Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

This is going to be shorter then last week!  I'm doing really good.  At first training and being in a new area, knowing NOTHING and Training was so stressful but it is all good now!  Elder Zarbock is great and is a GREAT missionary!  We are working hard but its a little slow in the new area.  But soon it will pick up.  This time of the year is what they call Protest season.  At least that's what I hear.  And when they protest they ripped the town ship apart trying to get the governments attention.  Seriously they tore up the streets burned down shops and houses and threw boulders in the road and lit tons of tires on fire!  They also were throwing huge rocks at the cars but my driving skills rock and I dodged them all hahaha just kidding they didn't throw any at me but I saw tons of cars get pegged!
We already had a baptism.  We only taught him a tiny bit but he is still ours.  He is a 15 year old kid and he is awesome!  He is really shy but man he has a strong testimony of the gospel.  He bore his testimony at the baptism which was HUGE for him!  He is so shy and he did awesome.  It was the most humble testimony ever we were all just short of tears.  That kid rocks!  We already have some solid investigators and they will progress great!  We have an investigator who is struggling with smoking.  She wont stop!  But we set up some goals for her and she said she would eat sour worms instead of smoking so we got her tons of sour worms!  I know she can do it!  We taught her about fasting and we plan to do that with her!  She's awesome!  We also decided to go meet some members to try to get referrals.  We just randomly picked some on the list and when we showed up the first 3 families were less active and had lots of needs, funny how the Lord just puts you where your needed.  I love my new area its HUGE!!!!!!!!  I'm soooo thankful we have a car!  But walking would still be great!  The week has been a little slow and I just hope Elder Zarbock doesn't get discouraged!  It will pick up very soon the area is golden!
I'M SOOOOO HAPPY FOR JANELLE!!! (if she said not to tell me then don't tell her i know hahaha) and I'm glad that Calee is feeling better and everything went okay!  I want Pictures of Lucy!  And Oma I was wondering why you haven't written me and I just got two older letters in the post and one recent one haha so I will get back to you and every one else for that matter.  Have a good week love ya!

Elder Balmforth

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