Monday, February 7, 2011

Still in Knysna

Wow, I was just sitting here dying of heat as I read your letters thinking why the crap is it so flippin hot?  I turned a little fan on when I got here....turns's a space heater!  So, yes it's a hot day and it's now a REALLY hot day because I'm an idiot!

So transfer news, I am staying and so is Elder Nzuki.  I am fine with it.  I am learning a lot from him and I'm actually really learning to love him.  He's an amazing missionary and I'm mad at myself for wasting time wishing I was in Paarl with Elder Leach and now I missed out on so much.  Anyway, Elder Leach is in Kwa Maxaki (the X is a click) he is follow up training an elder from Botswanna, so I have a step brother.  You train for two transfers so Elder Nzuki is my step dad.  So I guess I am done being a greenie.  I can't believe I'm on my 3rd transfer already.  It's going by so fast probably because there is nothing new to get used too.  Anyway, Elder Leach is in the Kwa Nou zone and I'm in the Port Elizabeth Zone and our zones combine for zone conference so, I'll get to see him in a couple of weeks.

The Ladles (our senior couple in George) just called us and they are being transfered to Namibia (no more bannana bread and cookeis for us).  I feel bad for them because it's way hot there, but they will do great there. 

So we had an appointment the other day to go and see Veronica And Luyanda.  They will be baptized on the 27th.  I am so excited.  Luyanda wasn't home so we just shared a scripture with Veronica and asked if she had any questions and she said "no, but I do want to say something".  I was a little scared thinking, oh geez, she doesn't want us to leave the J-DUBS got to her!  But no, she said tearfully, "I just wanted to say I'm so thankful that you knocked on my door, my husband and I were having a hard time and it seemed like our family was going to be over, but ever since you have started teaching us we have had no problems and just have been a able to talk more.  I'm so thankful that you came here and changed ourl ives".  BAH, YES, YES a meaning to all this really hard and frustrating work!!!  Haha, oh man I was soooo excited and still am.

Okay, wanna hear a MIRACLE?  We have an investigator who comes to church every Sunday but he can't hardley speak english.  So we just teach him slow.....VERY slow.  The other day in a lesson he was getting really frustrated over a question he was trying to ask so Elder Nzuki told him to say it in Xhosa but he couldn't get it.  So then, Silvester looks me in the face, gets close (too close for my comfort close) so after I back up a little, he says something I thought to myself.  "what freakin language was THAT"????  Then I just said a silent prayer that somehow I could help him, so after a pause I said, "Silvester say it again", so he said it in afrikaanz.....I freaking understood what he said.  I was shocked!  Even though it was a lame question, "do they give us bibles in church" I don't even care, I understood and I don't know how.  Well, I know how, but it was cool.

So the other day we get a call and it's Chancy an investigator, she has a loud voice, I hear Hello, Elder Nzuki
speaking the "HEY BROTHAS" haha it's Chancy, then Elder Nzuki says, "sorry, we've just been busy but can we come tomorrow"?  Uh, uh, TODAY, I love the people want to see us, it's great!

So there is this family who are all recent converts we see them every other day and they have a baby named Vaneesha, she is one and a half and she LOVES me.  Everytime I get out of the car I hear a loud black baby voice "BOMFOAM"  which means BALMFORTH!  She get's so excited to see me and I like to see her too because she is the only one I feel comfortable practicing my Afikaanz with! 

Okay, well, that's basically my week.  So, no I have not gotten the package yet.  Some Eldes say it takes  weeks or months, you just never know.  It sucks, I'm way jealous that Katee gets mail so fast.  I would be spoiled.  I really am doing so good.  I love Knsyna and transfers are March 17th and if I leave I'm going to be so sad.  I really don't want to leave ever.  So, mom, I basically live off of grilled cheese and most the members here are white so if we have a dinner appointment then it's normal, if it's a dinner appt. with a non white person then it's chicken, beef, sausage, chicken, beef, sausage, pap and veggies.....and chicken, beef and sausage.  The weather will start to cool down at the end of the month, hopefully. 

Mom, a favor, could you please send me a birthdday list?  If I could get my friends and families birthday's that would be great.  Okay, well, I love you all and have a great week.

Oh, P.S.  Zero letters this week but it's transfer week so the office is crazy.  I sent off half my letters on Saturday and ran out of stamps, so the other half will leave today.

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