Monday, November 14, 2011


OKAY this is my weekly email. HELLO> I have had a great week and wish I had time to tell you more!  I will get some letters out this week. Sorry I have no more time but everything is going good and I will have a long email next week.
Love Colton

Colton did not have time to email because mom had insomnia and was awake when he emailed, so I got to chat with him for a little bit.  So he did not have time to send out a mass email.  He is doing so good.  He loves his area.  It is a really sketchy area and not real safe, but he loves the people.  Transfers are next week and he has mixed emotions, he loves his companion, Elder Critchfield, they really click.  They are having success in the area and another baptism this coming Sunday.  As a mom, I want to thank all those who write and pray and give support in any way.  We are so appreciative as a family and we have been so blessed to have two wonderful missionaries serving. 

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