Monday, April 30, 2012

All To Familiar 04/30/12

Well what a week!  On Monday night President Wood called and talked to us.  He told us that Elder Giles Grandpa passed away......sound familiar? Y eah its been a rough week for him.  He was able to call home and that was good for him.  He was pretty close to his grandpa and his family is really close like our family.  I just feel really bad and know how he feels.  At times like this you just wish you could be home with your family to support them.  But the Lord and our Grandpa's would never want us anywhere else.  There both really proud and happy that were serving.  Elder Giles is awesome and he will do great!
I remember when my grandpa died my testimony of the plan of salvation just got so much stronger.  Its just awesome to know where we go and that we will be happy.  Please keep Elder Giles and his AWESOME family in your prayers.

Other then that is been a good week.  I remember when grandpa died it was a SLOW week actually a couple slow weeks.  We worked hard its just my thoughts were at home with my family.  I think Elder Zarbock wanted to KILL me haha.  But I know its been a long week for Elder Giles, but things are getting better.  We even have a baptism this Sunday.  Its one of our favorite investigators, Yonela. at least that's her English name.  She has worked really hard and is so ready for baptism.  She is really excited.  We are also still working with Dudu.  She is progressing FAST.  We taught a lesson on enduring to the end and she just said she knew that she could do it!  She said she is ready.  Enduring in this life is NOT easy but its not really meant to be.  Were are expected to return to our father strong and how could we do that if we didn't endure.  We would be weak.
When we were teaching Yonela yesterday we were in the middle of the lesson when a little boy Rins comes in and said, "JONGA" (look) and so we looked over and he was holding a little mouse by its tail.  We laughed and said get out hahaha.  I instantly thought of Oma!  When I was little I would ALWAYS hide mouse stuffed animals and try to scare her.  She would always scream and dramatically jump.  I thought she was serious but she was always just making me laugh.  Then I got older and bought some that were rubber that really looked like mice and I think I really got her hahahaha.
I'm sorry this is a short email.  Its been a long, crazy, weird and bit emotional week.  But its been good and we have just been reminded the Lord is always teaching us.  I know elder Giles grandpa is in a better place and he is happy serving the lord there.
I got moms letter and Brad's wedding invitation, sorry I can't make it haha but it looks good and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I also sent off 12 letters!!!!! Yeah 12!  I was WAY behind!  So I hope they make it home. I am so sorry I am not better at writing back to everyone.  I will try harder.  I hope you all have a great week.  Please keep us in your prayers, it will still be a rough few weeks for Elder Giles.  Transfers are soon and I really hope we stay together, but you never know what will happen.  Grandma, I have been thinking a lot about you this week, and I hope you are doing good.  I know Jodi is taking good care of you, but I know you have hard times, just remember I am thinking of you all the time and praying for you that things will get easier.  Thanks for the love and support.  Love you all!

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