Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Picture Overload

Elder Balmforth and Elder Nzuki with the Zone Leaders

This is where the Branch in Knysna attends church

Township in Knysna, a nice area.

Elder Balmforth with Erita, Notutu, Zalu, Noluno in Knysna

Service Project with Elder Nzuki, he is very strong and hard working, gathering firewood for the members to use for cooking.

Typical meal at a members house.

Sister Nolundi a very nice member in Knysna

George Elders and Elder Balmforth and Elder Nzuki

Vaneesha, she calls Colton "Bofoam" he loves her.




Elder Nzuki and a member waiting to teach an investigator, he was in the shed smoking a doobie.


American Tourists
In English and in Afrikaanz

Feona and Janine Sayman making the missionaries a milk tart.

Feeding the elephants

Elder Balmforth and Elder Fozard

Elder Balmforth and Elder Bryers

Elder Balmforth and Elder Nzuki


Brother nolundi in Knysna.

Sister Nolundi in Knysna, she is always laughing.

Saayman Family in Knysna

Elder Nzuki and Balmforh found this older couple moving all of their furniture out so they could lay new flooring, so they stopped and helped them lay the floor, a few days later, their daughter phoned them and wanted to meet them.  The whole family is now preparing for baptism.

Mamma Conia and Family

Titi, Veronica Elder Balmforth and Pumlani, we knocked on this door and 6 weeks later they were all baptized.

Malcome and Barbara Stephenson, Elder Balmforth loved them, they are not members but fed the missionaries all the time. 

Noluvo, a sweet township traffic lady, she is being taught and coming to church.

Laticia, she was the investigator who was stabbed, but doing good now and she is now baptized.

I can't figure out how to turn the pictures. Duh.

Elder Balmforth and Elder Fozard in George

Teaching the children in Paarl.

Yeah, I am sure he did.

Guess which one is his.

This one is for Dad

His desk

Hurry, kill it!

Knysna, bungi jumping bridge.

Elder Balmforth, Nzuki and Elder and Sister Ladle.

Elder Nzuki making dinner.

Oh, no you did not come in my house.  Yes, the snake came in the house.  We caught it.

Fried snake anyone?

For Oma

Branch in Knysna

Elder Leach and Elder Balmforth teaching in Paarl.

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