Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello 08/29/11

Hello Family and Friends,
Well this will be pretty short sorry!  This week has been pretty good!  In church on Sunday in our very small rented out chapel we walked in and I thought whats with all the white people???  So the whole stake leadership was there and Elder Hill from the seventy.  They announced that Khayletsha is now a WARD!!!!!! Its soooo cool to see the growth of the church.  They have big plans to split the Cape Town Stake.  Its great to be here while all this is happening!  We have been teaching a lot and have some great investigators!  We will hopefully have 4 baptisms on 11 September, but we will see.  We are not allowed to mention names of people in our emails anymore probably because blogs cause yours hahahaha.  We are helping one of our investigators quit smoking and it was so funny in church she leaned over and said......Elder Balmforth, and I said yeah?  She said I have one smoke left in the car and I want to smoke it......will you take it away?  Haha and so I took it.  She is doing so well!  All of our investigators are mistaken as strong members in church haha the lord really does prepare people!  Its amazing.  I know that he has blessed us with finding these people who he has prepared.  I keep praying for Katee to find some and I hope she does!  I know grandpa is with her a lot.  And I'm happy about that.
This week is transfer week!  I HATE change so dang bad.  I know we will both stay but I think Elder Antriamanantena will leave which is way sad I love the kid!  But it will be nice to just have two again.  I'm so excited for Kelsee to go to the temple.  Kelsee, don't let the stress of everything take away from the sacredness of your experience.  Every one just leave her alone and let her have a good experience haha.  It is the best thing aver!  I can't believe that after you go to the temple our whole family will have gone through!  I think that is awesome and I cant wait to come home and go to the temple wit my family!!!!!!!  Its been a great week and we have another great week ahead.
Love ya!

Monday, August 22, 2011

OH MAN................08/22/11

Dear Family,
What a week!  It's so up and down.  I feel so guilty for feeling bad about my family and the funeral and everything!  Missionaries loose there parents or a sibling or Grandparents and they are fine.  I mean I;m fine its just hard to be away when this is going on, but I'm glad I am where I am.  We hiked Table Mountain today and it was GREAT!!!!!  I loved it.  I will probably be sooooooo sore tomorrow but it was well worth it!  I will send pictures home soon.  Well, I hope everything went well!  Katee's email was sad I'm so glad I just got a phone call to save me from the embarrassment of crying in front of my mission president.hahahaha.
Our area is still on fire!  We have some great investigators!  We are having FHE with the Brook family and our investigator Tania!  I'm excited!  Oh and I have ANOTHER companion..........yeah he is waiting to go to Namibia,  his name is Elder Andriamanentena,  yeah say that 10 times fast.  I can haha.  He's GREAT!  We love him.  Wen they told me I as worried about training with a three sum but its really fun and he is a great missionary.  H is probably the funniest person I have ever met, without driving me CRAZY!  So Elder Zarbock and I like him.  We have an amazing investigator I think I have mentioned him.  His name is Raymond, he is AWESOME!  He is so excited for baptism and so are we.  He should be baptized on the 11th.  He participated in priesthood and everyone thought he was a member.  I taught the plan of salvation to him the day after I found out about Grandpa and it was the best lesson I have ever taught.  I know Grandpa is with me and watching over me.  I am doing good, so please don't worry about me.  Thanks for all the love and support.  I love all of you.  Have a great week.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Hard Week 08/15/11

Well what a week.  I will start with Friday and then go back from there.  Friday night after coming home we planned and we made dinner.  While I was eating President Wood phoned and told me Grandpa Harward had passed away.  It was really hard.  I mostly thought about my mom and my grandma and my aunts and if they were okay!  I wasn't able to phone then until the next afternoon.  So I didn't get a lot of sleep.  I called my grandma first and talked to her and Jodi.  I feel better I know that they are doing okay!  Those two are so strong.  They took care of grandpa so well better than anyone I have ever seen.  They were so determined to keep Grandpa at home and make him comfortable.  I know that my mom and sisters are so grateful for that.  I know that they both have a special place lined up for them in the next life.  It was hard to talk to them but it really helped.  Then I called my mom and dad and talked to the family for a little bit.  It was nice to talk to them and let it all out.  I ha vent talked about it since then so it was a good time to talk about it.  I know that my grandpa has started his next mission.  I know that he has been with me.  It was comforting to feel him here.  I will never forget my grandpa he always did a lot for us.  I think we always forgot that he did so much because grandma was always the one who picked everything out and wrapped it way to perfectly or she was the one who slaved every Sunday to make us dinner but grandpa worked really hard with grandma to support our Christmas and birthdays and Sunday dinners and all the other stuff.  I went and bought some  Werthers Originals and had food with lots of ketchup and I drank milk that i don't like here haha.  Anyways it will be hard not to be there but know that I love you all and your in my thoughts and prayers.  Especially grandma and mom and my aunts and cousins I love you all and miss you.
This week has been great.  I haven't hit any kids.  We have taught A LOT!!!!  Its been so nice.  Our area is dangerous but very fruitful and mom read (proverbs 1:33)  I'm fine.  Neliswa has read all the way to 2 Nephi 3!!!!!!  She rocks.  We just need her to come to church but she knows its true!!!  We have also been teaching the Muhemedi Family!  They also rock!!!!!  The mom Ellen still doesn't want to be baptized but we are helping her.  And Jack (the dad) and the two older kids (Maryann>haha and Guedlay) will be baptized 11 September.  Ha good day right?  We had a lot in church on Sunday and the members are really getting excited to work with us.  The Khayletsha branch will soon be a Ward!  They already submitted the papers so that's exciting!!!
I was writing my conversion story for Sister Wood because she asked for it and I thought a lot about what my story was.  I have a lot!  I decided that when I knew for sure is when I worked at Legacy and was able to be with a couple of people near there death.  I watched them as they would reach for something in the air and ask questions like "who are they or where did they come from"  I know that what they saw were spirits.  They saw into the spirit world.  The spirit was so strong in those rooms I then gained a huge testimony of the Plan of Salvation and how it is taught in the Book of Mormon.  I know there is more out there and I know that my grandpa is teaching those lost spirits in prison.  I know the Book of Mormon IS the word of god.  I feel it every time I read it.  I know that God calls a living day prophet for us to be led and guided in these last days!  I know that my family will be together for ever.  I hope I can help other families go to the temple and be sealed forever.  I love you all.  I got some letters and Courtney's tape and I am writing you all back.  Thanks for everything.  I appreciate the love and support of all of you.


Monday, August 8, 2011

We Meet Again!! 08/08/11

YOU NASTY FLEAS, I thought I was done with them! This time they don't bite they just jump around me. They bite Elder Zarbock and Elder Larabee who we live with so at least I'm immune.
I have about 15 minuets too write this! First, I have written over 30 letters, so in three weeks time they will hit America.  Sorry I'm so bad. Grandma thanks for the heat pad I put it on my sore writing hand hahaha! Also I can now listen to any church music so any suggestions can go to mom!  This week was really weird! Usually the weekdays are SO busy and the weekends are soooooo slow because every one is drunk or high.  People are just not home.  This week our week was so slow and our weekend was sooooo successful.  I think the Lord wanted to test us during the week and I'm glad we stayed strong because the weekend was GREAT!  Let me start with Wednesday.  It was a rough day!  There are soooooooo many kids in the streets and the parents are in the homes.  When I say kids I mean all ages even toddlers who can barley walk.  Any ways,  we were driving down the street I was going soooooo slow like always in a town ship and there was a bunch of kids in the street, so I stopped and waited for them to move to the side.  So, when they did I started to go and a little kid ran so fast in front of me and .....I hit him.   I was so dang scared!  At first I just saw him go under and I slammed on my brakes and then I saw him come up and I was relieved and then he was crying and I got out and picked him up and walked him home.  Luckily I just ran over his foot and it was swollen with some bruising but nothing to intense.  I felt sooooooooo bad even though it wasn't my fault and the parents were very nice and only got made at the boy and not me they actually apologized to me so that made me feel better.  I just called President Wood and everything was fine but yo it scared me soooooooo bad!
Anyways on a good note we found some great people and our teaching pool is really growing!  We found two amazing families and we had 8 people in church yesterday!  I was so happy!  Our prayers are really being answered!  I just wish I could help people commit and keep there commitments.  We are teaching a girl named Neliswa.  She is GREAT.  She has read all the way to 1 Nephi 12 in less then a week and her understanding is really good!  She came to church but then her friend took her to another church across the street!!!!!!!!  Dang him haha.  Well I am doing good and the work in our area is really taking off.  I'm so stoked for all of them to be baptized soon!  Thank you for everything.  Em and Tyler, Lucy is a cute baby! Congrats.  Brooke thanks for the picture.  You are the best!  I hope you all have a great week


Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello Family,
So its been a great week.  I have learned ALOT!  We have had some great investigators!  I think its funny Katee is teaching people that don't speak English..............welcome to Africa.  haha A TON of people don't understand English here.  But its something you learn to deal with or avoid. We have really got our area rolling!  The members have been helping a LOT!  Our area is HUGE and there is a lot of work to do!  Last night was CrAzY though!  We went to cross roads(part of our area) and this place has the highest murder record in SA or at least that's what we hear,  hahaha its okay mom.  Its probably a rumor.  So we stop at where we think our investigators house is and we get out of the car and walk around (in the dark) but we couldn't find his house so I unlocked the car and looked at the teaching record for the street name and got it and locked the doors and walked off.  Then I felt in my pocket.......nothing!!  NO KEY!!!!  So I'm walking around Cross Roads in the dark with my new companion and I thought we were GONERS!  haha   Just kidding I didn't really but I was a little worried.  Luckily there was a crazy less active family up the street so we walked there and when I walked in I said hello and told them what happened.  Immediately they all hopped up and grabbed some kind of......thing.. and said well lets go get in!  I just said no no no its okay they are bringing me a spare. hahaha  They acted like they had broke in to cars there whole life. hahaha   They are awesome and they love us so we waited there until they brought a key.  I'm not going to be in Cross Roads at night anymore! hahaha  I felt soooo stupid!  But when the Assistants brought me the key I looked at it and said this is the wrong one hahahaha so we went all the way back and to make matters worse they had to pick up the Woods from the airport and they didn't have time to drop us off first!  HI president, I'm a retard!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha  Oh but hey I haven't done that for awhile and the car wasn't running this time dad.  So we went back and to our relief the tires were still on the car.
We have been so guided this whole week.  I have really felt my prayers be answered in a ton of ways.  Thank you all for the letters and believe it or not I am writing.  Michele, THANK YOU for the invitation.  It was a day late or I could have been there, sorry.  I love you all!  Have a great week.