Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello 08/29/11

Hello Family and Friends,
Well this will be pretty short sorry!  This week has been pretty good!  In church on Sunday in our very small rented out chapel we walked in and I thought whats with all the white people???  So the whole stake leadership was there and Elder Hill from the seventy.  They announced that Khayletsha is now a WARD!!!!!! Its soooo cool to see the growth of the church.  They have big plans to split the Cape Town Stake.  Its great to be here while all this is happening!  We have been teaching a lot and have some great investigators!  We will hopefully have 4 baptisms on 11 September, but we will see.  We are not allowed to mention names of people in our emails anymore probably because blogs cause yours hahahaha.  We are helping one of our investigators quit smoking and it was so funny in church she leaned over and said......Elder Balmforth, and I said yeah?  She said I have one smoke left in the car and I want to smoke it......will you take it away?  Haha and so I took it.  She is doing so well!  All of our investigators are mistaken as strong members in church haha the lord really does prepare people!  Its amazing.  I know that he has blessed us with finding these people who he has prepared.  I keep praying for Katee to find some and I hope she does!  I know grandpa is with her a lot.  And I'm happy about that.
This week is transfer week!  I HATE change so dang bad.  I know we will both stay but I think Elder Antriamanantena will leave which is way sad I love the kid!  But it will be nice to just have two again.  I'm so excited for Kelsee to go to the temple.  Kelsee, don't let the stress of everything take away from the sacredness of your experience.  Every one just leave her alone and let her have a good experience haha.  It is the best thing aver!  I can't believe that after you go to the temple our whole family will have gone through!  I think that is awesome and I cant wait to come home and go to the temple wit my family!!!!!!!  Its been a great week and we have another great week ahead.
Love ya!

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