Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Letter. Last Letter from the SA MTC 11-6-10

Hey so NOT alot of time! i leave this wednesday for cape! im nervous and way sad to leave some of my friends that are going to uganda! but oh well,  so here we go! a few favors! mom please send a few more 5x7 fam pics! my new pres wants one and hes NOT having mine!!!!! next, one of my really really good friends is elder Bryers. his sister is going to the provo mtc this week. she will be serving in the temple square mish! i was thinking maybe go take her a nice package with some candy or whatever! that would be a great family service project! her name is sister Bryers and i am serving with her Bro in cape! next, so mom my stomache pills! DONT MAIL THEM! they wont get here so what we need to do is cancel the medco and get a new perscription from gomez and then ill get you a fax number that dad can fax it to! there is a copy of the perscription in my call packet but its not valid because they sent a new one to med co! next, and last favor, will you sent a thank you card or letter to the christensens they made my birthday and have been amazing! okay now Maurissa THANK YOU SO MUCH for your letters im sorry i cant email back maybe i will be able to in the field? also mom and dad i wont be emailing till monday NOT this monday, Next monday! but i get a whole hour! and DONT get on when im on its to hard ...yeah! so dear elder has been taking about 2 weeks! Mom Kate Kels and calee THANK you for writting! i know it might be hard to take the time but you have NO idea how much it helps! Liz i saw you emailed i havent read it yet! love you though! so fam you should go do a 7am temple session on tuesday at the oquirr mount temp then we will be in the temple at the same time! just diffrent temple, and country! i LOVE the temple it has been AMAzing to go! also 1 more favor at the end of two years mom and dad PLEASE pick me up i think it would be great!!! im drinking LOTS and Eating lots of food, comparible to soggy styrafoam! katee tell leland i understand about his comp.......he will understand exactly what i mean! MOM AND DAD HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! i didnt forget oct 25! Grandma i LOVE my scripture pencil. Kelsee if any one on Facebook adds me thats from SA then Add them, also make sure you have the cape town addresss on! so i do love it here it will probably be hard to go out to the field but im excited! im actually going trackting today in a small town ship! PLEASE KEEP WRITTING and laura i didnt forget your promise hahaha! ill email you all next week thanks for everything! i love you all and thanks for your support i will email you on monday the 15th peace

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  1. I didn't forget my promise either ... I sent a letter with you on the plane and I also wrote you via ... but it sounds like you may not get it for another few days. I'll keep writing and eventually they'll catch up to you. :-)