Monday, October 3, 2011


I was NOT mugged this week, thank you very much!  I'm glad you all got a kick outta that!  Well life is dang good!  Tania was baptized yesterday!!!!!!  It has been a long bumpy road but finally she made it!!!  She is amazing!  We were sooooo excited!  Then we will have more at the end of October!  I hope I'm still here! She was so nervous I guess she has a fear of water!!!!  After all she has been through she has a fear of WATER hahahahah?  I talked her into getting in the font and then stood at the top of the steps.  The spirit was so strong and I am really happy for her to finally be baptized!  Her desire was so strong and she worked really hard to get here.  Out of all my investigators she has been through the most!  She's so cool!!!!!  You end up loving all the people you teach and just seeing them that much closer to there Heavenly Father is the best!!!  I'm so excited about the new temples being built in Africa!  They really need them!  I hope there will be one in Cape Town soon!!!!  Sealing families together forever has been my main goal since before I got here and I'm sooooo excited there is another temple in South Africa!!!!!  Their goal should always be getting to the temple!  But the week has been really good.  Today we had flat inspections and ours was the cleanest!!!!!!  They even took us out to lunch!  The Smith's are amazing!  Thank you mom for teaching me how to be clean!  I've had a lot of dirty companions and they haven't liked my ocd cleanliness.  But Elder Zarbock is pretty clean so that's good.  The only bad side was we were going to go to green market square for p day but now there is no time but I told Eelder Zarbock he is the senior comp today haha but he decided to go next week.  I feel so bad he hasn't done anything fun for p day since he has been here except table mountain.  But we are limited with how many Kilometers we can drive and we go over a TON ever week so I just limited how much we drive.  I hate getting rebuked for using to many Ks!  But we will go next week. Well the week has been great.  Mission is great!  I'm doing Great!  I have gotten lots of letters and I got mom and dads birthday package WAY early!  So thank you!  I'm writing a ton of letters so they will be out soon! Llove ya!

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