Monday, August 8, 2011

We Meet Again!! 08/08/11

YOU NASTY FLEAS, I thought I was done with them! This time they don't bite they just jump around me. They bite Elder Zarbock and Elder Larabee who we live with so at least I'm immune.
I have about 15 minuets too write this! First, I have written over 30 letters, so in three weeks time they will hit America.  Sorry I'm so bad. Grandma thanks for the heat pad I put it on my sore writing hand hahaha! Also I can now listen to any church music so any suggestions can go to mom!  This week was really weird! Usually the weekdays are SO busy and the weekends are soooooo slow because every one is drunk or high.  People are just not home.  This week our week was so slow and our weekend was sooooo successful.  I think the Lord wanted to test us during the week and I'm glad we stayed strong because the weekend was GREAT!  Let me start with Wednesday.  It was a rough day!  There are soooooooo many kids in the streets and the parents are in the homes.  When I say kids I mean all ages even toddlers who can barley walk.  Any ways,  we were driving down the street I was going soooooo slow like always in a town ship and there was a bunch of kids in the street, so I stopped and waited for them to move to the side.  So, when they did I started to go and a little kid ran so fast in front of me and .....I hit him.   I was so dang scared!  At first I just saw him go under and I slammed on my brakes and then I saw him come up and I was relieved and then he was crying and I got out and picked him up and walked him home.  Luckily I just ran over his foot and it was swollen with some bruising but nothing to intense.  I felt sooooooooo bad even though it wasn't my fault and the parents were very nice and only got made at the boy and not me they actually apologized to me so that made me feel better.  I just called President Wood and everything was fine but yo it scared me soooooooo bad!
Anyways on a good note we found some great people and our teaching pool is really growing!  We found two amazing families and we had 8 people in church yesterday!  I was so happy!  Our prayers are really being answered!  I just wish I could help people commit and keep there commitments.  We are teaching a girl named Neliswa.  She is GREAT.  She has read all the way to 1 Nephi 12 in less then a week and her understanding is really good!  She came to church but then her friend took her to another church across the street!!!!!!!!  Dang him haha.  Well I am doing good and the work in our area is really taking off.  I'm so stoked for all of them to be baptized soon!  Thank you for everything.  Em and Tyler, Lucy is a cute baby! Congrats.  Brooke thanks for the picture.  You are the best!  I hope you all have a great week


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