Monday, May 21, 2012

Why Don't You Believe? 05/21/12

Well its been an awesome week!  On Tuesday we got to take a sweet road trip to PE and watch the Young Ambassadors concert from BYU!   It was awesome to do something normal hahaha.  Then we slept in PE, I stayed with Elder Cowley and that was a lot of fun.  Then in the morning the windshield of our car was off! hahaha not completely off but loose and so we drove all around PE trying to get it fixed and the guy said that if we would have gone to fast the pressure would have shattered or lifted it off.  So good thing we prayed before we left and noticed it was loose. A real nice guy fixed it for us.
Then we came home and had a normal week.  A lot of our appointments cancelled and that was no fun but we worked a lot with members and I even went tracting, which I have not done since I was in Mobray haha I think?  I hate rejection so I will do anything before it gets to that as long as its productive.  We went and we were rejected hahaha but it was really sad when a guy nicely answered the door and said I'm not interested simply because I'm atheist!   That killed me!  I just don't know how anyone can think there is no god.  Are you that alone?  Why don't you believe in Jesus Christ?  Do you know that means you have no Savior???  Man, it depressed me for the whole day but I realized he will have another chance and hopefully all will be well!
Anyways our flat is really nice but has a really bad roach problem.  They are everywhere hahah.  We kill at least 20 right when we walk in the door at night.  The weather has been awesome!  Its so cold!  I love the cold.  I doubt any of you would think its cold but we do!  Especially when you go down the huge hills fast on the bikes yo I freeze!
This week we have put our focus on asking inspired questions, I think I talked about that a while a go.  It has been really nice to teach by the spirit its awesome to ask what to say and they you just talk!  The spirit is awesome!
We taught a cool lesson to Sister Evelyn.  She received the holy ghost on Sunday and before she did we wanted to teach a lesson on it.  The lesson was awesome and it really made me so grateful that we have that gift to guide and comfort us.
I cant believe Katee is almost home, that flew by!  Meeting the Leach's was awesome!  I also got letters!!! Thanks, Brooke, Liz, Ali, Maurie, and I think that's all.  I really appreciate it.  Also a  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO....Cameron, Clara, Terry, Amanda, and Sandee!
Thanks for everything.

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