Monday, August 15, 2011

Hard Week 08/15/11

Well what a week.  I will start with Friday and then go back from there.  Friday night after coming home we planned and we made dinner.  While I was eating President Wood phoned and told me Grandpa Harward had passed away.  It was really hard.  I mostly thought about my mom and my grandma and my aunts and if they were okay!  I wasn't able to phone then until the next afternoon.  So I didn't get a lot of sleep.  I called my grandma first and talked to her and Jodi.  I feel better I know that they are doing okay!  Those two are so strong.  They took care of grandpa so well better than anyone I have ever seen.  They were so determined to keep Grandpa at home and make him comfortable.  I know that my mom and sisters are so grateful for that.  I know that they both have a special place lined up for them in the next life.  It was hard to talk to them but it really helped.  Then I called my mom and dad and talked to the family for a little bit.  It was nice to talk to them and let it all out.  I ha vent talked about it since then so it was a good time to talk about it.  I know that my grandpa has started his next mission.  I know that he has been with me.  It was comforting to feel him here.  I will never forget my grandpa he always did a lot for us.  I think we always forgot that he did so much because grandma was always the one who picked everything out and wrapped it way to perfectly or she was the one who slaved every Sunday to make us dinner but grandpa worked really hard with grandma to support our Christmas and birthdays and Sunday dinners and all the other stuff.  I went and bought some  Werthers Originals and had food with lots of ketchup and I drank milk that i don't like here haha.  Anyways it will be hard not to be there but know that I love you all and your in my thoughts and prayers.  Especially grandma and mom and my aunts and cousins I love you all and miss you.
This week has been great.  I haven't hit any kids.  We have taught A LOT!!!!  Its been so nice.  Our area is dangerous but very fruitful and mom read (proverbs 1:33)  I'm fine.  Neliswa has read all the way to 2 Nephi 3!!!!!!  She rocks.  We just need her to come to church but she knows its true!!!  We have also been teaching the Muhemedi Family!  They also rock!!!!!  The mom Ellen still doesn't want to be baptized but we are helping her.  And Jack (the dad) and the two older kids (Maryann>haha and Guedlay) will be baptized 11 September.  Ha good day right?  We had a lot in church on Sunday and the members are really getting excited to work with us.  The Khayletsha branch will soon be a Ward!  They already submitted the papers so that's exciting!!!
I was writing my conversion story for Sister Wood because she asked for it and I thought a lot about what my story was.  I have a lot!  I decided that when I knew for sure is when I worked at Legacy and was able to be with a couple of people near there death.  I watched them as they would reach for something in the air and ask questions like "who are they or where did they come from"  I know that what they saw were spirits.  They saw into the spirit world.  The spirit was so strong in those rooms I then gained a huge testimony of the Plan of Salvation and how it is taught in the Book of Mormon.  I know there is more out there and I know that my grandpa is teaching those lost spirits in prison.  I know the Book of Mormon IS the word of god.  I feel it every time I read it.  I know that God calls a living day prophet for us to be led and guided in these last days!  I know that my family will be together for ever.  I hope I can help other families go to the temple and be sealed forever.  I love you all.  I got some letters and Courtney's tape and I am writing you all back.  Thanks for everything.  I appreciate the love and support of all of you.


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