Monday, May 7, 2012

WHAT!!!!!!!!! 05/07/11

HAHAHA, so crazy week.  Elder Giles is doing AWESOME!  He is not letting it effect him!  So yeah this week we have been expecting transfer news.  It usually comes Sunday or Monday but president loves to keep us on our toes.  So, we figure of course if either of us go it will for sure be Elder Giles.  So its Friday morning and we are on our way to District meeting which is a good 30 min drive to Mdansane NU 13 chapel.  Give or take, and on the way our phone rings and the number was not saved so I answer "hello this is Elder Balmforth" "hi Elder Balmforth, its President Wood how are you".   I had been having a real bad head ache the whole night before and I could feel it turning into a migraine so I did what I had to and took the strong stuff (that I never take).  Its the only thing that can sort of prevent a migraine.  So long story short I was really "loopy" and I have NO filter on my mouth when I take these.  So, I reply "I'm fine president how are you" he says "I'm fine, Elder Balmforth I need to talk to you....your leaving".  So I reply by yelling "WHAT!!!!!!!" hahahahahaha he was silent for a minute and then laughed.  I didn't remember perfectly, so after a few hours I realized how weird I was and called Sister Wood to tell her the story.  She just laughed and said its funny.  Oh man mission is so crazy!!!!  So yeah, after six weeks in Mdansane I am leaving!  Crazy, but president says I'm needed in Grahamstown.  It is a small mission branch sort of like Knysna and George but smaller.  The Branch President is a senior missionary named Elder Nye.  Him and his wife came when I was serving in the office.  I hear they are great!!!!  So mom I bet I can  skype for a little on Sunday? Not to sure yet.  I am taking Elder Leaches spot sort of.  I will be in his biking (not motorcycles) :( area. it is a town area which is a nice way of saying its not a town ship.  I haven't taught wealthy and or white people in a LONG time, so this will be interesting but really fun.  Elder Leach says its one of his favorite areas!
In church on Sunday the Bishop stood up and said we will now sing families can be together forever and after we sing everyone needs to go sit with their families. (they don't usually sit by families here!!!!!!) So needless to say that was depressing.  I even looked around to see if by some chance this was a joke.  Maybe they would be here? hahahaha funny!
We had a baptism on Sunday and it was awesome.  We worked really hard with Yonela.  She has come a long way and is really excited about her baptism.  I wish I could be here to see the rest of them!!!
We taught an awesome lesson to an investigator named Thandekazi!  We taught about prayer.  I love the fact that prayer is just talking to God.  I think people take it as some poem you have to recite to him, but its not.  He is there to be thanked, he is there to talk to and ask for help.  I shared the experience when I finally knew someone was listening.  I was in the MTC and obviously a little home sick.  I prayed A LOT but questioned if he heard. (I know stupid doubt) but its true.  I asked for some comfort to know that he heard me and that whole day was signs and comfort.  They had so many lessons on comfort and the Savior and home.  It was awesome!  I felt the spirit really strong as we testified that He is there and He DOES hear us.  I love prayer and know that I have a strong testimony of it.  I would be really lost with out it.  I know prayer is real and He Will listen!!!
I can't freaking believe Katee is 16 days away!!!!!  That's so weird but its good.  I am happy she will be home.  Well happy Mothers day soon and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANELLE!!!  I hope you had a great day!
Love you all!

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