Wednesday, May 11, 2011


OKAY!  Here's your mass email.  I know they have been slower lately.  Sorry, the office is crazy and I love it.  We have been so busy I've mostly been working on returning elders travel so I book their flights home and it makes me a little trunky haha.  But I enjoy it and I stay really busy.  Elder Marler is basically done training me on everything so he just sits here and plays with his stupid flying helicopter (that I'm about to brake).  So before I forget I got your package mom and dad, and I love it thank you so much!  I love the pictures and I'm sure Calee wouldn't want me to show anyone the picture of her in the hospital, so I looked at it, chuckled and shredded it.  So then I showed the rest of them to every one in the office.  It was good.  I am also glad there was so much food in it because I'm out of money until the 15th!  I also got the package from Courteney's family and it was also great!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH HEALEY FAM!!!
So we have interviews today and HOPEFULLY we find out more about what is going to happen with the office when the Herbert's go home.  I don't know how much I can say now but we don't know much. Hopefully we just get a senior couple in fast so we don't have to do it all.  The other option is to have two more elders come to the office.  But I dunno?  All I know is that Elder Marler is DONE here!  He is so burnt out.  He's been here for ever!!  Over 6 months.  So technically we should be in the office from 10am-2pm but President wants us here at 8am  and told Elder Marler to stay until were done every day and since we are all busy doing our jobs we usually don't leave until 5:30 or 6.  Then we are exhausted but I love staying busy all day, then we go out and teach for a couple of hours, then I am exhausted, but it's great!
We have been teaching a girl named Makurata, shes awesome and she loves the gospel and is soooo prepared!  We leave her DVDs to watch and she LOVES them!  We left her the Mormon Messages DVD last time and she watched all of them over and over and over again!  She is from Namibia and is visiting there for a couple weeks soon so we will postpone her baptism until she returns.  Our fellow shipper is Eleizer and he rocks!  Our area covers Cape College so we get alot of students.
We are also seeing  a lot of less active members.  The situation here is so sad.  So many people are here from other countries for work and send money home but most of the time they lose there jobs so then they can't send money home and have no money to get home so they just get so depressed and discouraged and don't come to church:( if we could only help them see the blessings they can receive from actually going to church).  We are trying but its so hard!
There is also a family I think I have told you about called the Van Fleets.  They are here for some kind of work training and they have been her for a year and a half.  They feed us every Friday and they rock but they are leaving in a few weeks. BACK TO UTAH.  You should visit them!  Also Amber who is here studying abroad for a semester she is from Wyoming and she added you (MOM) on Facebook!  She's great!
Well the office is keeping me busy and I'm doing great!  Its amazing the spirit you can feel when you do what the lord asks.  Although the office is busy and stressful it is still an amazing spiritual place!  Mom, I hope you had a great Mother's Day, you are the best mom ever it was great to talk you all on Sunday!  I have a few requests if possible, there is no hurry and if you can't, I totally understand.  I was wondering if you could get a few of those rice bags from grandma and send them without the rice.  I can put rice in them and stitch them up, that would be great.  Also don't let dad just send any cheap deodorant.  I like Degree or Speed Stick.  Also, I love Sees Chocolate suckers!  I have a fat drawer in my desk like moms old fat drawer in her desk, ( you better not have that anymore Mom).  I get the munchies sitting here all day and I love those suckers, I think other then that, healthy snacks would be good too, it's not good to munch on crap all day long but I love those suckers.  I don't mean to be a spoiled brat, so if you can't don't worry about it and please use my money.  I have plenty of Jesus stickers so we can put that on hold, but most of all I really  LOVE LETTERS.  I am really trying to write back to everyone we just have not had any time, so I am doing my best, but please be patient with me.   I am so glad everyone is doing good.  I think about you all and appreciate everything everyone does for me.  I hope you all have a great day!
Love ya

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