Monday, February 21, 2011


Hello All,
Well, what a week.  So Mom first of all, yes, my clothes are holding up fine.  I did get the package on Monday right after I emailed.  Thank you so much I loved it and I love lemon heads but I hate Katee.  She gets rice krispies and homemade sugar cookies.  I should be happy for her so I will pretend.  Most of all I loved my shorts.  They smell like home and that was a little bitter sweet moment and I don't think I'll wash them ever!  So you sent those neck chillers and one of them leaded a little which is okay but I thought it was the sugar from the sour patch kids, so I was licking it, hahaha.  I thought, "this is not very good".  Oh, duh, because it's the poison chemicals from those neck chillers.  I am so dumb.  Mom, don't send another package yet until I email next week.  I will think about what you said and let you know.  So, the music policy in my mission is hymns only. So my ipod....worthless.  My mission is so strict, but I love all the rules.  So if you can find some great cd's of hymns they can be any arrangements.  I don't really like the Motab unless it's conference.  (Don't tell Carl I said that).  So, like solo's or duet's of hymns arranged cool are great.  I'm going to ask Sister Curgenven if I can borrow her hymn cd's for our trip to Port Elizabeth next week or I will die of boredom, seriously.

So this week we went to the Curgenvens home for lunch.  They are a brilliant family.  I love them.  There are so many white people in this area it's nuts.  They are from England but were born here and just moved back,  they live in the richest part of town.  So, we were discussing missionary work and they said "so where do you spend most of your time"  we said, "the township" and Brother Curgenven said well, that's probably smart.  The people out here are terrible.  We said, "oh no, they are nice (that was a lie) and he quickley said, "No, seriously this place is gonna get nuked when the Lord comes", hahahah.  Nuked like when we say "I'll just nuke it in the microwave.  We laughed because it is so true.

So this week was one of my first trackting experiences ever.  We just figured we may as well try to find some new people.  So we knocked on the door of the nicest shack in the township and a man answered.  The man could literally pop my head like a zit!  He was HUGE.  A black version of the Hulk.  I was so scared.  so I said,"hello s-s-s-s-ir, w-w-were m-missionaries f-f-from the church of J-J-Jesus Christ.  He looked at me and said (with the most gentle voice I've ever heard).  Oh that's nice come on in my friends.  I judged him but he is a big teddy bear so we visited and set a return appointment and he gave us a drink and we were on our way.  I laughed all day long.

I also got tons of letters this week, finally.  It was an overwhelming amount.  We only get the mail when the zone leaders bring it to us and it has been over two weeks.  So I will be Very SLOWLEY writing you all back, please be patient.  Brooke, thanks for sending my companion that valentine.  I taught him how to eat the Fun Dip but he got frustrated and ate the stick, haha, but why I say thank you is because that is the only mail he has gotten in the two months I've been with him. 

The weather has been okay.  Today is like in the 80's.  I am slowly dying in the heat, so I hope it will end soon.

The fleas have done quit a number on me this week, so please pray that they all drop dead!!!  I just also got an email of my new mission president, he seems cool.  I'm sure he will be great he is the area secretary so I bet he's already used to Africa.  I don't want to see the Probst's leave though.

I have two baptisms on Sunday, the Lord has blessed me with so much and he has given me all these wonderful people to come in contact with.  I love them so much, I really never want to leave Knysna.  I used to think about when my mission was over and say, man that will be nice but now I usually think ugh, that will suck.  I love it here. 

Well, I am doing great here.  I am loving this work and although it's hard, I know it's the best work I will do in my whole life.  Thank you everyone for all that you do in supporting me and thank you for your letters, they do keep me going.  I love you.  I'll talk again next week. 

Love Ya,

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