Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello Family and Friends,
Okay sorry a day late but its still worth it.......right?  So it has been on crazy week!!!!  Transfer week!  I had no idea the office elders were so involved!!!  But I do all the travel!  So its been hectic.  In our mission we don't all get to meet up and have transfer news.  We all get phone calls and two days later everyone flies or buses to there new area!  So transfer day is tomorrow and my new companion is in Belville just the area next to ours, so he has come in twice in the last 7 days to get post and then to pick up the new car!!  Man, it is hard for me to keep a secret but he should know this morning so that's good!  I just moved two beds into the senior couple flat that I will be living in!  ITS SOOOOOOOO NICE!!!  It reminds me of my grandmas house!  Its a huge flat!  And we have a TV needless to say that wont get too much use.
So the office is full of change right now.  Tomorrow we go from 3 elders to four.  Elder Winegar will get a new companion and I will get a new companion.  My new companion is Elder Naylor from Utah.  He seems a lot more quiet then my last three companions and THAT'S NOT A COMPLAINT. (at this very moment Elder Winegar was crawling on the ground acting like a lion trying to scare me.)  Now you see what I have dealt with for six weeks.....oh but wait......theres two of them hahahaha.  Elder Marler leaves for Kwano to be a Zone Leader tomorrow.  Its been a little hard because I don't think my office job takes 6 weeks to train someone on so he continues to train me on things I have done 100 times without him and I do them now.  I know he is just trying to help.  I have just realized I am not humble enough for a 6 week training course.  I have said in my head so many times "I KNOW"!!!!! hahahaha he is a great Elder and if it wasn't for him I would be messed over.
Then on the 28th President and Sister Wood will be here!!!  I have already begun booking some of their travel for when they arrive.  Pretty cool!  President Probst does his own travel I just get him a car, but he says I will probably do President Woods.
Today I get to meet all the new missionaries I'm excited.  So we had a GREAT SOLID baptism lined up for Sunday, his name is Filio.  When he told us he wanted to be baptised on the 12th we were so excited!  Mostly because he told us hahaha and we told him that now that he had made a decision to follow The Savior in a HUGE way that he would be tested!  Obviously the adversary wouldn't want him to be baptised. so he was tested and BAM he texted me saying he cant do it!  Ugh his testimony was soooo strong he felt the spirit I don't know what went wrong!!!
Well, its now two days later,  it should be a good day I'm all moved in to the new apartment and I will get my new companion today. I will also get to see Elder Leach which I'm pretty stoked for!  I haven't seen him since I left Paarl 6 and a half months ago.
We just prank called elder Winegars office and we had him going for like 10 minuets and we made fun of him ha ha, but then he just called mine and had me for a few minuets: ( its not so funny when it happens to you hahaha.  Well we have had a few good lessons and have a few baptismal dates.  Its really hard to have the university as a huge part of your area because they leave for the break and its hard to help them progress. But that's okay were trying to focus on families. That is really what the gospel is about and I'm so thankful that i have an Eternal family.  I think, Like Katee that is something I have built my testimony on.  I love you all and thanks for all you do!  Have a great week.


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