Monday, November 28, 2011

Gone 11/28/11

Hello every one!
So I got transferred.  I HATE change but so far its going alright.  Elder Critchfield got a visa to Namibia and so he was also moved.  He was a really good comp but my new comp is pretty cool.  His name is Elder Mooki and he is from Joburg.  I am in a small town ship near Port Elizabeth, called Kwanobule.  It's a small ward. and I'm walking hahahahahaha I think its funny.  So far its going well.  It has not been too hot in fact yesterday it poured rain I was soaked all day.  Ha I don't have a rain coat.  But its fun to talk to alot more people. Church on Sunday was wierd.  I REALLY miss my last area and the people there but I'm sure I will like theses ones just as much.  I hope they are all doing good there.  Saying goodbye is never fun but I'm glad I was able to serve there.  Elder Fozard is one of my Zone leaders so that has been alot of fun.  We live with two other elders so that is pretty fun.  We have some good investigators and got some more on Sunday. I love to see how the Lord prepares people!  We met a family who asks THE BEST questions.  And the restoration answers them all!.  I KNOW that Jesus Christ DID restore his church back to the earth. I am so thankful that we have it. and that we have the same authority.  Grandma I got your package!!!!  It is great and we won't start till the 13th it will be nice and thank you for all the work that you put into it and I'm sure Jodi had something to do with it so thank you both I love you!  And I'm glad my Elder Mooki will have something for Christmas.  He doesn't have much.  I have had no time for writing letters!  I am SOOOOO behind and I'm really sorry!


Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello everyone,
I procrastinated this email and I'm running low on time!  This week has been crazy!  We were supposed to have a baptism but it just didn't work out.  He said he didn't feel like he was giving it his all and he postponed until December 4th.   I wonder if I will be here?  Transfers are on Wednesday and I have no idea what will be happening!  Part of me wants to stay because I LOVE the people in this area we have great investigators and members!   I have seven recent converts who are the BEST!  But I will do whatever and be happy about it!   I hope Katee can finish where she is because she would meet Elder Leach, that would be crazy!  I can't believe grandma and Jodi got robbed!  Man people are dumb!  GET A JOB!
So we saw this less active return missionary the other day.  It was to be honest very frustrating!  He was the nicest guy but man he is so far away!  I don't understand how you could deny what you felt.  He served for two years and then nothing!   Man he is a nice guy but I don't even know where to begin.  It was irritating! Plus his live in girlfriend started sharpening a HUGE knife after locking the door and I was freaking out! Turns out she was just making us dinner.  See how nice they were.   I am going to get them to church they are an amazing family!
We had a really good fireside that the Mitchell's  put on in their branch and we helped.  It was on the plan of salvation.  It was a sweet activity I was running the spirit paradise which was really cool!   I wore all white and greeted people as they came in.  We showed a really cool video of someone entering the spirit paradise and it was so cool!  The spirit was really strong and I thought alot about grandpa.  I am so thankful for the plan of salvation.  Its a huge comfort!  Just like Katee, I have gained a huge testimony on eternal families and I am soooooo thankful for the temple and the sealling power we have on the earth today!  Thank you for all that you do!


Monday, November 14, 2011


OKAY this is my weekly email. HELLO> I have had a great week and wish I had time to tell you more!  I will get some letters out this week. Sorry I have no more time but everything is going good and I will have a long email next week.
Love Colton

Colton did not have time to email because mom had insomnia and was awake when he emailed, so I got to chat with him for a little bit.  So he did not have time to send out a mass email.  He is doing so good.  He loves his area.  It is a really sketchy area and not real safe, but he loves the people.  Transfers are next week and he has mixed emotions, he loves his companion, Elder Critchfield, they really click.  They are having success in the area and another baptism this coming Sunday.  As a mom, I want to thank all those who write and pray and give support in any way.  We are so appreciative as a family and we have been so blessed to have two wonderful missionaries serving. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

I can't think of anything. 11/07/11

Well this is going to be a really short one, so sorry!  Katee, I got your package thank you sooooooo much its amazing how much you know me!  That stuff was perfect!  I will keep the ring with me, hopefully no one steals it haha.  Courtney and Healey Family, thank you for the GREAT birthday package it was awesome. Thank you so much!
Its been a crazy week.  When I say crazy, I mean a little slow.  So there's not a lot to report!  Our area is doing great and we should have another baptism in a couple weeks and then a few more in December if I'm here.  We have FHE tonight with the Mwyapopo family they rock.  They also fed us last night.  This is a lame email. hmmmm.......THE WEATHER its the same.  Some days warm some hot, its not quite summer yet ,which stresses me out because we all know how much I flippen love the African heat.  But look on the bright side usually more people are out and we have more missionary opportunity's so I am excited for that!
Neliswa and Michael were both confirmed yesterday and they are both really happy!  I am pretty bummed because our two favorite fellow shippers are going to Eastern Cape to go to the "BUSH" its an African tradition they do to become men.  Ummm, I'm not going to explain it.  Anyways they will be gone until January but they don't leave for a couple of weeks so that is good.
The work is going great.  We were able to teach Penny a recent convert about missionary life and she thinks she might want to go on a mission.  It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have been in.  You could tell the spirit was there as we testified of missionary work.  My mission is great and I'm having a blast.  Oma and Mer, thanks for the birthday card and I promise I'm trying to write back to every one!  Have a great week.