Monday, October 24, 2011


Alright well everything is pretty good.  We are really working on finding new investigators and its a little slow but its going good.Elder Critchfield is way cool!  We are tearing it up and having a blast.  We will have two baptisms on Sunday and I'm really excited!  They are both really cool people.  The first is Nelliswa she is really cool!  We found her when she was doing some night prayer thing with her church about 6 weeks ago and she decided to listen.  She loves the Book of Mormon she is already in Alma!!!!  She has a sweet testimony of the restored gospel and she is just really cool!  Then there is Michael.  He is 11 years old and is the brother of a recently activated member who is planning to serve a mission soon!  Michael is really cool and sooooooo smart and also wants to prepair for a mission!  Baptisms are cool!
Man we had this one investigator and she bought this anti Mormon book!!!!!!! (she spent 147R on it) why cant people just realize they need to ask God and not people!  She wouldn't even pray about it she said that she doesn't need to pray she can just meditate?????  I felt sick all night!  How can people be so confused? Its really sad.  I have a HUGE testimony of personal revelation and know that if we build a relationship with our Heavenly Father through prayer we can always receive revelation on our own lives and what we need to do!
I herd Katee was in Elder Leach's home ward, that's way cool I'm excited for her.  Well I'm really working on letters, its SOOOO hard to find time but I'm trying.  Laura thanks for the birthday card it was great!  Janelle thanks for the wedding announcement.  Sorry i wont be able to make it hhahaha.  And Calee thank you for the birthday package it was great, pictures are my favorite!  Grandma and Jodi thank you for the birthday money, man I get spoiled.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISHON AND BRENNA!!!!!!  I hope you have a great day!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!!!  Your the best and I miss you like crazy!  I hope you have a great week!

Love ya,

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