Monday, December 19, 2011


This week has been pretty good.  We had two really good baptisms on Saturday.  Siphokazi and Lydia, it was great to see them get baptized they were really happy.  Siphokazi had to go down 4 times.  Her dress would not go under the water!  So her son Pakamissa the one I mentioned last time was a little freaked out. So then on Sunday he wouldn't go to primary because he was afraid of water hahahahaha it was sad but really funny!  Things in Kwano are going good.  We have some great investigators and we are starting to work with some good less actives.
We were teaching Lydia about enduring to the end.  Her friend is a member and was with us in the lesson. We talked about if she had a good job offer and they asked her to work Sundays what would she do.  So after some silence she said. "I couldn't take it...I have to take the sacrament" and her friend said YOUUUU which is like WHAT!!!!!!!   Lydia quickly said "don't say YOUUU, The Lord WILL provide" LESSON OVER!!!!  She understands! hahaha it is amazing not to see people be baptized but to see them truly have a desire to follow their Heavenly Father and the Savior and be converted.  The Lord really does provide when we show our faith.   I instantly thought of Grandma Harward, she always says that.
Thank you for all the letters and packages. Every time I get a letter some one says"who's that one from" and of course I have the usual from Grandma, Oma, and mom and dad.  I love to say oh my neighbor or friend. People are amazed at all of you for the support you give me and Katee!  Thank you. Marilyn, I got your card, thank you! Grandma thank you for the 1st 7 days of Christmas its cool.  I'm excited for the rest!
BUT I wont be sending any post till mid January when its a little more reliable. Sorry but things don't seem to make their destination in December.
I am so thankful for the Savior and for Christmas when we can make a larger effort to remember him.  Not just by going to church and maybe thinking about him but by remembering him in all we Do, all we THINK and in all we SAY.  Its hard but so worth it.  I love you all.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Miracles!!! 12/12/11

Okay I have a lot to say as well!  Its been a crazy week but a fun one.  We had our zone Christmas party and that was a lot of fun.   President and Sister Wood are really cool and it was a fun day.  We watched 17 miracle's about the Willy Martin Hand Cart Company and it was really good and helped me realize how much the early saints sacrificed for the truth.  I would like to say my faith is that strong but I think it still needs some nourishing.
This Saturday (the 17th) we should have 2 baptisms.  One of them is Lydia.  I was stoked to teach a "Lydia", I figured Lydia (my cousin) would be excited.  African Lydia is really cool! (so is little Lydia) but anyways the elders had just begun teaching her the week before I came and she is really really prepared!  She has a really strong testimony and is going to do great!  The other baptism is Siphokazi who is also very prepared!  She has the coolest kid, he is six years old and has downs syndrome.  He has such a special spirit and  is the coolest kid.  Siphokazi reminds me of my mom.  Her kid is ALWAYS clean and just a good kid, but he does some funny things.  The other day I was teaching and he was sitting by her feet and when I was mid sentence I look down and he was flipping me off.!   I laughed so hard haha and his mom smacked him and it was naughty but funny.  He doesn't understand that it was bad or what it means hahaha his name is Pakamissa.  I love them they are awesome!   We are also teaching the Mdingani sisters who are 16 and 15. They are really smart and VERY prepared.  They are going to seminary too.  But they have no support structure.  So we have been praying for them to find a support structure and the other day they said that their dad wanted to come to church and take the lessons!!!!!!! MIRACLE!  We were stoked.  I even have more great things to say but no time!  So everything here is going great and it is amazing to see all the miracles happen every day.  Sometimes there easy to miss but its good to pay attention so we can be more thankful to the Lord.  I love the people of South Africa.  They are so humble and grateful for all they have.  It has helped me realize how lucky I am and how grateful I am for all that I have.  I am so blessed.  Thanks for the letter Allison.  I am working on letters for everyone else.  I hope everyone has a great week and Katee and Kelsee HAPPY late BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! love ya

Monday, December 5, 2011


Hello family and friends!
This week has been really good!  We are teaching a lot of great people who are really prepared.  We are teaching two sisters, Sikelwe and Mthikazi who won't stop smiling.  I laugh at random times in lessons because their just always happy!   As they learn more about the gospel and all it has to offer they even get happier.  Its contagious.  They are really cool.  They will hopefully be baptized in January. 
We have really been working on the relationship with members.  Its not the best.  They are all great people. We decided to volunteer to teach some lessons on member missionary work.  Yesterday we taught relief society.  It went really well I talked about fear of rejection and told them I am still scared to be rejected.  I talked about how much the Savior was rejected and how he took it because it was the will of his Father to preach the gospel.  We told them they are disciples of Jesus Christ and when they were baptized they took upon them his name.   I regret not sharing the gopel more when I was home.  There are so many things we could do.  But the lesson went well and we got some DAs (dinner appointments. hahahahaha) but that's not why we went, but it is a  nice perk.  We are having zone conference this Thursday and a Christmas party.  So that will be cool.  The weather here has been pretty nice so far.  Not to hot.  I have been rained on though, but I'm not complaining it was pretty fun!  Anyways thank you all for the letters.  I just put a bunch in the post and hope you get them.  Have a great week.
Love ya,