Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pictures from Paarl

 Outside Elder Balmforth's apartment.
 The missionaries singing with the Branch at an old folks home.  Colton wanted to visit the old people but everyone else was afraid of them and wanted to leave.
 This was one of his instructors in the MTC.
 This is a little boy named Elvis, they are teaching his family
 Outside the Branch with Elder Leach and Sister La Vita
 MTC buddies.
 Colton loves this old lady, she feeds them every Wednesday.
 Colton loves the kids, but they gave him fleas.

 View of Paarl.

 Some of the homes they teach in.
 This is backwards but it's in Afrikaanz which Colton is trying to pick up.
District member knocking on a Catholics door, it says do not solicit, but they did anyway.

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