Monday, October 31, 2011

             Baptisms Thando, Michael, and Neliswa
       Daphne Bobotyana and her baptized family!

 Elder Critchfield, Asanda, Elder Balmforth, Penny, John, Maxizole, Musa

Happy Liver Amaguina 10/31/11

Well I had a really good birthday!  It was basically just another day with a good district meeting and then Elder Critchfield bought me a Chicken liver amaguina for lunch in the town ship!  I love them and there only SIX rand! hahaha  Then in the evening we had an appointment with Penny and they surprised me with a cake.  And some other people came over, it was really nice.  Second surprise birthday party in a row! haha just in very different continents.  I thought alot about last year with the Halloween surprise birthday party and I thought about how the heck Liz could pressure me into dressing up like a hippy and taking me blindfolded to who knows where hahaha.  I have the best friends in America and AFRICA!  We also had baptisms on Sunday which was really good!  We worked really hard with them and it was exciting to see them get baptized!  Neliswa and Michael both bore their testimonies after and it was powerful!
So we were going through the potentials in our area book and we came across a lady who made an appointment three years ago, when the Elders went to her flat she wasn't home.  They never went back.  So we went to her house and we saw her out side and I said, "hello are you Nontombi", and she said yes.  So I said " missed our appointment three years ago! what happened??" Hahaha, dang it was funny!  She said apologetically "I'm so sorry, Ive been waiting for you" so we taught her about the restoration and it was an amazing lesson she loved it and when we left we set another appointment and she said "I will be here this time" it was a really cool experience to see how the Lord prepares people and how important it is to keep record. Nontombi is excited to be baptized on 4 December!  Being a missionary is GREAT>
I'm really sorry I'm so behind on the letters!  I'm working on it and I will pound some more out today!  Thank you to those who always write, letters are cool!  Thanks s much for all your love and support!


Monday, October 24, 2011


Alright well everything is pretty good.  We are really working on finding new investigators and its a little slow but its going good.Elder Critchfield is way cool!  We are tearing it up and having a blast.  We will have two baptisms on Sunday and I'm really excited!  They are both really cool people.  The first is Nelliswa she is really cool!  We found her when she was doing some night prayer thing with her church about 6 weeks ago and she decided to listen.  She loves the Book of Mormon she is already in Alma!!!!  She has a sweet testimony of the restored gospel and she is just really cool!  Then there is Michael.  He is 11 years old and is the brother of a recently activated member who is planning to serve a mission soon!  Michael is really cool and sooooooo smart and also wants to prepair for a mission!  Baptisms are cool!
Man we had this one investigator and she bought this anti Mormon book!!!!!!! (she spent 147R on it) why cant people just realize they need to ask God and not people!  She wouldn't even pray about it she said that she doesn't need to pray she can just meditate?????  I felt sick all night!  How can people be so confused? Its really sad.  I have a HUGE testimony of personal revelation and know that if we build a relationship with our Heavenly Father through prayer we can always receive revelation on our own lives and what we need to do!
I herd Katee was in Elder Leach's home ward, that's way cool I'm excited for her.  Well I'm really working on letters, its SOOOO hard to find time but I'm trying.  Laura thanks for the birthday card it was great!  Janelle thanks for the wedding announcement.  Sorry i wont be able to make it hhahaha.  And Calee thank you for the birthday package it was great, pictures are my favorite!  Grandma and Jodi thank you for the birthday money, man I get spoiled.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISHON AND BRENNA!!!!!!  I hope you have a great day!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!!!  Your the best and I miss you like crazy!  I hope you have a great week!

Love ya,

Monday, October 17, 2011


Well this will be short because both of my loving parents stayed up super late to email me.  I guess someone said I got transfered?.....false I am still in Khayelitsha and I'm SOOOOOOOOO happy I stayed.  Our area is on fire and we worked hard to get it there.  My new companion is Elder Critchfield.  He is from Utah.  He was also trained by Elder Leach and he is GREAT!!!!  I think we will get along really well!  I'm so excited for this transfer!  This week has been SO hectic.  The Zone leaders used us on transfer day to run people all around Cape Town and so we only went to our area in the evening and then we had training on Friday and that was soooo good.  We listened to a talk by Elder Bednar on becoming a PMG missionary and it was powerful!  There is so much I have to work on.  Its a little overwhelming but I'm excited to get started!
We should have two more baptisms in two weeks!  We had 4 investigators at General Conference and they LOVED it!  It was the best feeling in the world to see the Lords investigators taking NOTES while they listened to the Prophets and apostles.  One investigator named Simpewe texted us and told us thank you for inviting him, he loved it.  We replied its where Heavenly Father wanted him.  I know that as we follow the amazing council given to us by our prophets and apostles we will be able to stay on the straight and narrow path.  I'm way jealous, Katee is going to the temple!!!!!  I miss the temple sooo much.  I feel the spirit the strongest when I teach about the temple!  I'm happy for her.  Kelsee, I can't believe you got a dog, he will tear up your house! hahaha suckers but I'm sure you are enjoying it. But come February I hope Kelsee and Calee are prego! hahaha I'm sure they don't want that haha.  Well, things here are great its really starting to warm up and we have had a few HOT days but not to bad.  I love South Africa.  These people are GREAT! I'm writing letters today and will get them off soon!  I cannot believe I have been here almost 1 year!!!  Time FLYS and I only have one year left I have alot to do!

Love ya,

Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello All,
It's been a great week!  Tania was confirmed and it was great!  She is soooo amazing.  She took a driving test today and yesterday she asked for a blessing!  Her faith is so strong!!!!!  She just called us and said she passed!  It was great.  Our recent converts are so amazing!  I hope we have more soon!  We are teaching an amazing girl named Neliswa!  We found her while teaching a friend of hers.  The friend didn't want us to come back but she said we could come visit her but she wouldn't be baptized.  So we did and two months later she is ready for baptism!  She has a powerful testimony of the restored gospel and has an unshakable faith.  Leaving her former church was not easy but she said she know that the Authority had been restored and she knew she needed to follow the Savior!   She bore her testimony to us when Bishop Nyoni came to her house, it was great!  Man she rocks!  She will be baptized on the 30th!  Transfers are this week and we find out tomorrow.   I have a huge testimony of revelation and that is a huge comfort to me.   I HATE CHANGE!!!  Good or bad I HATE it!   But I know the lord knows best and it just takes a few weeks to get comfortable. We will watch conference this Saturday and Sunday and I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!  I have herd really great things and can't wait.  I remember when I was little Oma made me watch it at the condo in Snowbird and I wasn't a huge fan but I'm so thankful for that now and wished I would have listened to it!  Today we are going to green market square.  Finally not a lame p day!  So that's why I'm rushed.  Sorry for this short email but I do know that this Gospel is TRUE!  I know that Joseph saw what he said he saw and I cant deny it.  I'm so thankful for a loving Father in Heaven and the many blessing he gives us like the restoration, a living prophet, our families and more.  I love my amazing family!  I have the best parents and sisters in the world (even the two who forgot to email this week ;) haha. and grandparent's!!!!!  Thank you all for the letters!  I am writing soon!  I have the best, supportive family and friends your all the best! thanks again!

Monday, October 3, 2011


I was NOT mugged this week, thank you very much!  I'm glad you all got a kick outta that!  Well life is dang good!  Tania was baptized yesterday!!!!!!  It has been a long bumpy road but finally she made it!!!  She is amazing!  We were sooooo excited!  Then we will have more at the end of October!  I hope I'm still here! She was so nervous I guess she has a fear of water!!!!  After all she has been through she has a fear of WATER hahahahah?  I talked her into getting in the font and then stood at the top of the steps.  The spirit was so strong and I am really happy for her to finally be baptized!  Her desire was so strong and she worked really hard to get here.  Out of all my investigators she has been through the most!  She's so cool!!!!!  You end up loving all the people you teach and just seeing them that much closer to there Heavenly Father is the best!!!  I'm so excited about the new temples being built in Africa!  They really need them!  I hope there will be one in Cape Town soon!!!!  Sealing families together forever has been my main goal since before I got here and I'm sooooo excited there is another temple in South Africa!!!!!  Their goal should always be getting to the temple!  But the week has been really good.  Today we had flat inspections and ours was the cleanest!!!!!!  They even took us out to lunch!  The Smith's are amazing!  Thank you mom for teaching me how to be clean!  I've had a lot of dirty companions and they haven't liked my ocd cleanliness.  But Elder Zarbock is pretty clean so that's good.  The only bad side was we were going to go to green market square for p day but now there is no time but I told Eelder Zarbock he is the senior comp today haha but he decided to go next week.  I feel so bad he hasn't done anything fun for p day since he has been here except table mountain.  But we are limited with how many Kilometers we can drive and we go over a TON ever week so I just limited how much we drive.  I hate getting rebuked for using to many Ks!  But we will go next week. Well the week has been great.  Mission is great!  I'm doing Great!  I have gotten lots of letters and I got mom and dads birthday package WAY early!  So thank you!  I'm writing a ton of letters so they will be out soon! Llove ya!