Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Colton's E-mail 11-15-2010

HEllo again!
wow so much to say!!!! 1st of all i hope you all have my correct address because i am only allowed to email family so im so sorry! mom and dad just send whatever for christmas! but lots of sour candy!!! they dont have that here but the choclate is much better here! and my comps mom sent me some presents already so maybe something for him haha awkward! well i am in a place called Paarl its very close to cape town. my companion is elder Leach he is fom washington, his home actually covers your mission katee! atleast he thinks! hes great! we also have a car!!!!! which is nice but scary to drive! he also wants to steal a black baby hahahah we are just kidding but the kids here are freaking way cute! unless they touch your hair with there nasty hands! my apartment is preatty nice very small..... but livable! its way dirty though so i'm crackin down and we are cleaning today! i cant live in that mess haha i am my mothers child! my mission president is amazing! i'm going to be sad to see him go! so keep an eye out in the ensign i hear they say who the new presidents are! calee i can't wait to hear what the fetus is (even though i know its a boy) with blonde hair actually! i had a weird dream about him but hes cool. i was sad to leave the MTC i HATE change and realized transfers will suck! but this sunday is going to be stake confrence and the other zone will be there so ill get to see a couple friends like elder cowey!!!!! so we are a 4 man district! the other Elders and Maja, who is cool hes the DL and very strict which is good! and Elder Nielson from Washington also! hes way cool very funny and we get along really great! we also had a baptism yesterday which was nice! her name is Moreen and she is so nice! but its a struggle to find people i get so frustrated when people just won't listen! its not easy! Especially when your out working all day and nothing productive happens!!!!(any advice or comfort on that matter)? well its amazing how much my testimony has grown! I love this gospel which helps when time gets crappy! oh crao is a swear word here comparable to the shhesh word! well i loved hearing about clara, kelsee! i miss her alot and brenna and emery! always remember you do have computer time and it wouldnt kill to send some pictures!!!! which reminds me i forgot my camera hahaha! mom dont send those jeans! i can get some here. also just remember to always be checking my account! and tell deann i love her and thank her for her letter she sent for the plane ride!!!! also to everyone thank you for the letters you sent with my mom for the plane! i didnt read them on the plane because i didnt feel up to it but after 3 weeks i finally finished them hahaha so thank you! also my address it South Africa cape town mission PO box 181 observitory 7935 Republic of South Africa. mom you can use dear elder but just writing them takes just as fast and its weird but i would like to see some familiar hand writing! okay about the flippin food! i teach people in nasty shacks that smell like urine!!! they always offer you food or drink and its sooooooo hard for me to do that because i dont want to get germs and DIE!!!! but i have been dong it and i've learned a few tricks! but its just gross to wash you hands at a home in the same water in a bowl they have been using for a week! and then eat off the dirty plates with your dirty hands!!!!!! I MISS MY CLEAN HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! however there are many clean homes here as well like the lavitas! they fed us yesterday and it was amzing and there house is clean! i love the lavitas! well the branch hear in paarl is small but the members are sooooo humble and sooo welcoming! the missionaries are saints around here! so in Paarl they speak Afrikanz which is kinda like German or Dutch and im learning but very slow! its really frustration not understanding! i have no idea why they didnt teach this in the MTC! also Xhosa is a big one but not in Paarl. Xhosa is the clicky language that alot of missionaries know! well i miss you all back home i will try to write i just have very little time! please keep the missionaries in your prayers i love you all and thanks for your support!
                                  Love Elder Balmforth!
PS we have two sets of Senior missionaries in our area. one of them asked me how many Elder Balmforths there had been? i said two others and he said well never forget the examples you have so thanks Dad and Big G i will never forget the amazing examples you are to me!!!

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