Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I don't have a lot to say this week so it will be short.  I want to tell this story because its funny and sad. Remember how that Muslim Lady came into the church that one Sunday well.....I called her and I set an appointment.  We met with her and she automatically began to tell us everything.  She was born catholic but found out that was wrong when she learned how to talk. (sorry Oma if it makes you feel better she is very confused but I won't add my input) anyways.  So then she got married had five kids, 3 girls 2 boys and then she got divorced.  Then the missionaries came and taught her and her family.  They were all baptized.  Kids, Parents, Brothers Sisters...the whole lot.  So she is very very active!  She held a stake calling and everything. So she begins one day to pray for a husband, well a few months later she found out that wasn't working.  So she was more specific.  She prayed that when she met the man she was supposed to marry the Lord would have him say anything about God.  So she is at the shop one day and a man walks up and says.  "What do you think about the almighty god"?  I for one would be a little creeped out but now I realized I do the same thing every day?  Anyways so the sparks go off the foot comes up whatever. Well the man is MUSLIM!  So she gets into it.  Then she gets an "invitation" to meet with the Stake Pres and others. and she is Exed.  I feel bad for her because she was heart broken and offended.  Anyways so she still goes to the LDS church for a while but then she marries this Muslim man and moves to the good ole SA and becomes a staunch Muslim. Her kids who are all return missionaries, haven't had much communication with her.  They have all moved to the States most in Utah.  So she then continued saying she read the Book of Mormon and knows that it is scripture but questions how it was translated?  I don't get it but she does.  So she then told us that she wants us to never stop looking for the truth.  If I could have gotten a word in Ii would have said I HAVE IT!  And you can't search for something you KNOW you have!  But I love Muslims.  They are very kind and loving people.  I know that might sound weird but its true.  At least the ones who are true to there faith and not crazy.  But they are wonderful people.  There are a TON here.  We are not allowed to teach them with out permission but neither of us could get a word in so I think were okay! 

The office is going good its sad to see President and Sister Probst in their last few days here.  Getting all ready for the Woods.  But I'm glad I had some time with them.  The Wood's will be Great!  Its a random HOT day here today?  Its been cool all the other days?
We have Zone Conference this week and rumor is Sister Probst gives us a hug. Hahahaha not that that means anything we just don't hug her.  It will be their last Zone Conference and I'm excited because it should be really good. 

Anyways (I say that a lot in this email) Cal thanks for all the pictures of Brayden they make my day!  And Grandma, Grandpa and Jodi I got the Package!  It was GREAT thank you!  It came at the perfect time...I'm out of money and now I will live off of muffin mix :) Thanks again for everything.  I love you all!

Elder Balmforth

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