Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello All,
It's been a great week!  Tania was confirmed and it was great!  She is soooo amazing.  She took a driving test today and yesterday she asked for a blessing!  Her faith is so strong!!!!!  She just called us and said she passed!  It was great.  Our recent converts are so amazing!  I hope we have more soon!  We are teaching an amazing girl named Neliswa!  We found her while teaching a friend of hers.  The friend didn't want us to come back but she said we could come visit her but she wouldn't be baptized.  So we did and two months later she is ready for baptism!  She has a powerful testimony of the restored gospel and has an unshakable faith.  Leaving her former church was not easy but she said she know that the Authority had been restored and she knew she needed to follow the Savior!   She bore her testimony to us when Bishop Nyoni came to her house, it was great!  Man she rocks!  She will be baptized on the 30th!  Transfers are this week and we find out tomorrow.   I have a huge testimony of revelation and that is a huge comfort to me.   I HATE CHANGE!!!  Good or bad I HATE it!   But I know the lord knows best and it just takes a few weeks to get comfortable. We will watch conference this Saturday and Sunday and I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!  I have herd really great things and can't wait.  I remember when I was little Oma made me watch it at the condo in Snowbird and I wasn't a huge fan but I'm so thankful for that now and wished I would have listened to it!  Today we are going to green market square.  Finally not a lame p day!  So that's why I'm rushed.  Sorry for this short email but I do know that this Gospel is TRUE!  I know that Joseph saw what he said he saw and I cant deny it.  I'm so thankful for a loving Father in Heaven and the many blessing he gives us like the restoration, a living prophet, our families and more.  I love my amazing family!  I have the best parents and sisters in the world (even the two who forgot to email this week ;) haha. and grandparent's!!!!!  Thank you all for the letters!  I am writing soon!  I have the best, supportive family and friends your all the best! thanks again!

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