Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello from the Office 05/02/11

This will be short, I think my P-days are Wednesday, so hopefully I can email then.  I'm doing good! The office is nice but I am missing teaching, which surprises me because I am a little shy when it comes to teaching. So we stay in the office until the evening then we go teach if we have time.  I'm in an area called Mobray and the office is in an area called Observatory.  I'M IN A WARD!!!!!!!!  For the first time since I left home!  Yes its the Probsts' ward but they are not there a lot because he is over A TON of branches, so he has to visit them!  My companions are good!  Elder Marler from Idaho and Elder Winegar from Utah.  Its nice to be with Americans and I probably will be the whole time I'm in the office.  I will probably be here for 6 months or longer.  Especially with a new President he won't want to make any big changes until he gets more comfortable with things. I like it here and its nice not being a JR comp anymore.  We are all CO companions...Well Elder Marler is the District Leader so he is over us, but he's not bossy.  Mom I did get those orders, Thank you!  I hope you used my money!!  I'm sorry for spending so much lately, I'm not going to any more!  So in the office I am going to be over all travel, so plane tickets and bus tickets, rental cars for transfers and when President and Sister Probst or the APs travel which is A LOT!  Then I'm over orders, baptismal records, cell phones, the news letter, stats, referals, Post (which means I am the first person to receive any mail that comes to SACTM, so yes I get mail faster), then I do anything the Probst's ask me to do.  Then when the Herbert's leave I will take a TON more!  So its GREAT to be overwhelmed!!!  Oh and we drive a nicer car but that's a material thing haha!
    So the ward is great there are always lots of Americans because the Cape College is in our area and Americans come here to study abroad!  There is an awesome family from Utah, the dad is working here but they go back home at the end of May.  They feed us on Fridays!  Then there is a girl studying here named Amber and she also joins us on Fridays, she is from Wyoming.
       There is really not much else to tell you yet!  I think I will be skyping and my guess is that you might miss church,sorry.  I'm sure mom might enjoy the break though it seems like Kelsee doesn't let her sluff much.  It will be so good to SEE AND TALK to you guys, it seriously is a miracle that I am still here.  I can't believe I haven't seen you all for over 6 months and I haven't spoken to you in over four months!  Its crazy and I hate it but what can you do!  Of course now you could call the mission office and pretend to be some one asking lots of questions hahaha just kidding that's bad!  Well I miss you guys and I love you guys!  Mom as soon as you can just email me your skype address!  I wish I had time to talk to and see everyone, but I only get like 40 minutes and I know that is not a lot of time, so probably just you guys because 40 minutes will go fast and I could just talk to mom that long because it is Mother's Day, so mom it's all for you, of course it will be nice to talk to Dad, Kelsee and Calee, I miss you all so much.  Give that baby a huge kiss for me and of course I want to see him, that is really the most important thing. Well, just let me know that info. (You should buy a new computer).  Love ya!  Oh and thanks for the letters everyone!  I got the usual, from Grandma, Mom Courteney, Brooke and Terry. Also thank you to Gabbie Rico!  Kylee and Jodi it was great to hear from you.  Thanks so much for writing, it really means a lot to me.  I love getting mail, it is the best.  Well, have a good week and Mom have a great Mother's Day week.  I love you all.

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