Monday, September 19, 2011

Get this beam out of my Eye 09/19/11

Hello All,
Well its been a pretty good week!  We had zone conference with Elder Renlund and his wife.  That was really good.  I love zone conferences I get a ton of great in sights!  I also LOVE the Wood's.  They are so great!  I have had the two best presidents and there wives.  They are both very different from the Probst's but they are GREAT!  Sister Wood spoke at stake conference and she is so funny and so is president but they are able to teach you SOOOO much as they speak.   I LOVE it!  It hasn't been the most productive week in the area which is pretty sad and it gets really discouraging but I know that our efforts will eventually pay off and we have lessons to learn.  I have been studying so much in the scriptures and trying to memorize where things are!  My testimony of scriptures has grown sooooo much!  I love them!  I learn so much from them and enjoy it!!!!!  Which is a new factor.  I was studying in different places about humility and how the savior was very humble (obviously) and I realized I'm not very humble in a lot of different ways so it has been fun to try and correct myself, its not easy mostly because of pride haha but I'm working on it.  Our Zone conference was about companion relationships.  The whole time I almost just felt guilty!  I have an amazing companion.  All of them have been great.  I have never looked at myself.  When it says in 3 Nephi (I can't remember exactly where) we try to pull the sliver out of a mans eye but we our selves have a beam in our eye.  So first pull the beam out of our eye so we can see clear.!!!  How did I always miss that????  When you live with some one 24/7 you can always find little frustration nothing major just some pet peeves, and I always think why do they,,? or why would they...? but I never think what could I.....? or should I be better at.....? it was a great lesson to learn and I'm so thankful for that conference and my great companion.  They also told some pretty rough companion fighting stories and I have been blessed to have good companions for the most part haha.  I'm really working on being more Christ like but its really hard.  Sorry I didn't mean to make this a testimony or anything its just the biggest thing that I have learned this week.  Haha, anyways the church is true and I would be lost with out it!  I got some letters this week from Amanda, Brooke, Jodi and Terry!  So thank you and I will write back really fast.  Love you all and have a Great week.


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