Monday, November 22, 2010

E-mail 11-22-2010

Hey momma and dad!! can you send some jelly bellys asap???? please there is a family that feeds us all the time they are the La Vitas there so amazing there son is on mission in england! and there daughter served in utah! they are the best they already reserved us for christmas hahaha and anyways they love jelly bellys and they said if i get any then i can share but if you cant then its fine! so okay answer to number 1 i am always eating my cheeks are huge dont tell anyone! the members stuff us full! they LOVE the missionaries they would take a bullet for us! #2 I love Elder Leach hes great and so obediant! wich is the best! his family is in the Tacoma Washington mission! so you can talk with his mom on that email mom thing! #3 i cant skype for xmas we just found out.  #4 im doing good mom dont worry about me! there are hard days but im figuring it out and making the best of the situation. #5 no your letters are not getting here hahaha i have gotten only ONE hand written one from courteny and a few dear elder from my amazing grandma harward and then one from you and kels and laura but those JUST came and i dont mean to complain but please keep writing once a week it  is not that hard!!! #6 oh i just answered that hehe #9 no i cant accsess my own acount well i could but im not allowed so i wont! but no im good! im well taken care of just put your trust in the lord he is ALWAYS with me i know that and if your close to him then your close to me! cheesy moment of the week! also just call me colton i really miss that name hahaha Every now and then Elder neilson will call me that but other then that thats all i hear of it! so im going on exchanges tonight and tomorrow with elder nielson! hes far to excited hahaha his companion is very intimidating so hes excited hahaha it should be good though! i hope katee is okay i know its going to be hard for us all, yes even me! how do you think i will feel KNOWING my family is not okay and katee is suffering in the mtc and there is nothing i can do! its going to be hard and i just dont know sometimes i just want to tell her not to go she doesnt have to but i have already experianced so much that i would never ever take back or give up! the people will love her so much! i just hate that she has to be in the MTC its a hard place! i mean i loved it but thats probably the worst of the mission right there! oh man i just worry! well on a good note we have 11 people commited to baptism!!!!! were on a role! but not every area will be this fruitful I have been blessed to have known and met these amazing people!! and i confirmed someone on sunday! her name is moureen shes so flippin awsome! it was a nice experiance. i can tell im going to love this it will just come more and more everyday.  well this is an amzing thing here i love Paarl and im doing well. i love you all
                      Elder Balmforth

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  1. I can't believe Colton thought the MTC was horrible! Maybe because he was in South Africa instead of Provo ... Tell Katee that the MTC is NOT horrible. It is hard, but it's also an amazing and spiritual place. She'll be learning a lot and she'll be humbled, but she will also look back on it with fondness. I'm glad to see Colton is receiving my letters!