Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today is not Monday....Sorry, I don't have a set schedule to email. 05/26/11

I love this family, the lady in purple reminded me of Wanda.

Doing service in George.

George Elders, pretty much sums it up.

The Van Fleet family from Utah with Elders Marler and Wineagar.

Colton actually made this cake, thanks to the Healy's.

Yum, he did share.

Baptizing Jennifer Maguaniza in the river.

Okay, I am finally emailing sorry its taken forever!  Its been a crazy week and I should get transfer pans tomorrow so then I have to book all the flights for the mission and arrange every one with a companion so no one is alone and figure who Will be at which airport at which time and then get every one rides from the airport back to there areas!   It's exhausting.  I'm excited to start but I wish I could have more time!
So in South Africa it is like tradition that someone, (who may or may not be a little crazy) comes into church during the three hour period. This Sunday it was a very kind English lady who once was a strong LDS member she served in stake callings and in ward calling,  however she converted to Muslim?  I dunno?  She was a great lady and sooo nice!  All of her sons and daughters served faithful missions and then she bought a turban, but the exciting thing is that she wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon.  She said she has forgot much of the doctrine of Christ and doesn't feel like she has the full TRUTH!  Well hello sweet lady ........ you did!  Anyways I gave her a Book of Mormon and I'm going to call her later!  She says she will do what ever she thinks is right and she is just not sure about her new religion any more.  I do have to say there are a LOT of Muslims here and I wish I wouldn't have been told by so many people that Muslims are weird or bad? They are honestly some of the nicest people I have ever met!  They are so humble and faithful to their  beliefs.  It can be frustrating ha ha but they are great.  I do have to add because of pride that lots of Muslims convert to LDS .  We are just not allowed to teach them unless we get strict permission from the church to teach them because if they ever wanted to visit home again they would be "punished" but I think a white ex member of the LDS church would get the go ahead?  I'm excited to meet with her she is very nice!
So for some who don't know the mission covers a great country called Namibia.  We have two branches there and 12 missionaries and one couple.  Getting Visas is extremely difficult and its a lot of the work I help with!  So when Elders find out they are going to Namibia they are held in Cape Town until there visas approve.  Well this was the week!!! (four weeks into the transfer) I got ta phone call on Saturday at six thirty from President asking me to book flights!  I was on exchanges so it was my first time doing anything with out Elder Marler right there helping.  I also got to drive the bus to the airport ha that was fun!
We go and see a great family every Sunday called the Austen's.  Sister Austen is a long time member and brother Austen is not a member.  They have one son named Toni about 10 years old.  We have dinner every Sunday.  They are the best!  After dinner we decided to watch Mormon messages.  So we watched a few and bore testimony and it was great!  The spirit was AMAZING!  Then I said well we have time for one more and sister Austen spoke up and said "lets watch the one about the temple" I was going to play that one earlier but I didn't know how they would feel considering they are a part member family?  But I pressed play and just watched her eyes light up!  Then looked at brother Austen.  I know he also wants to go but he is one of the many great humble people who feel like they are not good enough to be baptized and be a member of this amazing church!  After she looked at Brother Austen and it was freakin sad!  I wish they could just go to the temple and be sealed forever!  I cant imagine not having that blessing.  I'm so thankful that I will be with my family forever!
Its been a good week!  I'm excited for more!  I hope every one is doing great!

Love Elder Balmforth

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