Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This email came from Sister Probst on 06/20/11

I just thought I would post this nice email that came from Sister Probst, she is Colton's mission president's wife.  Colton is really going to miss them when they leave in a few weeks.  As a mom it is nice to hear great things about your kids.  I love being a missionary mom!

Dear Brother and Sister Balmforth:
I just wanted to send a note and tell you how thankful we are for Elder Balmforth.  We have been so impressed with how efficient he is and he is so willing to do whatever asked with such a great attitude.  I don't think there is anything he can't do or is not willing to do and he does it as soon as he is asked.  I think he could take care of the entire office by himself.  We won't ask him to do that but he surely is a blessing to us.  He is also a blessing in his area.  He will play such a vital role as we transition with a new mission president and will be a great blessing to him as well as President Wood learns the mission.  Thank you for raising such a fine son.
Love, Sister Probst

A couple of pictures for Father's Day

 This shows Elder Balmforth, he is not used to nice washers, but this is the mission home and he put way too much soap in and there were bubbles everywhere.
Elder Balmforth and Elder Naylor getting caught in the rain.


I don't have a lot to say this week so it will be short.  I want to tell this story because its funny and sad. Remember how that Muslim Lady came into the church that one Sunday well.....I called her and I set an appointment.  We met with her and she automatically began to tell us everything.  She was born catholic but found out that was wrong when she learned how to talk. (sorry Oma if it makes you feel better she is very confused but I won't add my input) anyways.  So then she got married had five kids, 3 girls 2 boys and then she got divorced.  Then the missionaries came and taught her and her family.  They were all baptized.  Kids, Parents, Brothers Sisters...the whole lot.  So she is very very active!  She held a stake calling and everything. So she begins one day to pray for a husband, well a few months later she found out that wasn't working.  So she was more specific.  She prayed that when she met the man she was supposed to marry the Lord would have him say anything about God.  So she is at the shop one day and a man walks up and says.  "What do you think about the almighty god"?  I for one would be a little creeped out but now I realized I do the same thing every day?  Anyways so the sparks go off the foot comes up whatever. Well the man is MUSLIM!  So she gets into it.  Then she gets an "invitation" to meet with the Stake Pres and others. and she is Exed.  I feel bad for her because she was heart broken and offended.  Anyways so she still goes to the LDS church for a while but then she marries this Muslim man and moves to the good ole SA and becomes a staunch Muslim. Her kids who are all return missionaries, haven't had much communication with her.  They have all moved to the States most in Utah.  So she then continued saying she read the Book of Mormon and knows that it is scripture but questions how it was translated?  I don't get it but she does.  So she then told us that she wants us to never stop looking for the truth.  If I could have gotten a word in Ii would have said I HAVE IT!  And you can't search for something you KNOW you have!  But I love Muslims.  They are very kind and loving people.  I know that might sound weird but its true.  At least the ones who are true to there faith and not crazy.  But they are wonderful people.  There are a TON here.  We are not allowed to teach them with out permission but neither of us could get a word in so I think were okay! 

The office is going good its sad to see President and Sister Probst in their last few days here.  Getting all ready for the Woods.  But I'm glad I had some time with them.  The Wood's will be Great!  Its a random HOT day here today?  Its been cool all the other days?
We have Zone Conference this week and rumor is Sister Probst gives us a hug. Hahahaha not that that means anything we just don't hug her.  It will be their last Zone Conference and I'm excited because it should be really good. 

Anyways (I say that a lot in this email) Cal thanks for all the pictures of Brayden they make my day!  And Grandma, Grandpa and Jodi I got the Package!  It was GREAT thank you!  It came at the perfect time...I'm out of money and now I will live off of muffin mix :) Thanks again for everything.  I love you all!

Elder Balmforth

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Less Active Adventures 06/14/2011

OKAY, wow last week was NUTS!!!!  It was just crazy.  Transfers are so hectic but its over now and we don't have to worry about that for awhile. Someone mentioned Taylorsville Dayzz in their email and oh man I LOVE this time of year!  The 4th of July is my favorite holiday I will miss watching fireworks with my family! It will be the first time in..................................Ever that I haven't been there!  Oh well you won't have to take as many blankets.  So now I have a new companion he is from Centerville, Utah.  His name is Elder Naylor.  He is pretty cool.  I am supposed to train him in the office but its so hard.  I don't know what to have him do?  The thing is I just don't want to give him everything because then I will get bored hahaha.  I know I'm selfish, but he is doing great and picking up everything way fast!  Faster than I did!  He only has to be told once!  I had to be told like 50 times haha.  Since we have been in the office a lot lately we have only been getting out when it is dark, so we have been visiting some less active members.  We just have a list and like Katee we get peep holed a lot too.  Seriously do people think we can't see and hear them haha.  Oh well, we just think its funny.  Anyways one lady on this list is named Christine Long.  When we went to her door (electric Gate) a man came out and so we asked for Sister Long and he said hold on so we waited and then she came out and to our surprise she was American from Nebraska but she was raised in Idaho.  So we went in and got to know her a little, shared a spiritual though and left her with a prayer.  Her kids are all still in the states and she married this SA man a couple of years ago.  It seams like a LONG story but there is something fishy about it and I can't wait to find out more.  She seams very nice and I'm excited to get to know her. The bishops wife visits her and she gave us some details but only what she knew.  I love less active work.  I feel like a detective. haha. 
So the other day as we were trying to find some less actives with the GPS we were about to this address when we pulled around the corner and Pumla (the GPS) says "arriving at destination on left" so we both look to the left and all we see is a huge lot where a house used to be.  I said " well that explains why they are Not coming to church hahahaha" so we laughed and moved on it was kinda a sketchy area anyways. 
I am working on everybody's letters I promise they are almost done!  I really appreciate the letters I get! Thank you every one for all you do. 

Love Colton

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello Family and Friends,
Okay sorry a day late but its still worth it.......right?  So it has been on crazy week!!!!  Transfer week!  I had no idea the office elders were so involved!!!  But I do all the travel!  So its been hectic.  In our mission we don't all get to meet up and have transfer news.  We all get phone calls and two days later everyone flies or buses to there new area!  So transfer day is tomorrow and my new companion is in Belville just the area next to ours, so he has come in twice in the last 7 days to get post and then to pick up the new car!!  Man, it is hard for me to keep a secret but he should know this morning so that's good!  I just moved two beds into the senior couple flat that I will be living in!  ITS SOOOOOOOO NICE!!!  It reminds me of my grandmas house!  Its a huge flat!  And we have a TV needless to say that wont get too much use.
So the office is full of change right now.  Tomorrow we go from 3 elders to four.  Elder Winegar will get a new companion and I will get a new companion.  My new companion is Elder Naylor from Utah.  He seems a lot more quiet then my last three companions and THAT'S NOT A COMPLAINT. (at this very moment Elder Winegar was crawling on the ground acting like a lion trying to scare me.)  Now you see what I have dealt with for six weeks.....oh but wait......theres two of them hahahaha.  Elder Marler leaves for Kwano to be a Zone Leader tomorrow.  Its been a little hard because I don't think my office job takes 6 weeks to train someone on so he continues to train me on things I have done 100 times without him and I do them now.  I know he is just trying to help.  I have just realized I am not humble enough for a 6 week training course.  I have said in my head so many times "I KNOW"!!!!! hahahaha he is a great Elder and if it wasn't for him I would be messed over.
Then on the 28th President and Sister Wood will be here!!!  I have already begun booking some of their travel for when they arrive.  Pretty cool!  President Probst does his own travel I just get him a car, but he says I will probably do President Woods.
Today I get to meet all the new missionaries I'm excited.  So we had a GREAT SOLID baptism lined up for Sunday, his name is Filio.  When he told us he wanted to be baptised on the 12th we were so excited!  Mostly because he told us hahaha and we told him that now that he had made a decision to follow The Savior in a HUGE way that he would be tested!  Obviously the adversary wouldn't want him to be baptised. so he was tested and BAM he texted me saying he cant do it!  Ugh his testimony was soooo strong he felt the spirit I don't know what went wrong!!!
Well, its now two days later,  it should be a good day I'm all moved in to the new apartment and I will get my new companion today. I will also get to see Elder Leach which I'm pretty stoked for!  I haven't seen him since I left Paarl 6 and a half months ago.
We just prank called elder Winegars office and we had him going for like 10 minuets and we made fun of him ha ha, but then he just called mine and had me for a few minuets: ( its not so funny when it happens to you hahaha.  Well we have had a few good lessons and have a few baptismal dates.  Its really hard to have the university as a huge part of your area because they leave for the break and its hard to help them progress. But that's okay were trying to focus on families. That is really what the gospel is about and I'm so thankful that i have an Eternal family.  I think, Like Katee that is something I have built my testimony on.  I love you all and thanks for all you do!  Have a great week.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well this week has been crazy!  Just finding time to write this email is not easy!  It is the last week of the transfer, which means we did travel for the whole mission!  Its a HUGE mission so most of our travel on transfer day is by plane and then some by bus.  So we got the transfer plans on Tuesday and got straight to work.  Its pretty fun.
As for the office its gonna change.  Elder Marler is going to Kwano to be a Zone Leader and Elder Wineagar and I am staying in the office.  We are getting two new office elders.  One will be my companion and the other will be Elder Wineagars.  So we are moving and Elder Wineagar gets to keep our flat.  But I'm moving into what is usually a senior couple flat!  So its nice!  It will be four until next transfer and then the number of missionaries will be odd so it will go back to three in the office and we will all live in the same flat.  So I will be in the office usually every other day which gets me in the area more!!  Some weeks it will be crazy and we will all be in the office every day! 
We went to lunch with Amber (American student) on Monday.  She left two weeks early because her grandpa died.  So now the Vanfleets are gone and Amber left!  They were the best!  But we still have some amazing members. Mom will you get on my Face book and add Amber's friend request.
Not a whole lot this week its been really busy in the office.  We have visited some less active members.  There are so many less actives its so sad but its mostly transportation issues or they have to work on Sunday. 
I'm a little nervous for Elder Marler to leave because he knows the area a lot and I don't!  The streets go every freaking direction!  Its so hard to follow an address.  So I bought a GPS well my parents bought a GPS;) thank you!  So that should help.  I haven't named her yet!  The GPS at home is named Sister Oz because she sounds Australian so her name is Sharon so we call her Sister Oz because of Sharon Ozborne.  I don't really know how that came about but we sound crazy.  I will give my new one an African name.  There is not much happening.  We have great relationships with the ladies in the post office.  We know them all by name and they love us!  We also know all the homeless people around the store and the office. (by name) the office is next to a HUGE psychiatric unit, which explains the electric fence, but I guess my apartment building has an electric fence and I'm no crazy.  Well I guess that's a matter of opinion.  See mom I just ramble on.  I don't know who would want to listen to any of this??  I appreciate all the letters!  I have the best family and friends!  I'm writing back its just been a crazy week.  Thanks for everything!  Love ya!


PS  mom I will get you all those names for the RS later.  I also got the other package, thanks!