Monday, September 26, 2011

Crazy Africans! 09/26/11

Molo Family,
Well I bet Friday night at roughly 11:50am you didn't think hmm I bet Colton (Elder Balmforth) is getting MUGGED right now??  Oh, but I WAS.  Fetchin guy.  I was on exchanges in the other elders area and didn't have my car.  So we were walking down the street in the safe part of our area and I looked back to see a guy running after us...........great......I knew what was coming.  I was just hoping he wasn't gonna beat me up or shank me.  I'm sure you all think at this point I was freaking out and possibly started booking it in a funny motion.  But I was actually pretty calm.  So when he finally gets to us he says "hey give me your phone" so we hand over the cheap little phone, no big deal,  then he says and "where is your phone" and I say we share that phone (this was when I thought I might die) but instead he said, "well ugh give me your ring............................................" you, you, you want my ring?  So I sadly slide my ChooseTheRight ring off my warm bony finger and handed it over!!!!  Then........he left....running!!!  So yeah, I was sad he stole my ring but I had my nice pack on my back with my camera and scriptures and my wallet in my pocket, (but I didn't have my cards, which was smart) so I consider myself blessed!!!!!   I'm so thankful I have my scriptures and pictures still!  But Katee, I'm sorry the whole ctr ring deal thing is off for the time being.  It had sentimental value because my dad bought it for me and the deal with Katee.  ANYWAYS, then yesterday some guy hit our car with his and drove off while we were in a lesson! Hahhahha, oh my week.  But it wasn't a bad week!!!  It was actually very successful.  We had 4 very solid investigators at church on sunday and I'm really excited for them.  We have a baptism this coming Sunday and we will have more at the end of the month.  We also found a great family and have been sharing more with them.  I love the spirit of missionary work!  Its the best!
CALEE, I did not forget your birthday I just forgot to type it!!!!!!  I love you and hope you had a great day! And Tiff and Kathy happy birthday to you too!  I guess the newlyweds are too busy for me seems I didn't have an email from Mrs. Woods???  Sorry this is short and a little boring but thanks for the letters.  I love you all and have a great week.

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