truley have been the best mom.  There is a reason we chose each other in heaven, we really strengthen each other, stay strong and healthy.  You will be okay even after Katee leaves, just rely on prayer and dad.  he loves you and is always there.  I love you so much, stay strong, Joshua 1:9. 

Dad I don't think I have always given you the respect you deserve.  You are an amazing dad, the best.  I love you so much and I will always remember all you have done and sacrificed for me and our family.  Help mom, she's gonna struggle when Katee leaves.  I love you dad and miss you way more then you know.  Well I love you all and thanks again for all the support.

Love Ya!
(I miss my first name)

Letter from Colton's Mission President 11-10-10

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We are writing to let you know that your missionary has arrived  here in Cape Town.   Sister Probst and I have had a wonderful time meeting and getting to know him.  He is a wonderful young man and we are so grateful to have him here and feel the strength he brings.  We wanted you to know he is here safely.  We enjoy having him spend his first night here in our home as he prepares to begin his missionary service.  Attached is a picture we took on his arrival. 
Thank you for sharing him with us for a time.  We will care for him as we would hope our own precious sons would be cared for.  Please feel free to let us know of questions or concerns.  We pray for your well being in his absence.

Here is the mailing  address if you wish to write him... Both Letters or packages should be sent to this address and then we will forward them to the area in which he is serving.  Just a note on packages.  There is no charge to receive letters or items in the manila mailing packages but there is a R25 fee (about $3 US) the post charges to release boxes from the post for which the elder is responsible.  Each elder is also responsible for the additional postage depending on weight of the package to have  it mailed to his area. 

P.O. Box 181,
Observatory 7935,
Republic of South Africa

President Randall and Sister Deanna Probst
South Africa Cape Town Mission

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Letter. Last Letter from the SA MTC 11-6-10

Hey so NOT alot of time! i leave this wednesday for cape! im nervous and way sad to leave some of my friends that are going to uganda! but oh well,  so here we go! a few favors! mom please send a few more 5x7 fam pics! my new pres wants one and hes NOT having mine!!!!! next, one of my really really good friends is elder Bryers. his sister is going to the provo mtc this week. she will be serving in the temple square mish! i was thinking maybe go take her a nice package with some candy or whatever! that would be a great family service project! her name is sister Bryers and i am serving with her Bro in cape! next, so mom my stomache pills! DONT MAIL THEM! they wont get here so what we need to do is cancel the medco and get a new perscription from gomez and then ill get you a fax number that dad can fax it to! there is a copy of the perscription in my call packet but its not valid because they sent a new one to med co! next, and last favor, will you sent a thank you card or letter to the christensens they made my birthday and have been amazing! okay now Maurissa THANK YOU SO MUCH for your letters im sorry i cant email back maybe i will be able to in the field? also mom and dad i wont be emailing till monday NOT this monday, Next monday! but i get a whole hour! and DONT get on when im on its to hard ...yeah! so dear elder has been taking about 2 weeks! Mom Kate Kels and calee THANK you for writting! i know it might be hard to take the time but you have NO idea how much it helps! Liz i saw you emailed i havent read it yet! love you though! so fam you should go do a 7am temple session on tuesday at the oquirr mount temp then we will be in the temple at the same time! just diffrent temple, and country! i LOVE the temple it has been AMAzing to go! also 1 more favor at the end of two years mom and dad PLEASE pick me up i think it would be great!!! im drinking LOTS and Eating lots of food, comparible to soggy styrafoam! katee tell leland i understand about his comp.......he will understand exactly what i mean! MOM AND DAD HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! i didnt forget oct 25! Grandma i LOVE my scripture pencil. Kelsee if any one on Facebook adds me thats from SA then Add them, also make sure you have the cape town addresss on! so i do love it here it will probably be hard to go out to the field but im excited! im actually going trackting today in a small town ship! PLEASE KEEP WRITTING and laura i didnt forget your promise hahaha! ill email you all next week thanks for everything! i love you all and thanks for your support i will email you on monday the 15th peace