Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well this week has been crazy!  Just finding time to write this email is not easy!  It is the last week of the transfer, which means we did travel for the whole mission!  Its a HUGE mission so most of our travel on transfer day is by plane and then some by bus.  So we got the transfer plans on Tuesday and got straight to work.  Its pretty fun.
As for the office its gonna change.  Elder Marler is going to Kwano to be a Zone Leader and Elder Wineagar and I am staying in the office.  We are getting two new office elders.  One will be my companion and the other will be Elder Wineagars.  So we are moving and Elder Wineagar gets to keep our flat.  But I'm moving into what is usually a senior couple flat!  So its nice!  It will be four until next transfer and then the number of missionaries will be odd so it will go back to three in the office and we will all live in the same flat.  So I will be in the office usually every other day which gets me in the area more!!  Some weeks it will be crazy and we will all be in the office every day! 
We went to lunch with Amber (American student) on Monday.  She left two weeks early because her grandpa died.  So now the Vanfleets are gone and Amber left!  They were the best!  But we still have some amazing members. Mom will you get on my Face book and add Amber's friend request.
Not a whole lot this week its been really busy in the office.  We have visited some less active members.  There are so many less actives its so sad but its mostly transportation issues or they have to work on Sunday. 
I'm a little nervous for Elder Marler to leave because he knows the area a lot and I don't!  The streets go every freaking direction!  Its so hard to follow an address.  So I bought a GPS well my parents bought a GPS;) thank you!  So that should help.  I haven't named her yet!  The GPS at home is named Sister Oz because she sounds Australian so her name is Sharon so we call her Sister Oz because of Sharon Ozborne.  I don't really know how that came about but we sound crazy.  I will give my new one an African name.  There is not much happening.  We have great relationships with the ladies in the post office.  We know them all by name and they love us!  We also know all the homeless people around the store and the office. (by name) the office is next to a HUGE psychiatric unit, which explains the electric fence, but I guess my apartment building has an electric fence and I'm no crazy.  Well I guess that's a matter of opinion.  See mom I just ramble on.  I don't know who would want to listen to any of this??  I appreciate all the letters!  I have the best family and friends!  I'm writing back its just been a crazy week.  Thanks for everything!  Love ya!


PS  mom I will get you all those names for the RS later.  I also got the other package, thanks!

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