Monday, April 9, 2012


Well another week gone by.  It's so crazy how fast these weeks fly.  Whats crazier is that I get up and do the exact same thing every morning.  Up at half past six, shower, get ready, blah blah.  Some oat meal for the past 18months hahaha but its REALLY worth it!
Well its finally getting cold in Africa and I will never have to go through another African summer!!!!!  Unless I come on another mission here which I would do in a heart beat.  Its nice for it to be cold though I think I'm a little more sensitive to the cold because temperature wise its not that cold but I am FREEZING!  Utah is going to kill me!
We had a great week this week and we taught the first lesson the a girl named Dudu. (yes that is her name) she is awesome.  She comes to church a lot and we all thought she was a member but we visited her and found out she wasn't!  It was a great feeling!  She is so solid.  The lesson was awesome, she understood so well and even said "well yes if his church was lost then god would not want us to be lost as well, so there would have to be a restoration"  DING DING DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The room just filled with the spirit and she felt it as well!
This was an awesome Easter.  I remember last year when my district leader in district meeting said it was the best Easter because we have  time to bear testimony every day that the Savior lives and loves us and that he did restore his gospel to the earth through a prophet  who was called of god.  It was my second best Easter because I got to do it again.
So Oma, one of your students wrote me and I lost the return address tell her sorry and maybe you could help me with that address?  Also Ii still can receive post here its just hard to send.  I got post from Oma and Grandma and Courteney and also Cheryl Thomas.  They were awesome letters!  So, thank you very much!
So before I forget happy birthday last week to Brad and Parker Franson!  And this week to Emery and Emily..AND Brayden.  I cannot believe it was a year ago that I got a phone call from Sister Herbert in the office telling me Calee had Brayden!  I was stoked but disappointed I was missing out on it all.  I know why I am here and wouldn't change that for the world.  I hope you all have a great week. 

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