Monday, March 12, 2012

The Rat Dog 03/12/12

Hello All,
We are walking down the dirt road and we hear barking around the corner so as usual we each pick up a brick and prepare to throw it.  As we turn the corner we stop and and look down, my Ugandan companion says Elder.....Is that a dog?  I look down and laugh so hard....... " a Chiwawa!"  I haven't seen one of those in FOREVER! hahaha he is still confused at what it really was hahaha.  The town ship dogs are usually mean and hungry so we have to defend our selves but even I wasn't to scared of the Rat dog.
We have had a great week this week.  We were able to find four new investigators and were pretty excited about them.  They were all found this weekend so we have appointments this week.  I pray they go well!
We had a great lesson with our recent convert.  She is AWESOME she is in ALMA in the Book of Mormon and she understands so well.  She has one child and stays by herself.  Her husband left her in 2007 and she hasn't heard from him since.  She is so self reliant.  At the same time she is so very poor.  She makes African beads to sell.  She is so humble.  She does know about the church welfare program but would never ask.  So the other day we had an awesome lesson with her and when we were walking out we saw the Van Sickles pull up with the Relief Society president.  We went and talked to them and they said the Bishop stopped by to visit our recent convert and realized how she had nothing!  He had them go to get a list of food that she would need!  When they asked her to make a list she didn't know what to do she has never received help before and was so confused at what to ask for that she said "can I give you the list tomorrow!!!!!!  Man, we do not know how good we have it!  My heart melted when I herd this.  She is so faithful and has great trust in the lord.  I know it is because of her obedience and faith that she was able to find the church and is know receiving help that she never even expected.  I LOVE THESES PEOPLE!
We have been working hard with less actives while still trying to build our teaching pool.  We have been teaching these two sisters they are the most powerful investigators I have ever had.  They would NEVER miss church but their mom doesn't want them to be baptized now, obviously their old enough but it would cause problems in the family.  So we are going to visit their aunt who has al ot of control with the mom.  We will fast and pray with them so hopefully they can be baptized!.
So the other day we were visiting Siphokazi, a recent convert and her son Pakamisa the 6 year old with down syndrome, and he put a hair piece on and said in xhosa " I'm Oprah" hahahahahahahaha I about died. That kid is so funny!
Well as you can see the week was good.  I got letters which was great!  And Brooke, yes I got the tape but don't chance sending stuff with out the Jesus stickers again hahahahahah.  It was an awesome tape, thank you!   MOM and LAURA happy birthday yesterday!  I hope you both had great days!  And Grandpa B happy birthday tomorrow, ya old fart.  Have a great week love ya.


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