Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Week 02/28/11

Well, what a week.  It has been one of some emotions I have never felt before.  How can you just love people so much that you have only known for a couple of months?  We got a phone call Sunday morning and I was told that one of my absolute favorite investigators, Laticia, was stabbed on Saturday night.  It's a common thing here but this is my investigator who I love.  We tried to go see her but she is in a unit comparable to the ICU and they don't allow visitors.  It was tough, I just hope and pray she pulls through.

On a happier note the other emotion I love to feel is to witness some baptisms.  Luyand and Veronica were baptized yesterday and it was AMAZING.  I knocked on their door and now they are members.  It was a GREAT day.  I love that family and today we are going there for FHE.  I love to have FHE with families on Monday's, it is so much fun.

So some experiences this week that we had was we went to teach one of our investigators the Word of Wisdom and the first thing I said was "well, it's ironic that your so drunk today because what we have to share with you can obviously be of some help"  the man loved it and said he really wants to change.

I also did not have Zone Conference this week, it is next week but we did go to George which is an area about 2-3 hours out of our area.  It was a GREAT drive, it is so pretty.  It hit me and I said, "HOLY CRAP I am in Africa".  We went there to do some baptismal interviews and so I got to visit with Elder Bryers while Elder Nzuki did his business and he loved it.  We might have to go back there this week, which is completely okay with me.  All in all it was a great week and only two more left in the transfer.  I will be going to Port Elizabeth this week, I'm excited for the drive it's times like this I really miss my dad and wish he was here to drive.  My companion does not have a license, so I have to do all the driving, but at least I don't have to walk.  But, I do like to watch the monkeys.  They are way cool, unless they are the baboons, then they are really scary.

Only two more weeks until transfers.  I hope I stay in Kynsna.  I am learning a lot from Elder Nzuki.  Some of the native missionaries are very authoritative and strict, but a lot of them are really cool and fun, so we will see what happens with transfers.  I do love Elder Nzuki, our personality's just hate each other.  So Mom he has not gotten one ounce of mail, so will you please if it's not to much trouble just use my money in my account and send him a small package, nothing big just a little something.  He loves anything church related so  anything would be fine, maybe some of those dvd's.  I just feel so bad that he has not gotten any mail at all since I have been with him.  Please just use my money to send the package.  I don't want to burden you.

Mom, my skin is fine except for the fleas eating it all, the humidity is good for it.  I do go running in the mornings (no comment necessary) and I always used an inhaler, so if I could get another one, that would be great. 

Also I am working on writing letters back to people, so be patient with me.  I am trying to write everyone back.  Well, I love you all thanks so much to everyone for the love and the support and prayers.  I will write again next week.  Love Ya!!!



  1. Wow, Lee and Cindy, he is sounding so grown up! And what a statement that he wants mail for his companion. He truly loves others, and is doing so much good there! I'll make another set of CDs for his companion that you can send. :)

  2. Sorry- don't know why it says Sariah made that last comment! She must have last been logged onto my mom's computer-- it's actually from Janelley!