Monday, March 5, 2012

No Time 03/05/12

It has been a great week. We had zone conference and it was amazing.  We had a training on working with less actives.  It has been a huge focus in the mission and its not easy work.  People often forget the sacred covenants they make and we are all here in this life to help and lift one another.  One of those covenants is to serve others.  We can do that by going to church with the thought in mind " who can I serve today".  We can also help others to keep active in church so they can receive the blessings the lord has to offer them.  We learned a lot more then just this, but I really like those few points.  We also learned a lot about prayer and what a meaningful prayer really is.  I'm getting kicked out of the email shop now because its closing.  I am really working on having meaningful prayers.  I know that our Heavenly Father is there and that he loves us.  I know he will answer us.  Our area is doing good.  Its been one of those weeks where everything just drops but we spent the time working with less actives and recent converts.  These people are legit!  Our area is on fire and I love this work.  I sent off a few letters and grandma I got your letter.  Thank you!  MOMMA HAPPY BIRTHWEEK!!!!!  I love you all, sorry this is a lame email I will spend more time on one next week.

Elder Balmforth

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