Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Liver Amaguina 10/31/11

Well I had a really good birthday!  It was basically just another day with a good district meeting and then Elder Critchfield bought me a Chicken liver amaguina for lunch in the town ship!  I love them and there only SIX rand! hahaha  Then in the evening we had an appointment with Penny and they surprised me with a cake.  And some other people came over, it was really nice.  Second surprise birthday party in a row! haha just in very different continents.  I thought alot about last year with the Halloween surprise birthday party and I thought about how the heck Liz could pressure me into dressing up like a hippy and taking me blindfolded to who knows where hahaha.  I have the best friends in America and AFRICA!  We also had baptisms on Sunday which was really good!  We worked really hard with them and it was exciting to see them get baptized!  Neliswa and Michael both bore their testimonies after and it was powerful!
So we were going through the potentials in our area book and we came across a lady who made an appointment three years ago, when the Elders went to her flat she wasn't home.  They never went back.  So we went to her house and we saw her out side and I said, "hello are you Nontombi", and she said yes.  So I said " missed our appointment three years ago! what happened??" Hahaha, dang it was funny!  She said apologetically "I'm so sorry, Ive been waiting for you" so we taught her about the restoration and it was an amazing lesson she loved it and when we left we set another appointment and she said "I will be here this time" it was a really cool experience to see how the Lord prepares people and how important it is to keep record. Nontombi is excited to be baptized on 4 December!  Being a missionary is GREAT>
I'm really sorry I'm so behind on the letters!  I'm working on it and I will pound some more out today!  Thank you to those who always write, letters are cool!  Thanks s much for all your love and support!


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