Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Week 02/28/11

Well, what a week.  It has been one of some emotions I have never felt before.  How can you just love people so much that you have only known for a couple of months?  We got a phone call Sunday morning and I was told that one of my absolute favorite investigators, Laticia, was stabbed on Saturday night.  It's a common thing here but this is my investigator who I love.  We tried to go see her but she is in a unit comparable to the ICU and they don't allow visitors.  It was tough, I just hope and pray she pulls through.

On a happier note the other emotion I love to feel is to witness some baptisms.  Luyand and Veronica were baptized yesterday and it was AMAZING.  I knocked on their door and now they are members.  It was a GREAT day.  I love that family and today we are going there for FHE.  I love to have FHE with families on Monday's, it is so much fun.

So some experiences this week that we had was we went to teach one of our investigators the Word of Wisdom and the first thing I said was "well, it's ironic that your so drunk today because what we have to share with you can obviously be of some help"  the man loved it and said he really wants to change.

I also did not have Zone Conference this week, it is next week but we did go to George which is an area about 2-3 hours out of our area.  It was a GREAT drive, it is so pretty.  It hit me and I said, "HOLY CRAP I am in Africa".  We went there to do some baptismal interviews and so I got to visit with Elder Bryers while Elder Nzuki did his business and he loved it.  We might have to go back there this week, which is completely okay with me.  All in all it was a great week and only two more left in the transfer.  I will be going to Port Elizabeth this week, I'm excited for the drive it's times like this I really miss my dad and wish he was here to drive.  My companion does not have a license, so I have to do all the driving, but at least I don't have to walk.  But, I do like to watch the monkeys.  They are way cool, unless they are the baboons, then they are really scary.

Only two more weeks until transfers.  I hope I stay in Kynsna.  I am learning a lot from Elder Nzuki.  Some of the native missionaries are very authoritative and strict, but a lot of them are really cool and fun, so we will see what happens with transfers.  I do love Elder Nzuki, our personality's just hate each other.  So Mom he has not gotten one ounce of mail, so will you please if it's not to much trouble just use my money in my account and send him a small package, nothing big just a little something.  He loves anything church related so  anything would be fine, maybe some of those dvd's.  I just feel so bad that he has not gotten any mail at all since I have been with him.  Please just use my money to send the package.  I don't want to burden you.

Mom, my skin is fine except for the fleas eating it all, the humidity is good for it.  I do go running in the mornings (no comment necessary) and I always used an inhaler, so if I could get another one, that would be great. 

Also I am working on writing letters back to people, so be patient with me.  I am trying to write everyone back.  Well, I love you all thanks so much to everyone for the love and the support and prayers.  I will write again next week.  Love Ya!!!


Monday, February 21, 2011


Hello All,
Well, what a week.  So Mom first of all, yes, my clothes are holding up fine.  I did get the package on Monday right after I emailed.  Thank you so much I loved it and I love lemon heads but I hate Katee.  She gets rice krispies and homemade sugar cookies.  I should be happy for her so I will pretend.  Most of all I loved my shorts.  They smell like home and that was a little bitter sweet moment and I don't think I'll wash them ever!  So you sent those neck chillers and one of them leaded a little which is okay but I thought it was the sugar from the sour patch kids, so I was licking it, hahaha.  I thought, "this is not very good".  Oh, duh, because it's the poison chemicals from those neck chillers.  I am so dumb.  Mom, don't send another package yet until I email next week.  I will think about what you said and let you know.  So, the music policy in my mission is hymns only. So my ipod....worthless.  My mission is so strict, but I love all the rules.  So if you can find some great cd's of hymns they can be any arrangements.  I don't really like the Motab unless it's conference.  (Don't tell Carl I said that).  So, like solo's or duet's of hymns arranged cool are great.  I'm going to ask Sister Curgenven if I can borrow her hymn cd's for our trip to Port Elizabeth next week or I will die of boredom, seriously.

So this week we went to the Curgenvens home for lunch.  They are a brilliant family.  I love them.  There are so many white people in this area it's nuts.  They are from England but were born here and just moved back,  they live in the richest part of town.  So, we were discussing missionary work and they said "so where do you spend most of your time"  we said, "the township" and Brother Curgenven said well, that's probably smart.  The people out here are terrible.  We said, "oh no, they are nice (that was a lie) and he quickley said, "No, seriously this place is gonna get nuked when the Lord comes", hahahah.  Nuked like when we say "I'll just nuke it in the microwave.  We laughed because it is so true.

So this week was one of my first trackting experiences ever.  We just figured we may as well try to find some new people.  So we knocked on the door of the nicest shack in the township and a man answered.  The man could literally pop my head like a zit!  He was HUGE.  A black version of the Hulk.  I was so scared.  so I said,"hello s-s-s-s-ir, w-w-were m-missionaries f-f-from the church of J-J-Jesus Christ.  He looked at me and said (with the most gentle voice I've ever heard).  Oh that's nice come on in my friends.  I judged him but he is a big teddy bear so we visited and set a return appointment and he gave us a drink and we were on our way.  I laughed all day long.

I also got tons of letters this week, finally.  It was an overwhelming amount.  We only get the mail when the zone leaders bring it to us and it has been over two weeks.  So I will be Very SLOWLEY writing you all back, please be patient.  Brooke, thanks for sending my companion that valentine.  I taught him how to eat the Fun Dip but he got frustrated and ate the stick, haha, but why I say thank you is because that is the only mail he has gotten in the two months I've been with him. 

The weather has been okay.  Today is like in the 80's.  I am slowly dying in the heat, so I hope it will end soon.

The fleas have done quit a number on me this week, so please pray that they all drop dead!!!  I just also got an email of my new mission president, he seems cool.  I'm sure he will be great he is the area secretary so I bet he's already used to Africa.  I don't want to see the Probst's leave though.

I have two baptisms on Sunday, the Lord has blessed me with so much and he has given me all these wonderful people to come in contact with.  I love them so much, I really never want to leave Knysna.  I used to think about when my mission was over and say, man that will be nice but now I usually think ugh, that will suck.  I love it here. 

Well, I am doing great here.  I am loving this work and although it's hard, I know it's the best work I will do in my whole life.  Thank you everyone for all that you do in supporting me and thank you for your letters, they do keep me going.  I love you.  I'll talk again next week. 

Love Ya,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Slow Week 2-14-2011

Mom and Dad and family,
Hello!  I am doing great.  Okay, lets start off with some basics, so please once again pay off my credit card.  I decided I want to take my pills and went to fill the prescription and got all they had which was a two month supply and it cost me almost 400R, which is like $80.  I think.  Then Elder Nzuki needed a vaccine and since we don't have a senior couple anymore there is no one close by to bring money, so I just paid for that.  I will be reimbursed soon but it goes on my church card, so that's why I've spent so dang much, sorry!  I am very frugal though, I try so hard not to spend anything.

Then a question, Mom, you know all those dvd's you would show the YW or like the mormon messages, can you download some of those and send?  I would LOVE to have them but ONLY SEND THEM WHEN YOU SEND ANOTHER PACKAGE!!  You don't need to anytime soon, just when you can, that would be great.  On that note, I went another week with NO letters.  I'm sure the mail is just slow.  I know something is coming because the office elders sent us a tracking number, which means mail is coming!!!  Dad, a favor, please keep your eye on the church news.  Our new mission president should be announced in Feb. or March and we don't find out until they get here unless our family tells us, so let me know.  It will be sad to see the Probst's leave they are the best.

So just a cool story, we were washing our car behind the flat and a monkey just walked past, ha, ha, definitely not in Utah anymore.  So I'm doing great.  We had two baptismal interviews this week and we have a husband and a wife being baptized on the 27th.  We were the ones to knock on their door.  I am so excited for them. 

So Dad, NO we can't have any fun  zone things we would have to drive like three hours.  I hope you people understand that all the areas are pretty spread out and I really have not seen any other missionaries in like four weeks, but the zone leaders are driving down for exchanges this week so that will be nice.  Mom, I don't know if you got my last email, but you asked what I eat.  I live off of grilled cheese and oatmeal.  If we eat at a members house it depends on their culture, so no complaints.  I really don't have much to say, it's been a really slow week for us, we are just trying to keep going.  We are both doing great and getting along great.  I would not mind going another transfer the same, but this one still has four weeks, so we will see.

I'm so thankful for the gospel and I have seen first hand the way it can bless a family.  Like Katee, the song Families can be together forever gets me every time too.  I think that's the main reason why I want to do this is so that I can help families be together forever.  I'm so thankful for my family and so thankful that we can be together forever and I know I would be so lost without them. I'm so, so, so thankful to be blessed to have a temple close by so that my family CAN be together forever without question.  Never take the many temples in America for granted.  I'm so thankful for our savior and the atonement.  I love him and I'm eternally grateful for him.  I'm so very thankful for a living prophet to guide us in the direction we ought to go.  I know that this church is true.  I am  so thankful for the restoration.  I love you all and I am so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life.  I hope everyone is doing great, cheers, love ya.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pictures from Paarl

 Outside Elder Balmforth's apartment.
 The missionaries singing with the Branch at an old folks home.  Colton wanted to visit the old people but everyone else was afraid of them and wanted to leave.
 This was one of his instructors in the MTC.
 This is a little boy named Elvis, they are teaching his family
 Outside the Branch with Elder Leach and Sister La Vita
 MTC buddies.
 Colton loves this old lady, she feeds them every Wednesday.
 Colton loves the kids, but they gave him fleas.

 View of Paarl.

 Some of the homes they teach in.
 This is backwards but it's in Afrikaanz which Colton is trying to pick up.
District member knocking on a Catholics door, it says do not solicit, but they did anyway.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Still in Knysna

Wow, I was just sitting here dying of heat as I read your letters thinking why the crap is it so flippin hot?  I turned a little fan on when I got here....turns's a space heater!  So, yes it's a hot day and it's now a REALLY hot day because I'm an idiot!

So transfer news, I am staying and so is Elder Nzuki.  I am fine with it.  I am learning a lot from him and I'm actually really learning to love him.  He's an amazing missionary and I'm mad at myself for wasting time wishing I was in Paarl with Elder Leach and now I missed out on so much.  Anyway, Elder Leach is in Kwa Maxaki (the X is a click) he is follow up training an elder from Botswanna, so I have a step brother.  You train for two transfers so Elder Nzuki is my step dad.  So I guess I am done being a greenie.  I can't believe I'm on my 3rd transfer already.  It's going by so fast probably because there is nothing new to get used too.  Anyway, Elder Leach is in the Kwa Nou zone and I'm in the Port Elizabeth Zone and our zones combine for zone conference so, I'll get to see him in a couple of weeks.

The Ladles (our senior couple in George) just called us and they are being transfered to Namibia (no more bannana bread and cookeis for us).  I feel bad for them because it's way hot there, but they will do great there. 

So we had an appointment the other day to go and see Veronica And Luyanda.  They will be baptized on the 27th.  I am so excited.  Luyanda wasn't home so we just shared a scripture with Veronica and asked if she had any questions and she said "no, but I do want to say something".  I was a little scared thinking, oh geez, she doesn't want us to leave the J-DUBS got to her!  But no, she said tearfully, "I just wanted to say I'm so thankful that you knocked on my door, my husband and I were having a hard time and it seemed like our family was going to be over, but ever since you have started teaching us we have had no problems and just have been a able to talk more.  I'm so thankful that you came here and changed ourl ives".  BAH, YES, YES a meaning to all this really hard and frustrating work!!!  Haha, oh man I was soooo excited and still am.

Okay, wanna hear a MIRACLE?  We have an investigator who comes to church every Sunday but he can't hardley speak english.  So we just teach him slow.....VERY slow.  The other day in a lesson he was getting really frustrated over a question he was trying to ask so Elder Nzuki told him to say it in Xhosa but he couldn't get it.  So then, Silvester looks me in the face, gets close (too close for my comfort close) so after I back up a little, he says something I thought to myself.  "what freakin language was THAT"????  Then I just said a silent prayer that somehow I could help him, so after a pause I said, "Silvester say it again", so he said it in afrikaanz.....I freaking understood what he said.  I was shocked!  Even though it was a lame question, "do they give us bibles in church" I don't even care, I understood and I don't know how.  Well, I know how, but it was cool.

So the other day we get a call and it's Chancy an investigator, she has a loud voice, I hear Hello, Elder Nzuki
speaking the "HEY BROTHAS" haha it's Chancy, then Elder Nzuki says, "sorry, we've just been busy but can we come tomorrow"?  Uh, uh, TODAY, I love the people want to see us, it's great!

So there is this family who are all recent converts we see them every other day and they have a baby named Vaneesha, she is one and a half and she LOVES me.  Everytime I get out of the car I hear a loud black baby voice "BOMFOAM"  which means BALMFORTH!  She get's so excited to see me and I like to see her too because she is the only one I feel comfortable practicing my Afikaanz with! 

Okay, well, that's basically my week.  So, no I have not gotten the package yet.  Some Eldes say it takes  weeks or months, you just never know.  It sucks, I'm way jealous that Katee gets mail so fast.  I would be spoiled.  I really am doing so good.  I love Knsyna and transfers are March 17th and if I leave I'm going to be so sad.  I really don't want to leave ever.  So, mom, I basically live off of grilled cheese and most the members here are white so if we have a dinner appointment then it's normal, if it's a dinner appt. with a non white person then it's chicken, beef, sausage, chicken, beef, sausage, pap and veggies.....and chicken, beef and sausage.  The weather will start to cool down at the end of the month, hopefully. 

Mom, a favor, could you please send me a birthdday list?  If I could get my friends and families birthday's that would be great.  Okay, well, I love you all and have a great week.

Oh, P.S.  Zero letters this week but it's transfer week so the office is crazy.  I sent off half my letters on Saturday and ran out of stamps, so the other half will leave today.