Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello Family,
So its been a great week.  I have learned ALOT!  We have had some great investigators!  I think its funny Katee is teaching people that don't speak English..............welcome to Africa.  haha A TON of people don't understand English here.  But its something you learn to deal with or avoid. We have really got our area rolling!  The members have been helping a LOT!  Our area is HUGE and there is a lot of work to do!  Last night was CrAzY though!  We went to cross roads(part of our area) and this place has the highest murder record in SA or at least that's what we hear,  hahaha its okay mom.  Its probably a rumor.  So we stop at where we think our investigators house is and we get out of the car and walk around (in the dark) but we couldn't find his house so I unlocked the car and looked at the teaching record for the street name and got it and locked the doors and walked off.  Then I felt in my pocket.......nothing!!  NO KEY!!!!  So I'm walking around Cross Roads in the dark with my new companion and I thought we were GONERS!  haha   Just kidding I didn't really but I was a little worried.  Luckily there was a crazy less active family up the street so we walked there and when I walked in I said hello and told them what happened.  Immediately they all hopped up and grabbed some kind of......thing.. and said well lets go get in!  I just said no no no its okay they are bringing me a spare. hahaha  They acted like they had broke in to cars there whole life. hahaha   They are awesome and they love us so we waited there until they brought a key.  I'm not going to be in Cross Roads at night anymore! hahaha  I felt soooo stupid!  But when the Assistants brought me the key I looked at it and said this is the wrong one hahahaha so we went all the way back and to make matters worse they had to pick up the Woods from the airport and they didn't have time to drop us off first!  HI president, I'm a retard!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha  Oh but hey I haven't done that for awhile and the car wasn't running this time dad.  So we went back and to our relief the tires were still on the car.
We have been so guided this whole week.  I have really felt my prayers be answered in a ton of ways.  Thank you all for the letters and believe it or not I am writing.  Michele, THANK YOU for the invitation.  It was a day late or I could have been there, sorry.  I love you all!  Have a great week.


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