Monday, April 2, 2012


Its been a pretty good week.  On Tuesday I got the call that I would be leaving good ole Kwano and going to another large town ship called Mdantsane.  I'm serving in the Mdantsane 3rd ward.  So I was pretty excited but its always hard to leave.  I said good bye to some great people and I'll miss them a lot. There are great people here that I will love!  So I hoped on a big double decker bus and rode for about 5 hours.  It was a nice ride though and I saw elephants on the way.  They were in an elephant reserve and a bunch were just chilling by the road.  I've seen a lot of elephants so its similar to seeing a dear back home.  It was sad to see Elder Fozard go home but he emailed me today and said he is doing well.  I'm excited to be in this area, this ward seems to function really well so I'm excited for that!  My new companion is Elder Giles from Tooele Utah.  He is pretty cool.  He was trained by Elder Fozard at the same time Ii was training Elder Zarbock, so I met him a few times at some training meetings nearly nine months ago.  TIME FLIES!  So here is the bad news.  Post is really unreliable here.  We get post just fine because it comes from Capetown but it will be hard for me to send anything out.  I owe alot of people letters like Mishon and Cameron and Ashlee and Grandma and Oma....I could go on.  So it might take a while.  I can send it with the AP's when they come every six weeks.
So sorry.  But other then that its been a good week.  I have been so tired from moving but its still been good. We had an awesome lesson with a recent convert yesterday!  He sacrificed so much when he was baptized. He automatically began to live the word of wisdom and law of chastity and became very active and totally changed his life.  Yesterday when I asked him why he changed so quickly he said. "most people don't see the big picture, I saw the truth and it was the big picture and I changed my life to live how god would want me to live"  SO TRUE!  Most people cant see the big picture!  He later explained that this life is so short and we have a purpose here.  The purpose is not just to eat drink and be merry.  But that purpose is to come unto Christ by first developing faith in him and our heavenly father.  Then repentance, Baptism by the correct authority, Receiving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end.  That is how we fulfill our purpose. This life is so short and it is the time god has given us to prepare to live with him.  His way is NOT a suggestion its HIS way.  The life after this is so much longer and we need to prepare now in order to have a good life in the life to come.  I was just so impressed at his understanding.  I to know that this is true.  I know this life will be short and worldly things do not matter.  It is the time to prepare to meet god, nothing else.
I am going to love this area.  Well I hope everyone is having a great week.  Thank you for all you do.
 Elder Balmforth

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