Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are You Alive? 09/12/11

Hello Family and Friends,
Oh Katee's emails just make me so dang mad!!!!!!! TOMATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  African tomatoes are not good!  I want some home grown tomatoes!!!!  UGH oh well I won't be such a baby!  I'm glad Katee was able to get some!  Also I hope every one is getting my letters?  Not that I'm not getting any letters(which I'm not) but I just want to make sure you are all getting them.  I have honestly written to EVERYONE some even twice within the last 3 weeks?  So I guess we will see.  But mom is our zip code 84129?  And is that Brooke's  too?  Also Jodi I didn't forget about your birthday I'm sorry!  I can't remember if i put it on the email or not last week, but I hope you had a good day.  But happy birthday!  Also Grandma and Calee!!  Calee will you be 26?  Ya OLD fart! mmmmm I just had some tooth paste on lip and it tasted good.  Well you can tell life on p day is  pretty boring!  We use A LOT of Kilometers in our area so we don't do ANYTHING on P day.  So my week was so weird.  We were supposed to have two baptisms on Sunday but only 1 went through!  Raymond was baptized and it was great!  He was SOOO excited!  His wife was here from Tanzania.  So it was a good day.  We also had another investigator who is amazing but they had a little incident this week and made it prolong the baptism.  I'll tell you the short version of the story.  We went to their house and I knocked on there door.  No answer?  Again.  No answer?  So one more time and the little kids finally answered.  So we walk in and the house is a wreck.  So my mind automatically goes to the worst.  I ask the kids where their mom is and they say, "sleeping".  So Ii go upstairs while Elder Zarbock and our fellowshipper stay with the kids and I see our investigator laying on the bed.  I am finally able to get her to wake up and I ask what happened.  I finally find out that she overdosed on some medications.  Man, it was a little scary but we really care alot about our investigator and that's what was scary.  So I call an ambulance (not an easy task) and they say they will be a half an hour!!!!!!  What!  Never mind.  So the Bishop came and helped us to the hospital.  Our investigator is doing better now and we are working with her and just doing some stuff that President Wwood suggested.  I have learned a lot about the importance of this life.  Its a sacred mission in its self.  Its hard but we need to fulfill Gods plan in faith.  We love our investigator and we know they can do anything to over come this.  So this threw off our week a little.  But it has been a great week.  I love baptisms.  They help motivate you.  And we will have more on the 2nd!  I've had a cold this week ha, I hate being sick!  But its not too bad.  Its been a great week!  I can't believe Katee is almost half way done!  That's crazy!  I have still been thinking a lot about my grandma and my mom and aunts Ii hope your all okay.  I love you all.   Well I'm glad you had a great week.  Thanks for the letters!  Laura I hope you had your mail forwarded to your new address haha but I got your new address now.  Its crazy how much we relate in your letters.  We are a lot alike,  its a good thing for me haha well I love you all have a great week.

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