Monday, March 26, 2012

Jive, Mama, Jive!! 03/26/12

GREAT!  I left my stupid planner with all the notes in it at home!!!!!!!!!  Freak....oh well I can wing it.  So before I forget I got your letter mom, anyone in the ward who has written me I have written back even if its just a post card.  The post cards get stolen a lot, so I heard. (who on earth would want to steal a post card beats the heck out of me!) Anyways I wrote a TON> so I hope all the ward members that wrote me got their post cards.  I love them all and am so thankful for the support I get.  It means a lot to me.   Oh,  and Oma, happy late birthday.  I also got your letter this week and its always great to hear from ya!  Brandon and Kim, Happy Birthday this week, I hope you have a great day.  So this week is transfers and I have not gotten any solid news, so that will come next week but mom and dad I will have Elder Fozard call you when he gets home.  Man its so weird that their going home its going to be weird but it will be good.  Its nice to see that its not easy for them to leave.  Its a bitter sweat thing!  Anyways the week has been great!  Guess what, ya remember the Mdingane sisters who are preparing for baptism but we were waiting for there family to be happier about it.  Well on Thursday we went to their aunts house and when we showed up we were soaking wet from the HUGE rain storm.  She was so friendly and took us in quick!  Then we taught a little about the restoration and had the sisters bear there awesome testimonies of the restored gospel and of there desire to follow the savior.  They did awesome!  We also bore testimony and the aunt said she would make the family happy about it.  With Xhosa people usually the oldest sibling controls the whole family!  So it was an amazing break through!  Then we committed her to come to church and she said yes!  Which usually mean "I don't want to hurt you feelings so sure, but I'm not really going to show up" haha BUT.......THEY CAME the aunt and the sisters MOM!!!  It was a miracle and a sure answer to our prayers.  It was awesome!!!!!  Plus a bonus+ she is a member of the new apostolic and they love to sing and dance!  So before we left she sang and danced a nice prayer and then prayed.....loud. haha  It was cool!  In my head I was just thinking :"Jive mamma jive"!  These girls deserve to be baptized!  They really want it and they are the most faithful and dedicated people I have taught!  They have not missed one hour of church in over five months!  I can't wait for them!
The weather has been nice this week.  Its warm today but not hot!  You can tell that winter is coming and I'm stoked for that!  We also finished the ward map for the elders quorum and together they came up with areas for home teaching!  Working in this area has been a great experience.  Sure we only had two baptisms but their solid and we re activated many and we really built a strong relationship with the ward and hopefully helped push the home teaching!  Its an amazing place and if I leave it won't be easy to go.  It never is.  Well, I love you all and I'm sure I forgot stuff to say but I'm doing great and lovin it here.  Thanks for all you do.  Have a great week! love ya.

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