Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello Family and Friends,
This will be way short because I had stuff to do for mom. So sorry. FIRST, Brooke and Deann happy birthday on the 1st and 4th and Jodi, happy birthday on the 7th. I'm really bad with birthdays but I'm trying to be better. So yes Elder Andriamanenten left Wednesday, its way sad I miss the kid he was great! Hopefully we will serve together again! But I still have Elder Zarbock and he is great. We were supposed to have three baptisms on the 11th but two fell through but its okay I'm sure it will happen soon!  And then hopefully Raymond will still be baptized!  I'm so excited for that!  He is amazing!  Everyone thinks he is a member. We have an investigator named Ellen and she is sooooo nice.  She makes dog clothes for a living and she made our dogs clothes.  Man she is so nice!  I bet Gus will just eat them but hey it's worth a try I guess.  We have never put clothes on him before but I guess we can try!  She is really good at what she does. It's been a really good week one full of blessings!  I'm excited for the wedding  I can't remember if its Thursday or Friday haha oh well.  I hope it all goes well.  Then my parents will be empty nesters!  Crazy!!!!! I hope every one keeps an eye on them until June when Katee gets home!  So things are going good.  There is not alot to say.  I could really use some tapes.  I was almost done recording and dads second hand tape fell apart!!!!  I was so mad haha but its okay. There is not alot to say! We have FHE with Tania and Malcom tonight and that will be great!  Tania is doing so good and should be baptized very very soon!  Well I love you all and I'm so thankful for everyone.  I hope every one is doing okay I have been thinking about my mom and grandma and my aunts alot!  I know its still probably pretty hard but it will be okay your in my prayers and I love you all.  Also thanks for the letters.  I haven't gotten any this week but I'm sure its just the slow post. Mer and Oma I got you letters last week and they were great thank you. Well have fun at the wedding. Take lots of pictures and send them. Love ya, Colton

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