Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Like Riding a foot. 05/14/12

Well what a week!  I'm here in Grahams town and its pretty sweet!  Its just a really old town with lots of history.  There is a town ship near by but the other elders work there.  I work in the town area and its a lot of fun!  One of the funnest parts is we are riding bikes!!! hahaha I have not ridden a bike in probably five years and my butt hurts so bad!!!!  And my thighs but I guess its a good way to beef up!!  It is sorely needed!!!  But riding the bikes have been a lot of fun!  Its nice and cold here too!
I'm excited for this week because the BYU Young Ambassadors are touring South Africa and President Wood is letting us go!!!!  It will be pretty cool!  So we get to drive to PE for that!  It will be good to see other missionaries as well!
Its really just been a crazy week with not a lot of info!  The branch is really small.  We meet in a house and Elder Nye (Senior couple) is the branch President.  A huge part of my area is a large university so that's pretty cool! we teach a few students.  We have awesome fellow shippers as well.  They come with us everyday all day!  So that is awesome!  OH I will get to see the Leaches tomorrow!!!!!!  I'm really excited about that!  It was fun to skype Katee yesterday she looks really good and sounds way different!  maybe its because I haven't herd her voice in forever!
This weeks district meeting was on receiving Revelation through the Book of Mormon!  It was really good to study and the cool part is that we got to practice what we learned.  That same day we went to our last appointment and our investigator didn't read the Book of Mormon so we read 2 Nephi 33 with her where Nephi bears his testimony that the record is true. I t really touched her and she came to church with her family!  It was great.  Jeffery R Holland said that no bad man could write such a book and no good man would write it unless it was true!  I have thought about that a lot and I know that it is true!  If that's true then Joseph smith WAS a prophet and the church is TRUE!  Its the best evidence!
Well its been a great week!  I am so happy I got to talk to the fam!   I hope your all doing well sorry this is so short!  Have a great week.


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