Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Week 04/23/12

We pull over at our recent converts house.  I grab my back pack (that is always right by me like Grandma Peterson).  I step out and look down........then Elder Giles gets out and comes around and sees me looking at the ground.  So he says.....what?   Then he just looks down for himself and there lies a small dead dog right by my feet.  Elder Giles whispers (I don't know why he whispered?) "I did not hit him"!.........then asks "did I"?? hahahaha, maybe you just would have had to be there but it was sooooo funny!  We see dead dogs at least everyday but I mean I almost stepped on the dumb thing! hahaha it was so funny! ANYWAYS!
It was a great week!  We had a lot of appointments, and most of them held. We have been working so hard with our investigators to help prepare them for baptism.  They all just need a little more work.  Hopefully they will be ready by next month!  We have about 5 very solid investigators and 9 recent converts.  The Church and especially our mission is focusing on real growth.  I think I have talked about this before?  Its so easy to get baptisms its just hard to baptize people who understand and who are willing to endure to the end and keep the sacred covenants they made.
We also love to visit an old lady named Mama Peggie.  She is a saint that one!  She is always the first one at church with out fail.  Except yesterday.  So we went to make sure she was okay after church and sure enough she was okay she just had a strong cold and couldn't walk that far.  So we visited for a minute and shared a thought and then prayed.  Mama Peggi's hearing is not to good so we basically shout the whole time its so funny.  She told us she read the Xhosa Book of Mormon and then paused and said...........ugh you don't believe me....wait here" so she goes to get it and reads....forever! hahaha I love Mama Peggie!  She gets so lonely so its nice to stop by for a few min when we can and cheer her up.  I love old people!
But yeah the week was really great!  We kept busy and I'm loving this area.  Its been nice and cold!  Which is GREAT!
Well my spiritual experience for the week was at Sister Mandeesas house.  She is a reactivated member and is so strong!  She has older kids that we are teaching and they are awesome!  They never miss church!  So we were teaching last night in Sister Mandeesas small cement house with out electricity.  So, if we meet them at night we always have candles.  So we were reading from the Book of Mormon and a little boy saw that Elder Giles was struggling to see the Book of Mormon and of course Ii just think "come on read the verse its not that dark" but this little boy went to the other room and got a candle and held it by Elder Giles'  book.  It hit me so hard that we are to be as the little children, meek, submissive, humble ect.  That little boy has nothing!  He was so quick to think of someone else.  Its not easy to put off the natural man but I know that as we try and be humble, meek, submissive and loving we will receive eternal life and blessing in this life.  I just thought that was really cool!
Thank you for all the letters this week.  Laura I got a letter from you that you sent in March.  Hahaha post is so unpredictable here!  I hope every one gets my letters.  I love ya have a great week!


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