Monday, November 28, 2011

Gone 11/28/11

Hello every one!
So I got transferred.  I HATE change but so far its going alright.  Elder Critchfield got a visa to Namibia and so he was also moved.  He was a really good comp but my new comp is pretty cool.  His name is Elder Mooki and he is from Joburg.  I am in a small town ship near Port Elizabeth, called Kwanobule.  It's a small ward. and I'm walking hahahahahaha I think its funny.  So far its going well.  It has not been too hot in fact yesterday it poured rain I was soaked all day.  Ha I don't have a rain coat.  But its fun to talk to alot more people. Church on Sunday was wierd.  I REALLY miss my last area and the people there but I'm sure I will like theses ones just as much.  I hope they are all doing good there.  Saying goodbye is never fun but I'm glad I was able to serve there.  Elder Fozard is one of my Zone leaders so that has been alot of fun.  We live with two other elders so that is pretty fun.  We have some good investigators and got some more on Sunday. I love to see how the Lord prepares people!  We met a family who asks THE BEST questions.  And the restoration answers them all!.  I KNOW that Jesus Christ DID restore his church back to the earth. I am so thankful that we have it. and that we have the same authority.  Grandma I got your package!!!!  It is great and we won't start till the 13th it will be nice and thank you for all the work that you put into it and I'm sure Jodi had something to do with it so thank you both I love you!  And I'm glad my Elder Mooki will have something for Christmas.  He doesn't have much.  I have had no time for writing letters!  I am SOOOOO behind and I'm really sorry!


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